Reborn to be a Stepmother

Title: Reborn to be a Stepmother (我在古代当后娘)

Retranslated Title: I Became a Stepmother in Ancient Times

Author: Mo Fei Yan (墨非烟)

Status in Original Country: 446 chapters (completed)

Author Synopsis:

Transmigrating to a lawless person and then directly upgrading to a little brat’s stepmother. Xiao Ting said, “Crap, there’s no need to even give birth to a child. God, I love you so much …”

Translation: completed by Babel Novels

Translator’s Notes: Due to subpar machine translations, the translator wanted to retranslate the whole novel. The translator wouldn’t guarantee a better translation but would strive for a more coherent one. If readers disagree, you are free to leave.

Translation Progress: 100/446 (dropped/on hiatus indefinitely)


  1. Resurrection
  2. God, Are You Playing With Me
  3. Can You Not Marry
  4. Married
  5. Little Guy, I’ll Clean You Up
  6. Negotiating With The Human Vegetable
  7. Come And Save This Heir Son
  8. Turned Out To Be A Girl
  9. Daddy Came To The Door
  10. Outlandish Father And Daughter
  11. Meet the Empress Dowager
  12. Get Into Trouble
  13. Meet the Fourth Prince
  14. Collusion
  15. Escape From The Palace
  16. Forgot Wangye Is Still in the Palace
  17. Young Master’s “Dao”
  18. Bride Returning Home
  19. Another Old Woman
  20. Seventh Aunt’s Solitary Care (1)
  21. Seventh Aunt’s Solitary Care (2)
  22. Speculation
  23. Honorable Extortion
  24. Benwang Don’t Like It
  25. Benwang Don’t Mind
  26. There Are Ghosts Around Wangye
  27. Drilling Into A Doghole
  28. Found Three Ghosts
  29. A Family with Brain Problems
  30. Heir Son’s Visit
  31. You’re The Hateful Person
  32. You’re Not Allowed to be Wordy
  33. I, Xiao Ting, Never Mess Around
  34. Complain, Who Wouldn’t?
  35. Wangye Has Something On His Mind
  36. Unreliable Master
  37. Graceful Imperial Concubine
  38. Seeking Death for Xiao Mei
  39. In That Case, Apologize
  40. Cheap Husband’s Secret Lover
  41. This Consort Does Not Pity The Fair Lady
  42. No Flower Can Bloom For A Hundred Days
  43. Those Two Are Fishy
  44. Meeting Ghosts in Broad Daylight
  45. Interrogating “Ghosts”
  46. Visit to Interrogate
  47. There’s No Need To Talk Nonsense
  48. This Consort Only Likes To Smash Sl*ts
  49. Dead Body That Has Lived For Twenty Years
  50. Shocking Secret
  51. Shocking Secret (2)
  52. Something Big Happened
  53. Third Time In The Palace
  54. Overlord Clause
  55. Unreliable Dad
  56. The Wangfu Was Attacked
  57. This Old Lady Really Lost Face
  58. You Shouldn’t Believe This Woman
  59. Muddle Through
  60. This ‘Pit’ Is Too Deep
  61. Then Play Dead
  62. Dead Body In The Lake
  63. This Consort Won’t Give You A Green Hat
  64. Dispose of the Corpse
  65. You Lunatic
  66. Wangye, Do Me A Favor
  67. The Fighting Power of Lord Husband
  68. Virtue is One Foot Tall, The Devil Ten Foot
  69. Arrogantly Investigating The Case
  70. Weird Bribe
  71. Jiu Wangfei’s Gift-Giving Rules
  72. Didn’t the Master Just Have to Eat and Sleep, then Sleep and Eat?
  73. Exit Through The Back Door
  74. Boarded A Pirate Ship
  75. Picked Up Another One
  76. You’re More Useful Than A Horse
  77. Heaven and Earth Courting Disaster Woman
  78. The Emperor’s Birthday
  79. Picked Up A Maid
  80. I’m Not Your Brother
  81. Xiao Guifei is Missing
  82. Xiao Guifei’s Past
  83. Making Trouble
  84. Tribunal Hearing
  85. Exterminate Chu Clan’s Rhythm
  86. Shameful Imperial Uncle Xiao
  87. War Of Words
  88. Story Reversal
  89. The Cold Palace Is A Good Place
  90. Each Has Ulterior Motives In Their Hearts
  91. The Older, The Wiser
  92. The Walls Have Ears
  93. Jumping Out The Window To Escape
  94. Held Hostage
  95. Do I Look Like A Gentleman?
  96. Are You Human
  97. Minister Xie’s Child
  98. Unfortunately, It’s Too Late
  99. The Woman I Want To Marry
  100. I Want You To Tie My Hair