A Comfortable Different World Life

Title: A Comfortable Different World Life (快適な異世界生活は──)


Status in Original Country: 156 Chapters (completed)


I should have been sleeping in my room, but when I woke up, I was naked and in an unknown place.

Moreover, I look like a 2 or 3-year-old child…

The one who found me was a man with a tail and cat ears.

In a world where I can’t understand the language, I will be carefully protected while learning…

Translation: 1-10 (Lilith-art); 11 (azure zink translating); 12-17 (kuroneko translations); 15-19 (DreamDemon Translations)

Translation Progress: 11/156 (re-translating from the start)


  1. (pickup novels) By The Time I Noticed, I Was Here (Lilith-art)
  2. (pickup novels) …Town? (Lilith-art)
  3. (pickup novels) Small Variant (Lilith-art)
  4. (pickup novels) Not Just A Child (Lilith-art)
  5. (pickup novels) Increasing Guilt (Lilith-art)
  6. (pickup novels) Captain of the Third Corps (Lilith-art)
  7. (pickup novels) Life with Cat Ears (Lilith-art)
  8. (pickup novels) Report to the King (Lilith-art)
  9. (pickup novels) Scary Things (Lilith-art)
  10. (pickup novels) Kou is a Special Existence (Lilith-art)
  11. (pickup novels) Understanding Mates (azure zink translating)
  12. Extra Edition: Daily Routine at the Training Center (kuroneko)
  13. Over Capacity (kuroneko)
  14. Ko’s Power (kuroneko)
  15. Rodokiaus Side (DreamDemon) (kuroneko)
  16. Tell the Truth (DreamDemon) (kuroneko)
  17. A Powerful Force (DreamDemon)
  18. Apprentice Sorcerer (DreamDemon)
  19. Extra Edition: Reminiscence of Rainbow Aoyama (DreamDemon) (kuroneko)