A Comfortable Different World Life

Title: A Comfortable Different World Life (快適な異世界生活は──)


Status in Original Country: 156 Chapters (completed)


I should have been sleeping in my room, but when I woke up, I was naked and in an unknown place.

Moreover, I look like a 2 or 3-year-old child…

The one who found me was a man with a tail and cat ears.

In a world where I can’t understand the language, I will be carefully protected while learning…

Translation: 1-10 (Lilith-art); 11 (azure zink translating); 12-17 (kuroneko translations); 15-19 (DreamDemon Translations)

Translation Progress: 36/156 (re-translating from the start)


  1. (pickup novels) By The Time I Noticed, I Was Here (Lilith-art)
  2. (pickup novels) …Town? (Lilith-art)
  3. (pickup novels) Small Variant (Lilith-art)
  4. (pickup novels) Not Just A Child (Lilith-art)
  5. (pickup novels) Increasing Guilt (Lilith-art)
  6. (pickup novels) Captain of the Third Corps (Lilith-art)
  7. (pickup novels) Life with Cat Ears (Lilith-art)
  8. (pickup novels) Report to the King (Lilith-art)
  9. (pickup novels) Scary Things (Lilith-art)
  10. (pickup novels) Kou is a Special Existence (Lilith-art)
  11. (pickup novels) Understanding Mates (azure zink translating)
  12. (pickup novels) Extra -Daily Routine at the Training Center- (kuroneko)
  13. (pickup novels) Over Capacity (kuroneko)
  14. (pickup novels) Kou’s Power (kuroneko)
  15. (pickup novels) Aim To Be A Magician…? (kuroneko)
  16. (pickup novels) Reasons To Worry (DreamDemon)
  17. (pickup novels) Extra – Aoyama Kou’s Recollection – (DreamDemon) (kuroneko)
  18. (pickup novels) Telling the Truth (DreamDemon) (kuroneko)
  19. (pickup novels) Powerful and Distinctive Force (DreamDemon)
  20. (pickup novels) Apprentice Magician (DreamDemon)
  21. Son’s Mate
  22. Shocking Facts
  23. Learning Magic
  24. Extra – Excellent Child –
  25. Unexpected Situation
  26. Sickly Sweet Rather Than Just Sweet
  27. A Cute Existence
  28. Quarreling Before Leaving
  29. Marihect’s Treasure
  30. Kou’s Astonishing Power
  31. The Two Strongest People in the World!?
  32. Fully Realizing The Current Situation
  33. Reasons to Cry
  34. Extra – Big Brother –
  35. Humanized Appearance
  36. Even When I Returned To My Original Form
  37. Power Beyond Imagination
  38. Out of Character
  39. Return of the Legend
  40. A Well-Made Body