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Being evaluated as having “ineffective facial fortune reading”, Yan XiXing finally looked at Lu Kong, then said with a light tone: “Young master Lu, what evidence do you have to say that?”

“Do you need me to say it?” Lu Kong raised his head and pumped his chest, “I am the best proof!” He said angrily. Not mentioning was fine, but once mentioned, he’d be really angry. When the people in their circle met, Master Qin, on a whim, let Yan XiXing look at the group of “second generations”. As a result, this guy said good things to everybody but when he saw him, he just said, “have no money, hard to find a partner! Isn’t that what you said to me?!

Saying so, he pulled up his sleeves, determined that if this guy didn’t admit it, he must give him a lesson full of blood and tears!

But the other side was obviously better than he thought as he nodded then replied: “Yes.” In fact, he also said something about “fate has turned around several times and I can’t see clearly after the age of thirty”, but since the other party deliberately ignored it, he would never mention it again.

“You dare admit it!” Lu Kong was even angrier, “From then onwards, my luck has become super bad! Say it, isn’t this your fault?! Moreover, where am I missing money? My grandpa is so rich! How can I not find a wife? A group of sisters is crying and shouting to marry me!” He talked excitedly, then tried to find his comrades, “A’Jiang, don’t you agree? Yi Ti, don’t you agree?”

A’Jiang: “……” After a moment of silence, it fell down, covered its face with its paws, and pretended to sleep. Dear master, where did you come from? Why fantasize, huh?

Lu Kong: “……”

Yi Ti: “……” After a moment of silence, she coughed softly, “Well, do you need water? I’ll pour it for you.” Don’t blame your bad luck on other people, that’s obviously your work, right? No zuo no die why you try!

Lu Kong: “……”


What about good friendships?

What about the silent support?

Why stab someone in the back?

That’s the default setting! That should definitely be the default setting!!!

He almost spat out a bit of blood.

Although it’s not kind to think so and she felt that Lu Kong was very pitiful, Yi Ti thought that Yan XiXing was quite accurate. En, he should have taken the time to carefully calculate. Although she’s not very interested in this kind of skill, it’s rare to meet a true master so it’s a pity to miss it.

Lu Kong had a black face and looked at his last hope—— Cecil.

“What you looking at?” TAT

Cecil held two glasses of water in his hand: “Water is here, want some?”

Lu Kong: “……” At the age of 24, he died!

He was sad but didn’t know that Yan XiXing was slightly surprised. First, because he completely ignored the existence of this person before. This was not anything special but it’s strange that with the other person’s appearance being so prominent, he should’ve stood out; Second was because he couldn’t see Cecil’s facial reading at all.

Like looking at a moon reflected on the water. At first glance, it seemed to exist but once you touched it, you realized it was just a dream.

Since his apprenticeship, he had encountered a lot of strange facial readings and had even seen those he couldn’t look closely. It’s just that…… this was the first time someone had brought him this feeling.

His facial reading was completely invisible.

Since entering the house, for the first time, he showed his emotions clearly so everyone else immediately felt it.

Yi Ti noticed when the other party was staring at Cecil. Her heart tightened in an instant, would he see anything? Then she heard——

“I can’t read the face of this gentleman.”

Lu Kong asked: “What do you see?”

Yan XiXing shook his head solemnly: “I see nothing.” Saying this in person was undoubtedly a serious blow to his teacher’s self-esteem and fame.

She was relieved in her heart.

Come to think of it, the so-called “physiognomy” was based on “face” and as time went by, inherited from generation to generation, it became increasingly complete. However, using facial features as the “basis” only applied to Earthlings. And Cecil was a foreigner. Not to mention that his current appearance was only “simulated” and not real.

And so, it’s quite normal not to see anything.

Such a person, for a physiognomist, was tantamount to a “treasure”. For a while, Yan XiXing’s interest in Cecil even exceeded that of the plant cultivator as he asked: “I wonder if you are interested in letting my master take a look?”

Cecil shook his head immediately and refused.

He could feel Xiao Ti’s emotion just now and he would never do things that bothered her.

With his actions, the little hairball on his head made a “Jiji!” sound and suddenly broke free from the two hairs “fixing” it in place. It jumped to Yi Ti’s shoulder and rubbed desperately on her neck, showing their intimacy.

“……itchy.” Yi Ti stretched out a finger and firmly pushed it, before chuckling out loud.

A’Jiang’s eyes suddenly became round, looking at LiuLiu without blinking. Don’t know when several claws popped out of its paws.

Thanks to this, the atmosphere in the room became a lot warmer in an instant.

“Never seen it?” Lu Kong smirked proudly, “This brother gave it!”

Yan XiXing looked at him indifferently, saying: “looking at your face, you’ll lose big money within three days, it’s best to be careful.”

Lu Kong smiled: “hmph hmph, I didn’t even have a penny in my pocket, how could I lose a fortune? You can’t fool me!”

Yan XiXing: “……”

Yi Ti: “……” Hey hey, wouldn’t this kind of rebuttal make him feel worse?

After that, Yan XiXing left.

He did nothing and just left.

In his words, “Master just told me to find you and look at you”, and now that task had been achieved. Moreover, he had no interest in embarrassing a girl. Even if a lot of unpleasant things happened between his Master and “Orange”, his master never wanted to see him embarrass her disciple.

On this point, he knew best as his disciple.

And after he left, Yi Ti asked curiously: “You hate him just because of the facial reading he did?”

“Isn’t that enough?” Lu Kong whispered, “Look at that guy, so fake. Why do girls like him? Do you think he’s more handsome than me? So unscientific!”

“……” The real reason was here.

“Say it, who’s more handsome, him or me?”

“……well, what would you like for dinner?”

Lu Kong: “……” Couldn’t you just play along!!!

“Are you really okay like this?” Yi Ti said, slightly worried.


“Look.” Yi Ti counted for him, “Your grandpa, my master, and his master are of the same generation, right?”


“He is the second generation as an apprentice. As an apprentice, I also count as the second generation, while you as the grandson……” is the third generation, is it okay to jump ahead like this?

Lu Kong: “……” He never thought about this problem but now he did!

Why make him think about it? TAT

It’s the old man who wronged him!

The old man really wronged him!

If his father was born earlier…… uh, he’d still be their junior?

Yi Ti looked at his thunderstruck expression and silently covered her mouth: “Forget it.”

A few days later, one after another came.

These people were almost similar to Yan XiXing, they came to just “look” at her (Yi Ti: ……).

Plant cultivators themselves were not good at using force so except for people of the same profession, no one would come with the purpose of “learning”. Although the older generation had “resentment”, that was a thing of the past. Moreover, those who couldn’t deal with “Orange” were also people who cared about their faces, so who would spare that effort on a junior? Not to mention it’s a girl.

Also, although her master seemed to have offended many people, none of them had deep hatred. Not to mention hatred that would continue to the next generation so these people were only ordered to visit her and really just looked at her.

Under normal conditions, no one would be happy to offend a spiritual plant cultivator especially with “Orange” as the master. Her abilities were as famous as her character. Of course, everyone was surprised when she received an apprentice who was not like her.

At this point, Yi Ti’s delicate face undoubtedly also played a considerable role.

En, fortunately, she hadn’t pinched bricks these days!

And among the people who came one after the other, she met someone familiar.

“Amitabha, benefactor Yi, long time no see.”

Not seeing him for a while, the young monk Ding Yuan was still the same. Still wearing a gray monk’s robe, a black and purple beads on the neck, round head, and round body. From a distance, it looked like a white ball rolling on the ground. With a smile on his face, two deep dimples appeared looking very lively.

“Master Ding Yuan, long time no see.” Yi Ti’s face broke into a smile. Having seen too many strange faces these days, it’s pleasant to see a familiar face.

“I didn’t expect benefactor Yi to be the person I’ve been searching so hard before. Us passing by that time was really fate.”

“Aren’t you here now?”

“Just arrived.” Ding Yuan nodded with a smile, “Me seeing that benefactor was just having lunch was really fortunate.”

Yi Ti laughed out loud again: “I also think it has something to do with you.”

Ding Yuan nodded, again and again, his inner thoughts very smug. When he sent out the “Buddhist prayer beads”, his master laughed at him. It’s time for him to see who was more discerning.

Thinking of this, he was really refreshed. He could eat three bowls with no sore legs! Uh, wrong, it was originally three bowls, so it’s possible to eat five bowls in one meal!

Alien 123: Do You Have A Grudge
Alien 125: Yi Ti's New Decision

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