Alien 135: Another Old Acquaintance

Alien 134: Unexpected Second Time
Alien 136: Found One Thing

Originally, she only had to save one person but now there’s two!

Yi Ti was speechless. She picked up the towel on the side and wrapped it around miss ghost’s body then carried the siblings outside and threw them on the bed. In terms of current arm strength, this was certainly stress-free.

She checked XuanYuan Yu’s body a bit and found that she just drowned a little bit. Although the situation didn’t seem very serious, it was better to go to the hospital to see. Just as she was going to call an ambulance, there was suddenly a voice by the door.

Then, a familiar voice came.

“Brother Xiao Yi.”

Yi Ti: “…” This voice...

She looked sideways. Someone just walked into the room and they looked at each other.

“Why is it you?”

“Why are you here?”

It wasn’t someone else but Shi JingLe. He also carried a small suitcase in his hand and seemed to have just arrived in this city.

He lazily looked at the situation in the room. XuanYuan’s elder sister was thrown on the bed wrapped in a bath towel while the younger brother was on the other side with his eyes closed. Someone was standing near the bed and he instantly sensed something wrong. He then waved his hand as he prepared to leave: “Excuse me, go on.”

Yi Ti: “…” What messed up things did this guy made up! She quickly shouted, “you come back for me!”

The young man who had turned his back only turned his head and looked at her with his dead fish eyes: “Sorry, I’m not interested in multiplayer games.” He was a very ethical person although he was often misunderstood by others at this point.

“…” Yi Ti vomit blood, “Please understand the situation first!!!”

At this moment, miss ghost, who held her head while squatting in the corner of the bathroom and “growing mushrooms”, walked out: “What… what happened…” The one who should scream the most was her, right? How could someone else shout louder than her? QAQ

Shi JingLe’s eyes narrowed. Although he still had that lazy face that made people’s teeth itch, his tone was quite surprised: “Are you out of your body again?”

Yi Ti confirmed: “Yes.”

“It’s rare for a person to have that much bad luck.”

“I know someone more unlucky. Comparing her to that guy… but that’s not the point, what matters is how to get her back to her body quickly!”

“Are you talking about the young master of the Lu family?”

Yi Ti: “…” In a sense, Lu Kong, this guy, was really famous.

“Didn’t you do it last time?”

“Yes, but now there are no props on hand.” Yi Ti said in annoyance, “The others could be found but the black rooster is not so easy to find.” It was all thanks to Liang Chen. However, in this unfamiliar city, she had no way to start.

Shi JingLe nodded: “Then I’ll leave it to you.”

Yi Ti: “…” Did he really listen to her seriously?!

She silently choked when she saw him come over. After checking XuanYuan Yu’s body, he said: “She didn’t need to be taken to the hospital.” Then he took out his phone and after randomly dialing a number, said directly: “Bring me a black rooster and other things, the sooner the better.” Finished, he hung up.

This cool attitude was admirable.

At this moment, Yi Ti suddenly felt that this guy was a bit taller.

But in the next second, his phone rang again.

Shi JingLe took it and asked: “Arrived?”

“You must at least tell me where you are! And also, how many times did I say that I’m not your nanny!!!!!!”

With that roar, even Yi Ti also heard it clearly!

Since that time, she had also seen Zhao MingQi many times. Therefore, she became familiar with his voice and knew it the moment she heard it.

She felt it was embarrassing but the other person just calmly rubbed his ears, reported the address then added another sentence: “Be quick, and also, I’ve said it many times, you are my nanny and my cash machine.”

Such words of tugging a tiger’s beard undoubtedly led to a massive “Roll!!!” As the roar echoed, Shi JingLe calmly hung up the phone and put it in his pocket. He then pointed his chin at XuanYuan Yi who was on the other side of the bed: “What’s his situation?”

Not mentioning was okay but once mentioned, Yi Ti had black lines on her head: “He’s afraid of ghosts.”


“He was scared by his sister.”


Even Shi JingLe felt that this situation was slightly embarrassing.

But he recovered quickly and walked straight to the teenager’s side, then bent down and patted his face with one hand: “Hey, brother Xiao Yi.”

Brother Xiao Yi?

Yi Ti felt the corners of her mouth twitch, what’s with this title?

Miss ghost floating beside her secretly gossiped: “Since I saw you last time, the two of them fell in love at first sight. Their relationship has become particularly good!”

Yi Ti: “…” No, the words love at first sight should obviously not be used here, right?

To be precise, after seeing each other, XuanYuan Yi unilaterally became “familiar at first sight” to Shi JingLe and Zhao MingQi. As a teenager, especially a young man who was still in the chuniibyou stage where their brains were absolutely full of fantasies and didn’t want to study all day, they especially wanted to save the world. Under these circumstances, knowing that there was really a mysterious power in the world, isn’t this worth yearning for?

This point could also be seen in his affection for Cecil.

And for Shi JingLe, it could be seen from the fact that a “spiritual plant cultivator was his fan”, which was secretly called narcissism. And so, the two became “good” friends.

Of course, the so-called becoming “good” friends were actually XuanYuan Yi occasionally going to Zhao MingQi’s house to find the two and the two occasionally letting him see “a different world”. But it was very measured so they never knew that XuanYuan Yi was actually afraid of ghosts. However, that’s all. “Entering the door” was not so easy. First of all, XuanYuan Yi didn’t have that much talent. Secondly, both of them came from a big family and their skills couldn’t be taught easily.

They told these points to XuanYuan Yi from the very beginning. Although the latter was somewhat disappointed, he didn’t make a fuss and didn’t alienate them. This made the two young men have a good impression of him. Otherwise, Shi JingLe wouldn’t come to visit when he just arrived.

If he didn’t know the address from XuanYuan Yi’s mouth, how could he be here?

Beaten perseveringly by Shi JingLe, XuanYuan Yi woke up. There was no mysterious “bang” sound like in the novel. He rubbed his eyes. With one hand behind, he sat up with the other hand on his forehead, shaking his head blankly: “What’s wrong with me…”

“Xiao Yi, are you okay?”

Miss ghost who was very worried about her brother “drifted” to the edge of the bed and asked with great concern.

XuanYuan Yi’s body instantly stiffened.

He raised his head with a “click-click” sound and looked at his sister who was obviously floating in the air, then suddenly rolled his eyes and fell down again.

“Xiao Yi!!!” XuanYuan Yu burst into tears.

Shi JingLe rubbed his chin: “So he’s really afraid of ghosts.”

Yi Ti: “…” He made that effort to wake the other party just to prove this kind of thing!!!

At this moment, Shi JingLe said: “Do you mind if I smoke?” Because the environment of the room was quite closed, he asked.

“I mind!!!” Miss ghost shouted! This guy just bullied her younger brother, she had no affection for him!

He didn’t reply, just turned around and walked towards the door.

“Hey, where are you going?”

“Go out to smoke a cigarette.”


XuanYuan Yu silently punched him from behind, then floated cross-legged in the air, looking worriedly at her brother while mumbling: “Will you have nightmares when you faint?”

“Is he that afraid of ghosts?” Yi Ti asked curiously.

“En.” Miss ghost nodded, “It’s been like this since childhood.” Then she said worriedly, “I hope my parents will come back later.” Otherwise, seeing the sister and brother in this state, they’d be so scared to have a heart attack.

“Don’t worry,” Yi Ti comforted her and said, “It’s only a little past 8:30, they won’t return so early. Also, you were gone so long last time while this time shouldn’t take that long so it should be fine.” But she didn’t say one thing. It was very rare for the soul to be separated from the body. It’s already very rare coming across it once but actually encountering it a second time, was it really a coincidence? Or…

Don’t know if it was because of XuanYuan Yu’s luck that “tragedies end in joyful things”. After waiting for a while, at about nine o’clock, the XuanYuan parents didn’t come back, but Zhao MingQi came.

He seemed to have just come from a more important occasion, wearing a formal black suit and a red tie. His hair had just been taken care of, looking lean and neat, along with his handsome face, he looked like an elite.

The only thing wrong was…

He carried a dark bag in his hand that was shaking from time to time, so the overall style instantly became that of a criminal… making a deal.

“Dressing up so slickly, going to receive guests again?” Shi JingLe’s words were astonishing as he pointed to the door.

However, Yi Ti, who was baptized by Pei Ling’s “special occupation”, could now accept the words “receiving guests” very calmly. It definitely didn’t have the conventional meaning anyway!

Zhao MingQi’s answer was to directly smash the bag towards someone’s face, then he pulled his necktie, his tone not very good: “Shut up if you don’t know how to talk!”

Shi JingLe had a hand in front of his face, grabbed the bag, then ripped the zipper, looking at the black rooster with its beak taped up, then raised a brow: “Actually, you should thank me.”

Zhao MingQi glared at him but didn’t say a rebuttal in the end.

Because that was indeed the case. He just came back when he was forced to put on clothes that made him uncomfortable, then followed his mother to “receive guests” everywhere, most of which were female guests. The meaning of “blind date” was self-evident which was almost painful.

“You don’t have to worry so much.” Shi JingLe said in “a dead person wouldn’t die poor” tone, “if it’s a big deal, just tell aunt that you’re actually gay and she wouldn’t introduce a girlfriend to you again.”

Yi Ti almost choked, this was really a good friend! Only such a good friend could say such things!

Zhao MingQi: “…” After a moment of silence, he said, “My mother actually doubted our relationship. Today, she told me that if I’m really not interested in girls, I should at least find a decent man. He can’t be ugly, lazy, jobless, and can’t do housework.”

Shi JingLe: “…” The cigarette butt in his mouth fell to the ground. After some silence, he said, “As a man with extremely normal physical and mental health, can I sue your mother for slander?”

Zhao MingQi rolled his eyes: “Up to you.” At this time, as long as anyone could attract his mother’s attention. He was just that desperate!

“…forget it.”


“If I really took aunt to court, I’ll be embarrassed to mooch off of you.”


Watching the dialogue between these two people, Yi Ti coughed softly and said: “Okay, can you guys talk later? There are still people inside to save.”

Zhao MingQi: “…”

Shi JingLe: “…”

“Be careful or I’ll sue you for slander.” x2

Yi Ti: “…” Why blame her?

The three looked at each other before suddenly laughing. The strangeness and embarrassment that was faintly floating before gradually disappeared and their relationship seemed to be more intimate than before.

After that, with the help of Cecil, who went offline for a long time (actually became invisible?), Yi Ti quickly arranged everything in the room and once again used the cockscomb blood of the black rooster to sent the female ghost back to her body.

However, unlike last time, the mirror brought by Zhao MingQi was actually a magical artifact, so it didn’t break after completing the task. This also saved the trouble of cleaning the mirror fragments, and even if the glutinous rice was not cleaned, it’s not a big deal. The mirror fragments were different so if she wasn’t careful, it would hurt people.

It also happened that almost at the same time XuanYuan Yu returned to her body, her brother also woke up. After learning that his sister had recovered, he clearly showed a relieved expression, then immediately scolded his elder sister. The rather guilty latter didn’t resist from beginning to end. She just kept smiling and begged him not to tell their parents about it.

After that, the rest packed their things and left the room one after another, leaving space to the siblings.

Alien 134: Unexpected Second Time
Alien 136: Found One Thing

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