RTBAS 040: Cheap Husband’s Secret Lover

RTBAS 039: In That Case, Apologize!
RTBAS 041: This Consort Does Not Pity The Fair Lady*

“What?” The woman asked dumbfoundedly.

Xiao Ting’s face sank inch by inch, “What? Am I the one who did something wrong and hurt someone that I have to apologize?”

“They pushed me first, and they both beat me who was alone.” The little boy opposite her said angrily

At the same time, he stared at Chu Yun fiercely.

“So what? I want to ask, how old are you?”

At Xiao Ting’s gaze, the little boy was a little scared, “E-eight years old.”


Xiao Ting sneered, then looked at the woman and said, “This lady, are you so surprised that these two children of mine should apologize to you? An eight-year-old and a four-year-old fought. My child was the one wounded, are you blind? You want us to apologize to your child, aren’t you embarrassed to accept it?”

“I-I just think that everyone is at fault and it’s just a children’s fight, so I apologized and want to end it there. It’s the wangye who…” The woman raised her eyes and glanced at Jiu wangye.

The meaning was obvious. She felt that both sides were at fault and it would be fine to apologize to the other, but Jiu wangye asked Chu Yun to apologize to them, so it was not her fault.

“Yun’er, come here.” Jiu wangye‘s voice was so light that they couldn’t hear the slightest emotion.

Chu Yun hesitated for a moment but still came to Jiu wangye. However, she was stopped by Xiao Ting.

“Is wangye familiar with this lady?” Xiao Ting suddenly asked, and Jiu wangye frowned.

“If you’re unfamiliar, just leave first. After all, this lady here is alone. If you, a man, stay here, don’t know if others think you want to do something?”

“Under this blue sky and white clouds day, if there were rumors that Jiu wangye had a secret meeting with someone and was caught by his wangfei on the spot, even with the children involved, it would not be good. The matters here should be handled by this consort!” Xiao Ting’s eyes scanned the two of them from time to time. It was obvious that something was wrong.

Jiu wangye was notoriously not close to women and rarely talked to the opposite sex, but now, he stood for a while with this woman and didn’t have the intention to leave. This was obviously abnormal.

Jiu wangye thought for a while, looked up at the woman, then turned around to leave after thinking.

“Chu Li…” The lady suddenly spoke, but what she called out was the name of Jiu wangye.

Jiu wangye stiffened and stopped suddenly.

“Oh, so you not only know her, but you’re also quite familiar with her. Right, wangye?”

“Then, do you want me to make room for the two of you?” Xiao Ting said so but didn’t mean to leave at all.

After Jiu wangye heard it, he glanced at her faintly, and Xiao Ting actually saw a hint of warning in that indifferent gaze. Hehe

Jiu wangye finally left, and that woman’s gaze had been closely following his back. Xiao Ting looked at this and only felt a little bored.

“You shouldn’t say that to him. You can’t treat him that way.” After Jiu wangye left, the woman finally got a little temper.

“Hehe, who are you? Can you manage our Jiu wangfu?”

“I have long heard that the Emperor gave Chu Li a wangfei and that the woman was arrogant and impolite. Now that I see her, she’s even more lawless after meeting!” The woman said coldly.

She looked up and down at Xiao Ting, but Xiao Ting took no offense and let her look.

“Thank you for the compliment, this lady!” Xiao Ting looked up at the sky and said, “Since you are his mother, call him to come over and apologize to my two children.”

“You know that a child’s heart is the most vulnerable.”

There’s no Jiu wangye here, so it’s obvious this woman wouldn’t be so gentle and kind. The pitiful her disappeared without a trace.

“It’s just you. Is it worthy to apologize to you?”

“Haha!” Xiao Ting smiled coldly, then turned around and raised her hand to call the two little ones.

“You two, how did he hit you just now, just give it back. If you suffer, go back and receive the punishment yourself.”

Everyone was dumbfounded. What’s with this situation?

“You, is this how you teach children?”

Xiao Ting ignored the woman’s anger and said coldly.

“It’s your ass that got beaten.” Her patience has been burned away.

After Xiao Ting said this, she stood aside coolly, gave Chu Yun a push, and said, “Hurry up. Don’t you want to eat tonight?”

She then exposed the image of a vicious stepmother.

But in Chu Yun’s eyes, she felt a little sweet.

The two small dolls looked at each other and rushed over angrily, yelling and going up to fight with the little boy who was a few years older than them.

After all, Chu Yun still had some martial arts foundation even if her strength was a little weaker, so a few movements brought the little boy down.

The children were in a ball, and everyone else was on the side.

The woman wanted to rush over herself, but she was afraid that Xiao Ting would really do something to her. Then how would she have the face to meet people in the future. She could only shout to the guards behind her, “Are you dead? Pull them apart!”

Didn’t she mean to say, ‘you’re all dead? You don’t even know how to protect your master?’

Xiao Ting walked a few steps forward to block the three children in front and said with a faint smile, “Who dares touch one of them? Want to give it a try?”

RTBAS 039: In That Case, Apologize!
RTBAS 041: This Consort Does Not Pity The Fair Lady*

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