RTBAS 041: This Consort Does Not Pity The Fair Lady*

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RTBAS 042: No Flower Can Bloom For A Hundred Days*

*pity the fair lady = lianxiangxiyu, to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex

Xiao Ting’s tone was cold, and although there was a smile on her face, the coldness in her eyes restrained the guards.

“Mother, help…”

Chu Yun flicked her small fist and vigorously punched. She yelled: “Let you bully a little animal, let you bully me again. You think you have a mother, but you also have to complain to my father, so don’t go crying to your father or mother.”

Xiao Xin sat on the little boy’s calf, not letting him struggle, but didn’t do anything else. He had always been a quiet child.

“Enough.” The woman finally couldn’t help it as she stepped forward to pull off Chu Yun.

But it was blocked by Xiao Ting’s crossed hands.

“Did this lady forgot so quickly what this consort said just now and really want to be beaten? But wangye is not here right now, so this consort will not pity the fair lady.”

Xiao Ting laughed cheerfully at her pitiful face.

“What do you want to do?” The woman said while looking at the children, her eyes filled with distress and indignation.

“This consort had always spoken clearly. Wouldn’t it be fine if you had done this earlier?” Xiao Ting raised her hand coolly.

Just when the woman thought she wanted the two bear kids to get up, she asked again: “Have you hit enough? If you haven’t had enough, just fight for a while.”

Now even the guards want to kill her. Is there such a way to teach children?

Chu Yun was also out of breath at this point. Looking at the little pig’s head underneath him, she happily got up and shook her small fist, obviously threatening the other boy.

The little girl then wheezed back behind Xiao Ting.

“Hurry up and help the young master up.” The woman said in a cold voice.

Then, she put away her docile expression and put on a noble and inviolable image, which made Xiao Ting a little dumbfounded.

Why did this person change her face so fast?

“Do you think it’s useful for you to win over young prince Yun? Chu Li can never like you, nor can he like others.” She coldly said the first, but then whispered the last sentence, as if implying something.

“What kind of love do you think this miss will find so rare? Your opinion as a woman is really short-sighted.”

Xiao Ting meant that she didn’t understand this woman. Why would she spout out some love nonsense when she opened her mouth as if that’s what this was all about?

“Little pig head, let me tell you, next time you see them, walk around, you hear me? If I knew that you dare bully them, be careful that this consort would beat your ass red, then throw you into a room and lock it up.”

Before leaving, Xiao Ting threatened her little son viciously.

When she saw the little boy hide behind his mother in fear, Xiao Ting laughed devilishly again, then walked away with her two little children.

Only the woman stared at her back viciously, before finally leaving in the opposite direction.

On the way, Xiao Ting asked Hong Shao and the others to take the two bear children back to get treated, then she went to the residence of the Imperial Concubine by herself.

What happened at the Summer Lotus Banquet just now, someone must have asked her to explain. She could have ignored it, but for this Aunt, Xiao Ting likes to be close in her heart.

After a greeting, she walked all the way inside and heard the weeping of several girls from the Xiao family.

And the sneer of the old lady.

“Look at her, you spoiled her so much. What’s she like now? She even held back her other sisters. I think she just can’t see our Xiao family be well.” The old lady scolded Imperial Concubine Xiao angrily but didn’t dare say too much.

Imperial Concubine Xiao was sitting on the soft couch with one hand propped on her jade neck and smiling.

Hearing this, she didn’t say a word and cast her eyes to the doors.

At this moment, Xiao Ting walked in with a smile on her face and bowed to several people one after another, as if nothing had happened.

“Come, Ting’er, explain to your Grandmother why you didn’t help your Fourth Sister just now?” Imperial Concubine Xiao smiled and pulled Xiao Ting like a shield.

When she came, how could Xiao Ting not know how to respond?

At this moment, when she heard Imperial Concubine Xiao say this, she looked at the ugly expressions of the old lady and the Xiao family girls and understood immediately.

“Grandmother, calm down. Ting’er said that for a reason.”

As soon as she spoke, Xiao Mei became anxious, “I think you just can’t see your sisters marrying better than you, so that’s why you repeatedly blocked us.”

Xiao Ya also said: “Sixth sister is already married but she wasn’t held in favor by wangye, so she naturally didn’t want to see Fourth Sister happy.”

She said this very clearly.

“Oh?” Xiao Ting smiled disdainfully. She sat down opposite them, and asked: “Which eye do you see that this consort isn’t being treated well by my wangye?”

Xiao Ya pursed her mouth and didn’t mention it again because of the glance from the Imperial Concubine.

Xiao Ting didn’t care and smiled casually, “You all think the Third Prince is a good match?”

“The Third Prince is talented in both literature and military arts. He’s also extremely intelligent, so he’s naturally a good match.”

“Yes, I think you just don’t want to see us marry well.”

The others didn’t speak, but Xiao Ya and Xiao Mei were the most radical.

Faced with their doubts, Xiao Ting was not angry, but rubbed her brows and looked at Imperial Concubine Xiao.

“Aunt, what does the noble concubine think about how important the Xiao family to me is?”

Imperial Concubine Xiao had always been smiling and no matter what they said, she would not respond. At this moment, hearing Xiao Ting’s words, her eyes were somewhat uncertain.

But when she saw the calmness in Xiao Ting’s eyes, she smiled charmingly.

“If Ting’er has something to say, just say it. We’re all family here.”

Xiao Ting wanted to say this since a long time ago, “Ting’er just thinks that Aunt’s foundation is still stable now, so the Xiao family shouldn’t make big waves and cause groundless suspicion.”

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