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“A dead body? What does sister mean, Jiu Wangye isn’t alive?” This news shocked the other two souls.

“Yes, it should be said that he was stillborn. He only lived after being instructed by an expert to exchange another person’s life, but despite this, he could only live until twenty years old.”

Jiu Wangye just turned twenty this year. What does that have to do with us? Why did sister say that it didn’t want to let us go from the beginning?”

Hehe, we were fooled. It’s not using our three souls to support Jiu Wangye, but using these twenty years to allow us to have some connection with the soul of Jiu Wangye to complement his incomplete soul body.”

This woman was also a capable person before dying and had already deduced part of the truth.

“Then, what can we do?”

The other soul also understood and was at a loss.

“What else but to merge with him. We will lose our consciousness and become part of him.”

“Then, then, what’s the difference between this and our soul flying away and scattering?”

“Sister, since you know this, then you should know how to resolve it?”

“At the moment, there are only two ways. The first is to kill him…”

The soul looked at Jiu Wangye, her face ruthless, but the other two felt it unbearable. After all, they watched Jiu Wangye grow up.

“Why, can’t bear it? Then it’s better for you to merge and complete him!” The woman, who they called sister, sneered.

The three reached an agreement and chose to do it immediately.

At this moment, on such a clear night, thunder boomed, shocking them away.

At the same time, the candlelight flickered and fizzled as if from an invisible hand, and the whole room suddenly became pitch black.

“If you dare hurt him, I will make you truly dead without a place to be buried.”

In the darkness, a cold and faint female voice came. The voice echoed and they couldn’t tell which direction it came from.

After a few exclamations, the three soul bodies uncontrollably rushed towards the body of Jiu Wangye.


“Why harm us? You explicitly promised us that as long as twenty years have passed, you will set us free, right?”

The woman, who they called sister, didn’t resist the power, but cooperated, and said sharply: “You should know who I am, so don’t blame me for risking being condemned by the heavens and letting him leave his body.”

That woman was a master during her lifetime. Don’t know what she did, but the soul body of Jiu Wangye was really pulled out of his body and lied on the other side.

“Are you looking for death?” The powerful existence in the darkness gave a cold cry and a yin wind came.

“Hahaha…big deal. Let’s dissipate between the heavens and the earth together, so as to live up for all our love for so many years.”

“You are too hateful. With the soul separated, it will soon disappear. No matter what was said, you guys watched him grew up. To treat him like this, you woman, no wonder you are…”

The woman who was called sister gave a cold smile, “Are you trying to tell me about my martyrdom? I don’t want to live anymore. I just want to go with my husband quietly, but you treated me like this. If you want my soul to go away, then I want this person you care about to also die.”

The room was dark and there was nothing to see, only the sound of their furious conversation.

“The souls of those two had already merged. I promise to let you go, so send his soul back soon. Any longer and he wouldn’t be able to go back anymore.”

The voice of that powerful existence in the dark was obviously trembling.

“Hehe…I think this is also good. If I become him…”

“Gu Xiangyi, it turns out that you have always remembered the things when you were alive.”

“Do you think there’s an expert behind you? Let me tell you, if it weren’t for my hunger for death, I wouldn’t be at your mercy.” Gu Xiangyi’s soul gradually overlapped with the body of Jiu Wangye.

“Gu Xiangyi, you are going to be condemned by the heavens for doing this. Pulling the soul out of the body in this way will also have an impact on yourself and you will never be reincarnated in this life.”

“Do you think I’m not afraid of what you’re afraid of? In half an hour, his soul will drift away with the wind, and I will become this Empire’s Jiu Wangye.”

“Should I guess who you are? Why do you care so much about him?” At this moment, all the candles in the room lit up.

Jiu Wangye stood still in a blue robe.

Dignified and elegant, with a smile that was not a smile, staring closely at the only dark place in the room.

It was shrouded in a black mist, but is it really?

“What do you want from me to let him go?”

Gu Xiangyi looked down at the soul of Jiu Wangye.

“Such weakness has allowed us to raise him for 20 years, but as far as I know, even if he merged with the three of us, he can only live for a few years at most. Looking at his life over the past 20 years, I wonder if you’re helping him or torturing him.”

“It’s better to let him live like this! I will spend the rest of my time for him.”

Finished speaking, she squatted down and a pair of white hands gently pressed on the soul of Jiu Wangye.

The soul of Jiu Wangye disappeared bit by bit, and it was about to dissipate in the world. From then on, Jiu Wangye would be the reborn Gu Xiangyi.

“No, don’t…”

The figure in the darkness finally rushed over. However, Gu Xiangyi waved her hand and hit the other side, making it still in the air.

“Now that I have a body, do you think I will still be afraid of you?”

Then Gu Xiangyi squatted down again, looked at Jiu Wangye quietly, and said.

“Go with peace of mind. I will help you fulfill all your wishes!”

The words were full of concern and love, but her hands were still gently attached to the soul of Jiu Wangye.

Jiu Wangye‘s soul was slowly disappearing at a speed seen with the naked eye. His legs, then chest, neck, mouth, and nose disappeared little by little.

As soon as Xiao Ting returned to the wangfu, the housekeeper greeted her and took the two children.

Xiao Ting asked in a deep voice, “Where is Jiu Wangye?”

Housekeeper Mu looked at her in surprise, wondering why they came back so late. Still, he replied, “Wangye should be resting right now.”

Xiao Ting confirmed that Jiu Wangye was still in the wangfu, and walked forward alone and in a hurry.

On the horizon, the dark clouds were slowly dissipating. Xiao Ting suddenly raised her head, and then quickly ran to JingHua Garden.

Wangfei, please stop, wangye has ordered that no one can enter.”

The two guards fulfilled their duties and stopped Xiao Ting.

For fear of following in the footsteps of their predecessors, this time, wangye told them that nothing should make anyone break-in.

Xiao Ting was in a hurry at the moment, so how could she bother with them? She lifted a foot and kicked one of them, then got under their arms. How could the two of them think that Xiao Ting would suddenly make a move? They were taken aback. When they saw her go in, they were about to follow when they saw Housekeeper Mu.

“You stay here.” Housekeeper Mu had never seen Xiao Ting this anxious. At this moment, he knew that something serious had happened and ran inside.

Although he had old arms and legs, he and Xiao Ting entered the house one after another.

Wangye, if you haven’t slept yet, this old servant is rude.” Housekeeper Mu saw Jiu Wangye squatting on the ground and didn’t know what he was doing, but when he saw that he was fine, he planned to go forward and help him.

“Don’t go there.” Xiao Ting raised her arm and stopped him, then quietly looked forward.

In front of her eyes, what she saw was different from Housekeeper Mu.

In Housekeeper Mu’s eyes, there’s only Jiu Wangye crouching on the ground and touching it with one hand.

But in her eyes, besides Jiu Wangye in this room, there were two other souls.

One draped in a black mist and set in the air, with teeth and claws bared and trying to rush down. Listening to the voice, it was a woman.

And the other one was lying under the hands of Jiu Wangye and was about to disappear.

“Why did you come in? Get out for benwang.”

As soon as Jiu Wangye said that, Housekeeper Mu and Xiao Ting were taken aback.

Housekeeper Mu knew Jiu Wangye would never talk to him like this.

What surprised Xiao Ting was that at the moment Jiu Wangye looked up, she saw an incredible scene.

This person was not Jiu Wangye at all.

Her gaze fixed on the soul that was about to dissipate. With no time to think about it, she waved her hand and spell hit ‘Jiu Wangye‘.

Jiu Wangye swayed and went backward. At the same time, Xiao Ting also rushed forward.

After seeing the soul with only a pair of eyes and a forehead left on the ground, her face changed drastically.

“Who are you? How dare you pull the soul out of the body and live in it yourself. Did you know that this is in violation of the heavens?”

Xiao Ting asked the other party while putting away the soul that was about to dissipate and sealing it with her hands to avoid dissipating immediately.

At this moment, Jiu Wangye was no longer that indifferent man, but dignified and virtuous, with grace in his posture, and that indifferent face exuded a touch of softness.

“Unexpectedly, Sixth Miss Xiao actually understands the Profound Sect Arts.”

This time, the voice of Jiu Wangye turned into a girl’s. Housekeeper Mu on the side was surprised and pointed at him foolishly before finally fainting.

“Ting’er, quickly push her soul out of the body, otherwise, wangye will not be saved.”

The black mist nailed in the air suddenly uttered with a friendly tone and even called out her nickname.

Xiao Ting was taken aback, but at the moment, she didn’t have time to talk to her and attacked Jiu Wangye on the spot.

However, what she didn’t expect was that as soon as she rushed over, she was kicked into flight by Jiu Wangye. If it weren’t for twisting her body in mid-air, she would have hit the pillar and fallen to her death.

“You actually know martial arts?” Xiao Ting got up in surprise and then ran out without a word.

After a while, the two big men guarding the gates ran in again. She pointed at ‘Jiu Wangye‘ and said, “Hurry up and subdue him.”

No way, even if their martial arts were good, they couldn’t attack the other party.

In her eyes, Jiu Wangye was a harmful soul. However, in the eyes of these two, this was their master, the supreme Jiu Wangye. How would dare they attack him? So the two looked at each other, looked at Jiu Wangfei, then at Jiu Wangye, and then at Housekeeper Mu who was lying on the ground. Without saying a word, the two lifted Housekeeper Mu up and ran away.

What did Xiao Ting just see? What just happened?

RTBAS 049: (Spoiler Title at the End)
RTBAS 051: Shocking Secret (2)

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