RTBAS 051: Shocking Secret (2)

RTBAS 050: Shocking Secret
RTBAS 052: Something Big Happened

Xiao Ting hadn’t reacted yet.

But Gu Xiangyi, who took over Jiu Wangye‘s body, smiled coldly, “Wangfei has forgotten that benwang is the master of this wangfu. If you tell them to do something to benwang, they wouldn’t have the courage.”

Xiao Ting covered her mouth, w-what’s this? She could deal with ghosts, but if the other’s martial arts were more powerful than hers, she had no other way, no matter how great she was.

Xiao Ting thought for a while, but she couldn’t think of anything. Whether or not this person was her cheap husband, she couldn’t just stand by in the spirit of justice and responsibility.

So she and Jiu Wangye stared and circled each other around the room. The other escaping and the other trying to attack.

Xiao Ting still couldn’t get close, but she couldn’t let her go. Otherwise, Jiu Wangye really would return to heaven and earth.

“If you come again, don’t blame me for being impolite.” ‘Jiu Wangye‘ snorted coldly, and looked back at Xiao Ting.

“Come, come. You’re being too polite! This old lady has been practicing her martial arts for 18 years and there’s no place to try it!” She beckoned with her hands, but her eyes roamed around, trying her best to find a way.

“Hahahaha…” Suddenly, they heard a chuckle.

In the room, there was a man in a blue robe standing with arms folded, staring at the two people with a smile. He looked at this and that, then finally, he looked at Jiu Wangye and asked: “It seems that this young master came at an untimely time. I was thinking about your birthday today. I came over to find you for a drink, but I didn’t expect to actually see you and your wangfei having such a good time!”

When saying the words good time, his eyes gleamed.

Xiao Ting was also tired of chasing and sat on the ground. While panting, she asked, “Are you his friend?”

YuChi XinHan saw Xiao Ting last time and naturally knew her.

Hearing that, he nodded and said, “Yes, we’ve been good friends for 20 years. Did this guy annoy wangfei? Do you need me to leave?”

When Xiao Ting heard that, ah, her spirit became gloomy.

“Leave your sister. Didn’t you realize that this person is not your friend?”

Upon hearing this, YuChi XinHan’s expression stiffened and he almost choked to death.

Then he looked at Jiu Wangye and found that his temperament was indeed different.

“A’Li, you…”

He was about to go and see. Seeing him stupidly approach, Xiao Ting went over and kicked his calf.

“Say, are you stupid? I told you, he’s not Jiu Wangye, not wangye! Why are you approaching him? You want to die, you moron!”

Xiao Ting didn’t even bother to roll her eyes at him.

YuChi XinHan was dumbfounded again, and finally realized why in the eyes of the Imperial Capital, this Sixth Miss was called a little witch.

She even dared to kick him the first time they met.

“Then who is he?” Seeing that his friend kept silent and only looked at him quietly, YuChi XinHan felt very cold. There was indeed something he couldn’t understand right now.

“Ah, how would I know who he is?” Xiao Ting didn’t care whoever he was. Her task was to catch ghosts and save people.

“Otherwise, you ask him.”

Then, under Xiao Ting’s dumbfounded eyes, YuChi XinHan seriously asked the opposite ‘Jiu Wangye‘, who are you?

Xiao Ting curled her lips, feeling deeply that this friend that Jiu Wangye made was a fool.

However, the next moment, she was shocked, almost staggering and falling to the ground to ruin her image.

The fake Jiu Wangye actually spoke.

“XinHan, why are you back? Did XiangXiang come back?”

This gentle girl’s voice shocked Yuchi Xinhan that he almost fell.

“D-do you know me?”

After Xiao Ting stood firm, she rolled her eyes at him.

The fake Jiu Wangye didn’t answer him, but said, “Just leave, I don’t want to hurt you.”

YuChi XinHan was still in a daze, wondering about the identity of the person in front of him.

Xiao Ting was angry, “What are you doing? Stop him quickly or wangye will really die.”

After saying so, she had enough rest and rushed over. A cold light was between her fingers.

YuChi XinHan believed Xiao Ting’s words at this moment. The person in front of him was not his friend, so he went to help.

Seeing that, Xiao Ting stepped aside. She found out just now that the fake Jiu Wangye didn’t want to hurt her, otherwise, with the dazzling situation in front of her, she would have been beaten to death long ago.

“I say, hurry up. You can’t even beat someone so sick, just how useless are you?” Xiao Ting took out Jiu Wangye‘s soul and discovered that his forehead was gradually dissipating with only his tightly closed eyes left.

YuChi XinHan’s offensive was getting fiercer, but he still took the time to reply: “If you have the ability, then come here. This young master can’t beat him.”

Although he said so, in the end, he won against Jiu Wangye.

Standing aside, he smiled cheerfully: “Sure enough, the potential of human beings are limitless. This young master didn’t expect to beat you in this life, hahahaha…”

Xiao Ting made some seals and stuck a magic talisman on Jiu Wangye‘s forehead, forcing the soul out.

With a wave of her hand, she pinned her aside.

“What are you doing?” YuChi XinHan was happy and when he saw Xiao Ting being busy there but seeing nothing, he asked.

“Shut up and go aside.”

With cold sweat on Xiao Ting’s forehead, she slowly put most of the dissipating Jiu Wangye‘s soul into his body.

Then she looked at the soul next to her, “It’s you.”

She recognized it at this moment. This soul was one of the three ghosts.

“Where are the other two?” When she came in just now, the scene was a bit chaotic, so only now did she think of them.

“Quickly put it in wangye‘s body, otherwise, wangye wouldn’t be able to wake up.” At this moment, the frozen cloud of black mist in the air said again.

Xiao Ting looked up and asked, “Who are you again?”

“Don’t worry about who I am. Just do what I say, otherwise, wangye will really die.”


A soul dared to command her. What kind of joke was this?

“Why did wangye‘s life or death matter to you? What’s it to me?”

YuChi XinHan went cold and silent. Who is this Jiu Wangfei? The life and death of her husband turned out to have nothing to do with her.

And she was facing the air while talking, what on earth was there?

“Who are you talking to? Why can’t I see anything?” YuChi XinHan asked anxiously.

“Even if you can see, you won’t know what to do. Just step aside and don’t disturb me.”

Xiao Ting glanced at him, then looked at the soul next to her and asked: “I remember you said at the beginning that you stayed next to Jiu Wangye to protect him. Why did you push his soul out of his body?”

For the soul, their greatest yearning was reincarnation.

Staying in this world would mean being condemned by the heavens and suffering endless disasters. Even if there’s no disaster in this life, their soul would be scattered after death and dissipate in the world.

She remembered that these three ghosts around Jiu Wangye wanted to leave and then reincarnate.

“Why don’t you ask it?”

Then the soul slowly said what happened just now and everything she knew.

After hearing this, Xiao Ting only felt that these ghosts really dared to think about it.

Jiu Wangye was a stillborn, but someone thought of a way to exchange a life for a life and let him stay in this world.

Despite this, he could only live for twenty years. In order for Jiu Wangye to survive, he must integrate these three souls that were closely related to him.

These three souls figured this out and resisted. This one even forced Jiu Wangye‘s soul out of his body and wanted to replace him.

Because even if he merged with them, Jiu Wangye could only live for five years at most.

Xiao Ting really couldn’t understand what was the point of that person letting Jiu Wangye live like this.

Did Jiu Wangye know about this?

If he knew, why would he choose to live? If it was her, she would definitely not.

The feeling of being pulled away from the body was better than being abruptly mixed with other souls. That kind of pain was something no human could bear.

“I have never had the heart to hurt others, and I didn’t live easily. His life was too painful, so I did this as a relief for him.” Even though the soul was very weak, she explained.

At this moment, Xiao Ting could feel that this soul really loved Jiu Wangye.

Xiao Ting knew that if she merged this soul into Jiu Wangye‘s body, Jiu Wangye could live another five years.

If she didn’t, he might sleep like a vegetable, or maybe die the next moment.

And such a death also meant that he would never reincarnate again and disappear.

But this soul was indeed imprisoned for twenty years for no reason. She was already unfortunate, so how could she bear to erase her?

Finally, Xiao Ting decided to let her go.

“You go quickly. Your actions just now have already triggered the Yin Yang boundary. After a while, the Yin Yang channel will be closed.

“Don’t let it go.” Seeing the soul slowly drift away, the black mist that had been nailed in the air suddenly broke free from the technique and swooped down.

Its goal was actually Xiao Ting.

Xiao Ting let out a cold snort and let the black mist pass through her body.

“How is that possible. Y-You are not a person of this world?”

Fortunately, YuChi XinHan could not hear their conversation, otherwise, he would be scared.

“Do you know that if Jiu Wangye lives like this, it’s better for him to die? I think the powerful existence those three ghosts talked about is you, right? Who are you?”

Xiao Ting didn’t continue, but her heart was shaken. This mist was extraordinary. She actually knew so much and understood her origin.

Three questions in a row were thrown out and the black mist finally came to its senses.

“You answer me first. You are not from here, are you?”

Seeing the eagerness in her voice, Xiao Ting nodded.

“Hehe…I have been searching for so long. 20 years. Even using such a cruel method to kill three of them. I didn’t expect that what I was looking for was by my side.”

“God’s will, it’s God’s will. And you even turned out to be Jiu Wangfei, it’s really God’s will!”

The black mist on the opposite side was surging up and down, making it hard to see its body. What it said was a little all over the place.

It seemed very happy, but also a little sad.

Translator’s Notes:

Oh, now I get it. I think Xiao Ting was 18 years old in her previous life, or maybe even older than that while she was still 15 years old in this life. At least I think so. Or maybe I just mistranslated the whole thing. Well, whatever.

By the way, either the author changed it or I mistranslated the first one because as far as I know, the friend was called Wei XinHan while in this chapter, he was called YuChi XinHan. Welp, I’ll know in the next chapters.

RTBAS 050: Shocking Secret
RTBAS 052: Something Big Happened

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