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The current Emperor was born in a flourishing age, and those he accepted were all benevolent, filial, and respectful. His biggest wish was for his brothers to be in harmony and that the world was peaceful. Jiangnan King’s affairs have given him heartache, and now with King Rui, afraid…

Not to mention that everything was still unclear. The age of King Rui and the Emperor was almost the same. King Rui’s mother concubine passed away early, and the Empress Dowager raised him. He’s the closest brother to the Emperor. If he hadn’t been enthroned, King Rui would not have gone to the fief, and their relationship would be even more intimate than that of Jiu Wangye.

That’s why King Rui could murder and set fire to Jiu Wangfu, even personally attack him, but Jiu Wangye didn’t pursue it and let the Emperor deal with it.

After all, this was Jiu Wangye repaying his gratitude for the Emperor’s special care for him for so many years.

Sitting in the carriage, Xiao Ting and Zhao Hua looked at each other before exhaling.

Meow, this was the first time she set fire to another’s house, but it’s a pity she didn’t take part in it. Those two brats were really cheap.

No, she must do it herself next time.

Here, they had just left Rui Wangfu when the people of Jiu Wangye came. Xiao Ting heard the noise outside and could hear someone talking, so they closed their eyes and pretended to sleep.

Somebody lifted the carriage curtain. Hong Shao walked in, took a look inside, and then asked, “What happened to wangfei and the Princess?”

Someone outside followed what King Rui said, and Hong Shao expressed her gratitude, lowered the curtain, and let the coachman drive away.

Xiao Ting saw the carriage go far and asked Hong Shao, “Why are you here? Did Xiao Shi and Xiao Yun go back?”

Hong Shao looked at her with a pouty mouth, “Does wangfei remember what you promised this servant? You drank and ran around. If something happened, this servant, this servant wouldn’t know what to do!”

She looked really aggrieved.

Xiao Ting was embarrassed and laughed then said: “That, I drank a lot in the afternoon. I just, just, went to the wrong door.”

Zhao Hua was amused. She laid down on the side and said: “Ting’er, your logic is compelling, haha… this is the first time this Princess has seen a maid daring to control her master.”

Only then did Hong Shao remember that there were outsiders here. She lowered her head and said: “Wangfei promised this servant that she will talk to this servant wherever she goes in the future.”

Also, you walked too far by saying you went to the wrong door. You walked from the other side of the Imperial City to the other, at least find a more reasonable lie!

“That, how did you know that I was in Rui Wangfu?” At the time of their discussion, there were only four of them.

But thinking of Ah’San and Ah’Si following them, she understood.

Sure enough, Hong Shao said with a somewhat unnatural look: “It’s wangye who asked the servants to pick you up and the Princess. He even let this servant bring you something.”


They just laid down and ignored the things in Hong Shao’s hand. Only then did they discover that she had a black bag. She opened it, and both of them were a little dumbfounded.

It turned out to be two jars of wine.

Bigger than the jar in the afternoon.

Meeting the suspicious look of her wangfei and Princess Zhao Hua, Hong Shao shook her head and said: “Wangye said, this is for you and the Princess, and, and that you have to drink. Then we have to send you to the Palace afterward.”



Xiao Ting and Zhao Hua stood up in an instant and bumped their heads.

Hong Shao nodded fiercely and said: “When this servant came out, wangye sent someone to the Palace to report your arrival.”

“Ninth Uncle, I hate you.” Zhao Hua sat back with a look of nothing left to live for. Father Emperor must have known, so she’s dead.

Xiao Ting was the same, “Can we not go?”

“No.” An old man’s voice came from outside. Xiao Ting raised the curtain and saw that Housekeeper Mu had replaced the coachman at some point.

“This consort and the Palace are not in harmony!”

“This Princess finally knew why Ninth Uncle brought us wine.”

Xiao Ting wondered, “If we’re drunk, we don’t have to deal with their cross-examination, right?”

“Haha…” Zhao Hua smiled reluctantly at her, “Ninth Uncle must blame this Princess for taking you down and teaching you to drink. Ninth Uncle, you’re too cruel!”

“Hmph, drink it, who’s afraid of whom?” After hearing that, Xiao Ting knew that her actions couldn’t avoid her cheap husband’s eyes. At the moment, she was willing to let go, so holding the jar with Zhao Hua, she cheered.

When they arrived in the Palace, Jiu Wangye was already in the Imperial Study.

The Emperor heard that Zhao Hua was captured by thieves and hurriedly called Jiu Wangye to the Palace. Jiu Wangye and King Rui entered the Palace together.

King Rui told the Emperor what had happened, and the Emperor heard that his most beloved daughter had returned to the Palace, so he was busy asking people to bring her in.

“Emperor, Princess, Princess is drunk, and this minister dare not do it.” Those who reported said that they’d rather die, which was too much. The Princess was drinking madly, so they dared not go there.

“Drink? Drunk? Where is she? Let me see.”

The Emperor was frightened and looked at Jiu Wangye, who shook his head to indicate that he knew nothing.

With the moon and stars in the sky, on the rooftop outside the Imperial Study, two young girls danced in the wind, humming a little tune and dancing like elves under the moonlit night.

It was a lovely picture, but the humming voice suddenly became loud, and a burst of ghost crying and wolf howling burst out, resounding throughout the entire Palace.

And the dance became messy like they became madmen.

This lunatic was naturally Xiao Ting. She forgot herself and started doing a modern dance.

“This, this…” The Emperor also stammered. Seeing his daughter look like this for the first time, he was first dumbfounded and then angry.

“Emperor, when this minister saw the Princess, Princess was only a little drunk.” King Rui took the opportunity to step forward and say.

Meaning, Jiu Wangye indulged his wangfei and instigated the Princess to drink.

Jiu Wangye stood in place, neither salty nor indifferent, with deep eyes and brilliance flashing under his eyes.

“Ninth Brother, do you know about this?”

“This minister doesn’t know.” Then he turned to look at King Rui and said, “I would like to thank Brother King Rui again. If you didn’t save them, the consequences would be disastrous.”

King Rui had thick eyebrows and big eyes. He looked honest, but he’s actually shrewd. He heard the implied meaning to mind his own business.

The Emperor ignored the courtesy between them as he watched the two women yell and scream on the rooftop. His worried heart slowly turned into anger.

After that, he didn’t let anyone care about them as he turned around and entered the Imperial Study.

He asked what King Rui and Jiu Wangye thought about this matter. He then sent the Imperial Capital garrison to patrol the city overnight and immediately arrest any suspicious person.

After that, the three of them conducted a profound and solemn analysis of this farce led by Xiao Ting and continued by Jiu Wangye.

For half an hour, they still hadn’t figured out the reason.

As for the thieves who dared abduct Jiu Wangfei and Princess Zhao Hua, they couldn’t figure out their goal.

At this moment, YuChi XinHan walked in with a look of anger on his face, “Wangye, it’s not good.”

The Emperor, seeing that YuChi XinHan even forgot to salute, knew that this matter was urgent.

“What happened?”

YuChi XinHan seemed to remember where he was as he hurriedly bowed to the Emperor, and then said, “Young prince Yun and Imperial Uncle Xiao’s youngest son are missing.”

“Missing?” Jiu Wangye stood up first. His expression condensed as he asked, “What happened?”

King Rui watched the show. It seemed like Jiu Wangye had offended quite a lot of people. If others want to do it, then he could just watch.

YuChi XinHan anxiously said, “It turns out that after wangfei and the Princess were taken away, everyone looked for them, but they didn’t find that young prince Yun and the young master Xiao were also among them. Just now, the Housekeeper heard from the maids serving them that they hadn’t come back.”

“After asking, I learned that wangfei and the Princess were playing around in the back garden with the two little boys.”

“Have they searched the fu?” said Jiu Wangye as he walked out.

“Already searched. Only when they didn’t find them did they find me. I realized that something was wrong, so I hurried to report it.”

YuChi XinHan looked at the Emperor, and the Emperor stopped Jiu Wangye, “Don’t panic, Ninth Brother.”

He knew that what Jiu Wangye cared most about is Chu Yun, so he immediately persuaded him. “Don’t worry, they’re all in one place, so shouldn’t they be thrown in the same place? Just now, King Rui said that Jiu Wangfei and Zhao Hua was found in your fu, right?”

King Rui was dumbfounded as he nodded. What’s this got to do with him?

YuChi XinHan smacked his head and said, “So that’s it! This minister wanted to ask the Emperor to allow this Minister to take people to Rui Wangfu and search it.”

“Allowed, go now!” Seeing Jiu Wangye‘s eyes condensed more and more, how could the Emperor delay?

YuChi XinHan retired after cupping his fist, but Jiu Wangye directly walked out without looking back. He glanced at the two women on the rooftop who were drunk and acting crazy when he left.

In the Imperial Study, King Rui hadn’t realized what just happened since a fire occurred to his fu.

When he returned to his senses, he suddenly thought that Cheng YunYi was still in the wangfu, and his expression changed drastically. He also hurriedly got up, “This minister will also go back and have a look to offer some help.”

The Emperor waved, “Go! After the other big things, you don’t have to worry about this.”

After King Rui left, the Emperor didn’t even bother to look at the accounts book. He went out of the Imperial Study and saw Zhao Hua with Xiao Ting still screaming there.

He had a headache right now. Zhao Hua used to be normal. Although she was a bit naughty in the Palace, she was still an elegant lady. It seemed like she hadn’t done anything reliable since she got together with this Sixth Miss Xiao.

No, this Sixth Miss Xiao never did anything reliable, even to his daughter.

Xiao Ting broke his daughter.

However, thinking of Chu Yun’s disappearance made these two things an eyesore.

“Come, go up and wake them up.”

It’s the fault of these two drunks. If it weren’t for the,m, how could so many things happen?

He hoped these two didn’t make the two small ones drink, or he wouldn’t forgive them.

The Palace servants hurriedly went to the Imperial doctor. They caught the two and gave them sobering soup, which took a while.

On the rooftop, there were a lot of chickens flying and dogs jumping, coupled with the howling of wolves and ghosts, and the sound of demons, so the entire Palace couldn’t be peaceful.

All the masters in the Palace came to check, and when they saw the Emperor’s sullen and gloomy face, they didn’t dare go up and ask. They went back to their courtyards in despair.

Finally, it was said that after Jiu Wangfei and Princess Zhao Hua woke up, the Emperor ordered them to face the Imperial Mausoleum while kneeling on the roof and plead with their ancestors until sunrise.

In the middle of the night, Xiao Ting woke up from the wine, but she couldn’t think clearly for a while.

Then they heard a light shout, “Kneel!”

As soon as the two turned their heads, they saw His Majesty the Emperor. He, who was always in charge, sat on the side and admired the moon.

RTBAS 059: Muddle Through
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