RTBAS 059: Muddle Through

RTBAS 058: You Shouldn't Believe This Woman
RTBAS 060: This 'Pit' Is Too Deep

Arriving at the bottom of the wall, Xiao Ting took out a light rope and walked up the wall with a few swishes.

Chu Yun watched her skillful movements and thought about her crawling experience into the dog hole when secretly seeing her father. She felt that Xiao Ting cheated.

In fact, Xiao Ting started to prepare something like this after that time.

For example, her martial arts wasn’t that good, so that she couldn’t do anything serious.

And so, she drew something and let Hong Shao create this light rope for herself when she went out.

Otherwise, how would she dare come?

As for Zhao Hua, all royalty learned martial arts.

While Ah’Si brought up Chu Yun.

A few people carefully muddled through Rui Wangfu and found that the whole wangfu was desolate. Not only that, they didn’t bump into anyone along the way, only seeing the scattered lanterns swaying in the wind, making them feel creeped out.

They turned around and finally fixed their eyes on the only courtyard with the lights on.

After discussing it, they asked Zhao Hua to find out the situation first. She was the only person here with useful martial arts.

“Who’s there?”

With a sharp shout that was like thunder in the empty yard, they became shocked.

Especially Princess Zhao Hua, who originally came in secretly. She just stepped out when someone discovered her and shouted.


Simultaneously, a wind suddenly appeared in the main courtyard, and the surrounding lanterns lit up. Dozens of people jumped out of the darkness instantly and encircled Zhao Hua.

“What happened?”

At this time, the door of the main house opened from the inside. And King Rui, looking solemn, walked out.

Zhao Hua was a little scared because of her guilty conscience.

Xiao Ting quickly made a hand gesture and then blinked at the two little ones before walking out of the dark.

Although she said walk, she was actually swaying.

“Zhao, Zhao Hua, where are you?”

Xiao Ting was discovered as soon as she moved.

“Who are you? Stop.” Xiao Ting ignored the gleaming weapons in the hands of everyone around her and walked over. She put her hands on Zhao Hua’s shoulders and said, “So you’re here!”

Wangye, these two women suddenly appeared in the wangfu.”

King Rui also stepped over as he listened to his subordinate. King Rui looked at the lit lanterns. With an uncertain look, he looked at the intruders suspiciously and asked, “Zhao Hua, why are you here?”

He just heard someone calling Zhao Hua. If that weren’t the case, he wouldn’t have come over. Upon arriving, he really saw Princess Zhao Hua.

Zhao Hua was scared out of her wits, but hearing Xiao Ting’s hint, she quickly squinted her eyes and asked: “Who are you? You dare call this Princess’ name directly. Someone come, come for this Princess. Catch him, beat him, hit with fifty planks, and then feed him to the dogs.”

Everyone: “…”

Now they know who she is.

King Rui was silent. He looked Zhao Hua up and down, then said: “You, have you been drinking?”

Although the smell wasn’t strong, he could still smell it when he walked closer. King Rui’s mind was a bit overwhelmed.

“Who is she?”

King Rui looked at Xiao Ting again, making sure that he’d never seen her before.

Zhao Hua and Xiao Ting also drank a lot of wine, so they were a little drunk. Hearing this, before Zhao Hua could speak, Xiao Ting turned to look at him and said, “Not even kneeling after seeing this consort, what kind of dog sh*t are you?”

This consort?

D-dog sh*t?

King Rui’s face went blue. He’s very unhappy.

“Rui, Uncle Rui Wang?” Zhao Hua and Xiao Ting leaned on each other as both of them stood unsteadily and swayed.

Seeing Princess Zhao Hua finally recognize him, King Rui nodded and affirmed, then asked why they were here.

Zhao Hua shook her head when she heard his words and asked: “Ting’er and I were drinking. Did you come to see Ninth Uncle?”

King Rui was taken aback and instantly knew the identity of Xiao Ting. He thought of what she said and now understood that they should be drinking in that Mansion.

“No, no, Zhao Hua, they’re the thieves in the fu, they’re thieves!”

Xiao Ting recklessly stretched out her hand to make a gesture of arresting someone, and everyone close to her quickly backed away.

Someone else said, “Wangye, did they hear something, so they came…”

King Rui thought about it, then said, “Impossible. Even if I’m doubted, he will not send two girls, let alone they’re drunk.”

The man frowned and suddenly said, “Wangye, they just said to catch thieves. Could someone have deliberately brought them to this wangfu?”

“You mean, someone deliberately wants to increase the misunderstanding between Jiu Wangye and benwang.” King Rui instantly understood what he meant.

“You’re right. The burning of Jiu Wangfu by benwang has not been resolved. Someone must have deliberately caused trouble…”

Just as King Rui was about to say something, he suddenly saw Xiao Ting and Zhao Hua look behind them stupidly.

Before he could turn around, he heard someone shout: “Fire, there’s fire.”

When King Rui turned his head, he saw thick smoke rising from the room he had just stayed in, with flames looming.

“Quickly, put out the fire.”

The group of people surrounding Xiao Ting and Zhao Hua dispersed in an instant. However, Rui Wangfu had no other master at all. Only a few people were staying in the wangfu. Now that there’s suddenly a fire, while they were looking for something to put it out, most of the house was already on fire.

King Rui’s face became blue as he watched his place burn, unable to save it.

After a quarter of an hour, King Rui thought of Xiao Ting and Zhao Hua and quickly returned to the yard. He instantly lost his temper.

He saw the two women cuddling together and sleeping soundly. Even with a raging fire in front of them, there was green grass beneath them, so they fell asleep.

Wangye, she’s Jiu Wangfei. She beat the young master, so shall we?” A subordinate suggested.

King Rui set fire to Jiu Wangfu last time because of what happened in the Summer Lotus Banquet. When Jiu Wangye’s Chu Yun and the young master Rui met, Chu Yun even beat his child.

Now, he could finally settle accounts.

“No, it’s not good to cause a conflict right now.” Although King Rui couldn’t swallow this breath, however, the situation wasn’t right. After thinking for a moment, he looked at the two girls and finally waved for someone to prepare the carriage, “Send them to Jiu Wangfu and hand them over to Jiu Wangye. Say that they were taken captive, and benwang saved them.”

YuChi XinHan, who had been following them, returned to the Mansion. He laughed as soon as he saw Jiu Wangye and said, “A’Li, you really should have gone and seen what your little wangfei is capable of. She really entertains this young master.”

Jiu Wangye was still sitting on the spot as if he hadn’t moved at all. He took a sip of tea then asked, “Are the two children back?”

“I said hello to Ah’San, and they’ll come back later.”

YuChi XinHan was excited as he talked to himself. He understood his friend’s temper. If you don’t tell him, he will never ask you.

To prevent suffocating himself to death, he decided to speak voluntarily.

“Did you know? Those two stupid women were discovered as soon as they entered. Zhao Hua was scared witless, but your little wangfei, do you know what she did?”

Jiu Wangye continued to drink tea. He looked at him lightly as he held a book in his hand, ready to flip the page.

YuChi XinHan thought anyone else would be so curious they’d die, but why was this person not interested at all?

He wanted to stop being friends with him.

“Why are you so boring!”

Upon hearing those words, Jiu Wangye put down his hands and looked at him quietly, “It’s not the first day you met benwang!”

As a result, YuChi XinHan went silly again. Forget it, just take it as it is!

“Did you know? At that time, King Rui and his subordinates surrounded them. Your little wangfei pretended to be drunk and started talking nonsense. She also made up some thieves and said they entered the courtyard to catch the thief. As a result, King Rui and his group thought that she and Zhao Hua was caught by someone and thrown into Rui Wangfu.”

“There’s even an idiot who said that someone wanted to arrest them by throwing the two girls into Rui Wangfu and deepening the misunderstanding between Jiu Wangfu and Rui Wangfu. Damn, it’s almost like…”

YuChi XinHan hadn’t finished talking when Jiu Wangye immediately called people in, “Take people to find wangfei and the Princess immediately.”

“…” YuChi XinHan was speechless, “You’re really made for each other, ah!”

Jiu Wangye spoke in a calm and clear voice: “Anything else to talk about? If there’s nothing, go and rest!”

“Talk about it, of course. At this moment, the main house of Rui Wangfu is burning. It turned out that while the two girls went out to attract people, they let the two little ones set the fire. It was bold. Of course, Ah’San and Ah’Si were also involved.” YuChi XinHan happily said, and even wished he should have done it.

“So what’s the result of them being out for so long?” Jiu Wangye raised his eyes and asked.

YuChi XinHan smiled, “Most of the main house where King Rui lived has been burned, and it’s probably scrapped.”

“By the way, there’s another surprise. Do you know who I saw just now?”

Having said that, YuChi XinHan showed a playful smile, making Jiu Wangye raise a brow.

“Cheng YunYi.”

Jiu Wangye‘s expression became startled, “Cheng YunYi, one of the Jiangnan King’s advisors?”

YuChi XinHan nodded and then chuckled, “I would also like to thank your wangfei and the others. If it weren’t for them setting the fire suddenly, this young master would have just watched the show and wouldn’t know that King Rui was in contact with the Jiangnan King.”

“They should be talking in the room at that time. King Rui was led out by Zhao Hua and the others, while the one surnamed Cheng hid inside. After the main house caught fire, he left from the back door.”

“Is he still in Rui Wangfu?” Jiu Wangye‘s eyes condensed.

“At that time, the scene was chaotic, and it was inconvenient for me to make big moves, so I had to save the little prince and the others first and had no time to take care of it.”

King Rui’s fief was separated from the Jiangnan King by several prefectures. The Empire had always made clear orders that the Kings could not enter the Capital without an Imperial Edict. They were also not allowed to leave their jurisdiction without permission, and they were prohibited from contacting each other privately.

All this was to stabilize the country and society.

Now that the advisor next to the Jiangnan King appeared in the Imperial Capital, this matter was too important.

Jiu Wangye thought for a while, and then said: “For the two little ones, find a hidden place in Rui Wangfu for them to sleep for a while and don’t show up.”


YuChi XinHan asked. When he saw Jiu Wangye smile with the corners of his mouth, his body trembled, and he instantly understood.

“XinHan, you’ll stay in the Imperial Capital these days and stare at Cheng YunYi. I will make arrangements for King Rui, so don’t tell the Emperor beforehand.”

“I see.” Seeing Jiu Wangye‘s expression made YuChi XinHan a little uneasy, so he comforted: “Maybe Cheng YunYi and King Rui are relatives. It’s not necessarily related to the Jiangnan King!”

“Do you really believe that?” Jiu Wangye‘s eyes were distant and deep.

RTBAS 058: You Shouldn't Believe This Woman
RTBAS 060: This 'Pit' Is Too Deep

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