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Xiao Ting parted ways with Zhao Hua and went straight back to Zhongtian Moonlight Mansion. The Housekeeper led her all the way to the main hall, saying that someone came from Xiao fu.

Xiao Ting hmphed and was very unwilling to meet them. In her opinion, she had nothing to do with the women of that family. As long as they didn’t come to provoke her, she wouldn’t bother caring about them.

When she was about to enter the hall, Xiao Ting was stunned for a moment. She took a step back and looked at the surrounding environment and buildings, then said, “scared me to death, I thought I was in the wrong place!”

Behind her, Housekeeper Mu looked helpless.

In the main hall, the ones who came from Xiao fu were the old lady, including Xiao Ya and Xiao Mei. Xiao Ting almost thought that this was Xiao fu‘s hall. As soon as she appeared, the old lady and the others stood up to salute her.

Xiao Ting was dumbfounded. Did they take the wrong medicine? But when she saw Jiu Wangye sitting next to them, she realized the situation.

This was the so-called finding a stage to put on a comedy (T/N: to play along according to local conditions), ah!

So she also pretended and happily returned their greetings.

After Xiao Ting finished speaking, she felt a little dry in her mouth. She looked around and came to Jiu Wangye‘s side, picked up the teacup he had just put down, and drank it whole, then said: “I’m so thirsty.”

Everyone: “…”

This Xiao Ting was becoming more and more lawless, even daring to drink wangye‘s tea in public. One had to know, wangye already drank from it.


Jiu Wangye: “…”

Xiao Ting took his hand away from the teacup, and he watched her drink on the spot where he had just drunk. After drinking all the tea in the cup, she even licked the side before putting it back in place.

This series of actions made his heart beat faster for no reason.

Then, Xiao Ting directly said: “That, wangye, please sit down, this consort will go down and rest first.”

Although Xiao Ting wanted to talk to Jiu Wangye, she didn’t want to be pestered by them.

Therefore, everyone watched as Xiao Ting came in, greeted them, and then showed off her affection before patting her butt and leaving.

Without asking them what they wanted, she turned and left.

The misses of Xiao fu were collectively petrified as she left. They didn’t even know what to say.

At this moment, Chu Yun, who had received the news, crossed the threshold and walked in proudly. She first greeted Jiu Wangye and then the old lady.

Her greetings were very thoughtful.

Jiu Wangye stood up and nodded to her, then said: “Young master Xiao is the guest invited by the young prince. Whether he leaves or stays doesn’t have anything to do with benwang. Benwang still had something to do and will leave first.”

After that, he left.

Leaving only little Chu Yun to greet the group of women from Xiao fu.

Through the Housekeeper’s explanation, Chu Yun already knew what these misses from Xiao fu came here for, so without giving them time to snap out of their daze, she directly said: “What happened last night was an accident. Xiao Shi and this prince are fine. You can go back.”

Women: “…” They knew that the threshold of Jiu Wangfu was high and that they’re not welcome, but they didn’t expect such a result.

In this Jiu Wangfu, no one was polite from top to bottom.

Even though Jiu Wangye sat with them for half a cup of tea and Xiao Ting greeted them earnestly, this young prince sent them away with just one sentence.

The most important thing was that the Xiao Xin they wanted to see didn’t even show up.

Because of what happened last night, they thought they could finally take Xiao Xin back. They had already rehearsed the words along the way, but right now, before they could say anything, they were blocked.

“Housekeeper, see off the guests. And, in the future, if there’s nothing important, don’t disturb this prince and this prince’s study companion and don’t bring anyone to the fu.”

The old lady was anxious and angry but didn’t dare show it, so she had to leave with the other girls in disgrace.

She vowed never to come here again in this life.

As soon as Xiao Ting stepped into her courtyard, Jiu Wangye followed, and the food delivered by Hong Shao arrived.

Yi? Why are you here?” A bit tired, Xiao Ting laid comfortably on the soft couch. She tilted her head while reaching out to get the fruit on the table and found that she couldn’t reach it.

She retracted her arm in frustration and listlessly pulled on the couch.

Jiu Wangye walked over and handed her the plate of fruit. Xiao Ting picked up a small red shiny fruit and threw it into her mouth, squinting and humming in a good mood.

“This is benwang‘s place, you are benwang‘s wangfei, can’t benwang come?”

Jiu Wangye didn’t leave but sat next to her. Despite this, he was still taller than Xiao Ting.

Xiao Ting raised her eyelids and stretched out her hand again to blindly grope around.

Seeing this, Jiu Wangye frowned, then put the fruit plate under her hand again. Xiao Ting pulled out a fruit again and continued to eat, “okay, okay.”

Jiu Wangye rarely talked nonsense with others, so he didn’t know what to say to Xiao Ting.

Seeing Xiao Ting’s thirsty and tired look just now, he subconsciously followed, but he didn’t know what to do after that.

“Old Madam Xiao is here to talk about Xiao Xin’s affairs. You’re not going to ask about it?”

Xiao Ting didn’t lift her head, “They’re not here to find me. What do I care?”

Jiu Wangye: “…” Forgive him for not understanding how Sixth Miss Xiao grew up.

“By the way, wangye, do me a favor.” Xiao Ting was thinking about the ice coffin. Suddenly, her eyes lit up, and she sat up.

Since signing the agreement with Jiu Wangye, she had become a lot more casual.

Jiu Wangye looked at the lively woman in front of him, a bit dumbfounded. How could a person change so quickly?


He glanced at the fingers holding his sleeves, and the folds there made him frown imperceptibly.

Xiao Ting’s eyes bent into crescent shapes as she said: “Have you heard about what happened to Aunt Guifei?”

Jiu Wangye nodded, and Xiao Ting curled her lips. Sure enough, these people were really annoying. If Zhao Hua hadn’t told her, she would have no idea.

Jiu Wangye wondered why she’s upset again.

“I want to participate in the investigation.”

Before Jiu Wangye could refuse, Xiao Ting continued, “That corpse must be weird since it hasn’t been corrupted even after so many years.”

“The Emperor has ordered Commander Xu to investigate the matter thoroughly. You don’t have to intervene.”

“No.” Xiao Ting hmphed and got up, “My aunt has always been helping me, so I want to do something for my aunt.”

“Besides, you also know that I can see ghosts. Maybe I can use this to know what happened back then!”

Xiao Ting said this to persuade Jiu Wangye.

Unexpectedly, when Jiu Wangye heard those words, his face changed slightly, “This matter is not allowed to be mentioned again.”

Then he left.

Xiao Ting was depressed, asking him “why?” as she followed him closely.

“There’s no reason. In short, you don’t need to take care of this matter. With so many talents in the Empire, couldn’t they figure out such an old case?”

“Also, regarding the fact that you can see astral things, don’t speak this nonsense everywhere.”

Xiao Ting stretched out her hand to stop him, “If you don’t explain, you can’t leave.”

Jiu Wangye looked condescendingly at the girl in front of him, her petite figure looking very thin.

But on her pure little face, there’s that stubborn persistence and a pair of bright eyes that showed naughtiness and intelligence, which was very different from the tenderness and craftiness of girls these days. It was very clear and the kind where she wore her heart on her sleeve.

Without fear of being seen through and having a clear conscience.

Yes, such a clear conscience!

“You can’t beat benwang.” After Jiu Wangye said that, he watched her slump down like a deflated ball. The corners of his lips curled up slightly, revealing a smile.

Not far away, Housekeeper Mu, who was waiting anxiously to report, was dumbfounded when he saw this scene.

His wangye smiled!

He smiled at a woman!

My God, what a big event!

Xiao Ting was very distressed. At the moment, no one could help her except for Jiu Wangye.

Aunt’s affairs must not be left alone like this. Furthermore, who made that ice coffin? Was there a fellow traveler in this world?

And then, Xiao Ting returned to her courtyard and asked Hong Shao to take out all her clothes and put them on the bed. Xiao Ting stood there and looked around a few times. Later, she went back and forth on some clothes then called the six maids to ask them which one looked good.

The six maids, including Hong Shao, were dumbfounded. Who did their wangfei want to impress?

But the women still expressed their opinions very seriously, and unfortunately, everyone has different aesthetics, so their choices were different. Xiao Ting was a little discouraged.

To be honest, she didn’t like the clothes here very much. It’s really annoying since she felt like a tightly wrapped dumpling on hot days.

But there’s also the benefit of being protected from the sun.

In the end, Xiao Ting chose a lake green dress that Hong Shao thought was not bad. She didn’t know what it was made of, but it was very cool to wear, thin and impenetrable, and very light with a red Persian buttercup blooming.

The embroidery started from the right shoulder down to the left side and then spread in a circle at the skirt’s bottom.

Jiu Wangye was listening to Housekeeper Mu’s report when he saw Xiao Ting like this.

The decent clothes set off her undeveloped figure very well, like a daffodil about to bloom, ice-cold and yet looking soft.

Only when Jiu Wangye saw her smiling face did he withdrew his gaze.

“This consort has seen wangye.”

Jiu Wangye shook the hand holding the pen, and the ink splattered. Seeing this, Housekeeper Mu smiled and walked out after greeting Xiao Ting.

Xiao Ting leisurely approached while trying to sway her hips. Smelling the perfume, Jiu Wangye took a deep breath, then said: “What is wangfei doing?”

“If it’s to show tenderness, then please go back and learn how to smile first, then how to hold your tongue and how to speak carefully.”

Everyone could see the smirk on that face. His wangfei was really silly and cute.

It’s okay to learn other family’s acting and enchanting ways, but she didn’t learn well, so it didn’t look like it.

The smile on Xiao Ting’s face solidified. She stomped her feet and said, “This miss said that this method is not feasible.”

She sat on the side, raised one leg over the other, and looked askance at him, “Speak your conditions. What would it take for you to help this miss?”

Benwang said no.” Sure enough, this style suited her better.

Anxious, Xiao Ting walked over, put one foot on the table, and stared wide-eyed, pretending to stare viciously at Jiu Wangye, then said: “You just have to tell the Emperor. You won’t lose a piece of meat over it. Don’t you have any sympathy!”

Jiu Wangye raised his head and leaned back on the chair, then coldly said: “No.”

“You…” Xiao Ting’s feet continued to move forward and just stepped on the piece of paper Jiu Wangye was looking at.

“If you don’t help me, I will bully your son now, hmph!”

RTBAS 065: You Lunatic
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