RTBAS 068: Virtue Is One Foot Tall, The Devil Ten Foot*

RTBAS 067: The Fighting Power of Lord Husband
RTBAS 069: Arrogantly Investigating The Case

*道高一尺,魔高一丈, dàogāoyīchǐ, mógāoyīzhàng: (idiom); It takes constant vigilance to stave off evil.

Xiao Ting cautiously walked over, opened the booklet that Jiu Wangye gave her, and said: “Little cutie, help me see what’s written on it?”

Chu Yun saw her approach, and just as she was about to give her the back of her head, she heard those words.

Curiously taking the folded paper, she read it carefully and said: “This prince can read it for you, but you have to void the first condition we agreed upon.”

When the agreement was made last time, Chu Yun thought that Xiao Ting’s handwriting wasn’t good, so she asked her to write it. She didn’t expect that this woman couldn’t even read. The more she thought about it, the more saddened she felt for her father.

At the same time, she was thinking about revoking the contract, and even if she couldn’t, she had to remove at least one condition.

“You’re dreaming.” Virtue is one foot tall, the devil ten foot. Xiao Ting grabbed it, stood up, and said: “Big deal. I’ll let Xiao Shi help me read it, hmph mph.”

Although Xiao Xin was born from a concubine, the Madam didn’t dare be too harsh. The scholar that should be invited was still invited, so Xiao Xin’s knowledge was still good.

“Ah, don’t, he’s hurt.”

Xiao Ting nodded and said that she understood, “He’s injured, not stupid. Can’t he still read?”

After that, she got up and prepared to wake up Xiao Xin.

Seeing this, Chu Yun quickly stopped her. In an angry but suppressed voice, she said, “Go out, don’t disturb him. I’ll just read it to you.”

Xiao Ting left with a happy face, but Chu Yun was filled with hatred.

Not far away, Housekeeper Mu smiled triumphantly, and a small book appeared, “Remember, July 11, the first round of the young prince versus wangfei, wangfei won.”

The shadow guards cried, with you remembering the masters’ embarrassment like this, should they go and arrange for the funeral?

With the sky getting dark outside, Xiao Ting thought as she walked. It turned out that seduction was useful to Jiu Wangye, but that really scared this baby to death.

She thought that such a celestial being would not tolerate any blasphemy.

All right, she’s just a mortal!


Xiao Ting smiled all the way back to her residence, “Hong Shao, get this consort some delicious food. I’m starving to death.”

Seeing her right now, Hong Shao thought the person had been changed. She had been panicking before and even wanted to escape.

Now she’s back to that arrogant master in an instant.

“Yes, wangfei.” But since her master was happy, she’s naturally happy too.

After dinner, Xiao Ting was lying in bed but couldn’t sleep. For some reason, a certain person’s face kept flashing in her mind.

Those soft, somewhat cold lips, en, they seemed to be very close.

Pei pei pei, what am I thinking about?” Her master said you could touch everything in this world, but you can’t touch men, especially those who are especially good-looking.

But speaking of which, her cheap husband could be considered a good-looking man.

He had an above the common populace temperament, plain clothes, and an always calm and indifferent expression. Although his features aren’t that prominent, taken altogether, it’s exceptionally perfect.

Not stunning, but he’d always become the focus.

From people far or near.

Xiao Ting shook her head and muttered ‘can’t touch men’ silently a few times. She then pulled out a notebook from under the bed and wrote: How to deal with Jiu Wangye. Trick 1: Tickle him.

Trick 2: Kiss him.

After she finished writing, Xiao Ting put it back, and her mind returned to the corpse.

She fell asleep while thinking that.

But some people couldn’t sleep.

Jiu Wangye stood in front of the window wearing an unlined garment, staring into the distance and thinking about his abnormality today that shouldn’t have happened.

He had never liked getting too close to people, let alone women.

Not marrying his whole life was his destiny, but ever since Xiao Ting arrived in the wangfu, his world seemed to become busy and disturbed.

This woman’s very lively and constantly overturned situations.

Recalling that after Xiao Ting entered the wangfu, she made the Empress Dowager faint when she entered the Palace the next day and indirectly pulled out a treasure map.

Later, she disturbed the Third Prince’s banquet meant for selecting his wife.

Stirring up trouble and even defending the perpetrator, she’s unfortunately stupid.

Obviously, he’s her husband, her God, but to save him, she needed something in return. It’s really incomprehensible.

She’s arrogant, but she also knew that ‘a person who can put theory to practice is a capable person’, so she could bend and stretch, be strong and weak.

Whether pretending to be pitiful or charming, the speed she changed her expression was incredible.

This time, just when she’s acting like a sensible woman again, she came up with the ridiculous idea of investigating a case.

Unfortunately, he finally agreed to write a booklet for her.

“What kind of woman is she?”

For the first time in his life, apart from official business, Jiu Wangye became curious about a woman.

YuChi XinHan came at the right time when Jiu Wangye was thinking.

“I say, A’Li, is that really you? Haven’t you notice this young master being so close to you?”

The corners of YuChi XinHan’s lips curled up, his beautiful eyelashes fanning out every time he blinked. With a smile in his eyes, he leaned on the screen with his arms around his chest.

Jiu Wangye didn’t show his thoughts, turned around, and without even looking at him, asked: “How’s the follow-up?”

YuChi XinHan felt bored.

“Cheng YunYi now lives in a civilian area of the Imperial Capital temporarily. The owner has no background and has been dead for many years. A dandy young master occupied the yard, and he raised his mistress in it. The mistress just died, and the yard is now unattended. All this has nothing to do with Cheng YunYi.” YuChi XinHan reported the results of his stalking furiously.

And then continued the topic just now, “Hey hey hey, you haven’t answered my question yet, who are you thinking of?”

Facing the curious look of his friend, Jiu Wangye chose to ignore it.

“If you don’t tell me, this young master can guess. I heard that you had a bath together with your little wangfei today, then a female corpse was dug up. You guys are really capable!”

Jiu Wangye faintly glanced at him, “Everything that comes out of your mouth will change in meaning.”

Seeing him sit down in front of the bookcase, YuChi XinHan hurriedly walked around him. Leaning against the bookcase, he assumed his previous pose and looked at him with sparkling peach blossom eyes.

Jiu Wangye raised his hand, and wind from his palm swept towards the other, so YuChi XinHan had to move away.

He said: “Is this young master wrong? If it were in the past, let alone a woman falling into the water, you would ignore it even if they committed suicide in front of you. I thought you’re a cold-blooded animal, but I didn’t expect you to go into the water and save your wangfei.”

Jiu Wangye still had that undisturbed expression, so YuChi XinHan continued to say, “When the previous Jiu Wangfei fell into the water, why didn’t I see you save her then!”

The atmosphere in the room suddenly became stiff. YuChi XinHan saw that he was silent. He walked over, patted him on the shoulder, and said: “For so many years, we haven’t mentioned what happened back then, so I just waited for you to let it go, but seeing how you look now, have you still not figured it out?”

“That’s not your fault!”


Jiu Wangye sat in the same place without saying a word. YuChi XinHan didn’t persuade him anymore. He found a place to sit down and waited for him.

After a quarter of an hour, Jiu Wangye sighed lightly and said, “After all is said and done, I turned my back on her.”

YuChi XinHan chuckled lightly, “So what, do you intend to live up to it?”

Jiu Wangye didn’t speak, but YuChi XinHan didn’t intend to let him go, “I think you two are a good match. The Imperial doctor also said that your body almost has no problem. You’re still young, and you’ve married Sixth Miss Xiao. As a friend, I hope you can start a new life.”

“Let the past be the past, learn to grasp the present. Otherwise, it will be too late to regret in the future.”

After leaving these words, YuChi XinHan left.

Under the charming moonlight and walking on the quiet path, YuChi XinHan placed himself on the highest point of the viewing platform, looking at the empty sky with loneliness all over his body.

He stood there like a rock, motionless, and only the occasional gust of wind lifted the corners of his clothes and hair to reveal the person standing there.

This night, the two men who talked about Xiao Ting didn’t sleep. However, Xiao Ting, the main character, had a good night’s sleep.

Early in the morning, when Hong Shao was still busy outside, she heard her master, who had always slept in, call her.

Her master actually got up early, which shocked her, only to know that her master intended to go to the Palace.

“Didn’t wangfei hate entering the Palace the most?”

The answer to that was an arrogant hmph, “This consort has some business over there.”

So in the past, when the Emperor, the Guifei, and the Empress Dowager called you into the Palace, in your opinion, it’s not for business?

Hong Shao thought a lot, but her hands weren’t idle as she quickly helped her master clean up then sent her out.

Xiao Ting came to YaoChi Palace by carriage. Xiao Guifei was already up. Compared to yesterday, her expression was much better. Xiao Ting heard that the Emperor stayed with her all night. It must be because of this!

“Why is Ting’er here?”

Xiao Ting ran over and gave Xiao Guifei a big hug, then said: “I heard that aunt was frightened. As my aunt’s little padded jacket, Ting’er naturally came to comfort aunt.”

“Does Aunt not want to see Ting’er?”

Xiao Guifei hugged her, patted Xiao Ting on the back, then released her and said, “You girl, are you a ghost? How can aunt not want to see you? Did you have breakfast?”

Xiao Ting shook her head pitifully, “Ting’er missed Aunt and forgot to eat.”

Xiao Guifei beckoned, and after a while, a table of exquisite meals was on the table.

Xiao Ting looked a little dumbfounded. This was the first time she had seen the breakfast in the Palace.

This is too luxurious, right?

On the table were pots and dishes, looking so colorful and so delicious.

“Eat!” Seeing Xiao Ting drool, Xiao Guifei’s smile widened.

“Aunt, you’re so good. Then Ting’er won’t be polite.”

With chopsticks in one hand and a spoon in the other, she moved left and right before moving towards the things on the table.

After a while, the food on the table decreased at speed visible to the naked eye and then disappeared.

During this period, Xiao Ting had been eating and eating. Her mouth didn’t stop at all, and seeing her eating so deliciously, Xiao Guifei would occassionally wipe her mouth with a handkerchief.

Xiao Ting finally realized how much her aunt, who cared for her like a mother, really loved her.

This strengthened Xiao Ting’s conviction.

She had to be sure to solve this matter. Otherwise, she’d be sorry for this meal.

Afterward, Xiao Ting accompanied Xiao Guifei to tell jokes, and loud laughter would echo in the palace from time to time.

After the Emperor went to court and before his feet stepped into the door of the bedroom, he heard the magical sound of laughter inside, “Who’s inside?”

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