RTBAS 069: Arrogantly Investigating The Case

RTBAS 068: Virtue Is One Foot Tall, The Devil Ten Foot*

The Emperor frowned, his beloved, who was so sad and didn’t want to see him, was laughing and even laughed so wildly.

The maid outside the room immediately stepped forward and replied, “Replying to the Emperor, Jiu Wangfei is here.”

The Emperor understood and walked inside.

“I say, who’s so bold to shout and laugh in YaoChi Palance, it turned out to be you girl.”

As soon as the Emperor’s voice fell, an object flew in front of him, and was about to hit him on the head. The figure behind him flashed, kicked the object, and then flashed out.

This happened in an instant. Xiao Ting stared blankly, not reacting at all.

“Bold.” Before the Emperor recovered his senses, the chief eunuch next to him scolded coldly.

Xiao Ting was clever and shrank behind Xiao Guifei.

Xiao Guifei was very calm as she stood up and saluted the Emperor.

The Emperor glared at the meddlesome chief eunuch. He let the others wait outside, then helped Xiao Guifei up before saying, “Guifei looks good today.”

Xiao Guifei nodded and smiled, “It’s all thanks to Ting’er coming to accompany this concubine early in the morning.”

“Oh?” The Emperor glanced at Xiao Ting, who stood next to him like a pillar, then said: “I heard from Guifei that you, her niece, loves to sleep a lot. Why did you wake up so early this morning?”

Xiao Ting curled her lips secretly. Was she such a blind person?

Xiao Guifei was also surprised and looked at Xiao Ting.

“Ting’er misses Aunt Guifei and wanted to see Aunt earlier. When I greeted Duke Zhou last night, I asked him to let me leave early today.”

Xiao Ting very innocently replied.

“Hahaha…” The Emperor was amused by her words, “so you can say hello to Duke Zhou, really amazing, ah!”

Xiao Guifei also smiled.

Seeing Guifei talk to the Emperor, Xiao Ting moved quietly. She wanted to pick up the thing that fell just now, so as not to be seen by the Emperor and punish her.

Unexpectedly, she was discovered as soon as she moved to the front, “is that what you lost just now?”

Xiao Ting secretly thought: Why didn’t I read the almanac* before I went out?

*黄历, huángli: Chinese divination almanac

But she still came up with a weak reply, “Ting’er didn’t mean to hit the Emperor. Seeing that Aunt was not in high spirits, Ting’er wanted to make Aunt happy, so I just played with it, but the Emperor suddenly came over.”

“Aiyo, so I’m the one at fault? I shouldn’t have come at this time then.”

Although Xiao Ting stood there, her pair of clever eyes turned quickly. That weird appearance looked very pitiful.

“Come, present it, let me see what it is.”

Xiao Ting pouted, but still obediently picked up something from the ground and handed it over.

The Emperor took it, looked at it, then threw it aside uninterestedly, saying, “What is this?”

Xiao Ting explained, “This is a sandbag…” You haven’t even seen this, it’s terrible to have no culture.

As she said so while trying to escape, she smiled in delight when she heard that Commander Xu had come and asked for the Emperor.

When Xiao Ting heard that, she remembered that she hadn’t attended to her business yet.

And so, after the Emperor went out, she followed them outside, hiding behind the door frame, and secretly sticking out her small head, listening to what they were saying.

Xu Ting was here to report on the progress, but it happened a few years ago and the court ladies had changed many times since then. They couldn’t find anything back then, let alone now.

He couldn’t even figure out how the corpse got to the bottom of the lake and asked the Emperor to punish him.

When the Emperor heard this, he was also annoyed, and was ready to order him to guard outside the Palace.

At this critical juncture, Xiao Ting sneakily walked out, expressing that she wanted to participate in the investigation.

After hearing this, the Emperor only thought it was funny, “What does a little girl like you know? Filial piety is good, but investigating the case is not child’s play, don’t mess around.”

Xiao Ting was not convinced, “Emperor, let Ting’er try. Although my Aunt would smile, this incident is an eternal pain in her heart. You don’t want her to live in the pain of the past!”

“Furthermore, Tao Zhi’s body was found in the Palace, so the person who committed the crime must be deep in the Palace. If that culprit was deemed innocent, what other intentions do they have? You don’t want the things of that year to happen again, do you?”

How could the Emperor not know the seriousness of the matter? But to let a little girl participate in it would make him a laughingstock.

“A very clear and logical argument, but this is a matter of life and death, so don’t make trouble. If you have more time, go accompany your aunt. That’s enough for filial piety.”

Xiao Ting was speechless. How much did the Emperor look down on her? It was really annoying to be treated like a little girl.

Seeing that the Emperor was about to leave, Xiao Ting had to hand over the folded notes that Jiu Wangye gave her yesterday, “Emperor, this is from Jiu Wangye. Please have a look.”

The Emperor glanced and took it after seeing the familiar words. After reading it, his expression was wonderful.

He didn’t say anything for a long time.

Finally meeting Xiao Ting’s hopeful look, he nodded and agreed.

“Emperor, can you let Commander Xu stay and help me?”

Hearing that, the kneeling Xu Ting tightened his hold on his sword.

He listened to the Emperor’s voice above his head, “Alright, he’s more familiar with things in this Palace than you are and clearer on the case, so let him assist you!”

“Thanking the Emperor.”

“Thanking the Emperor.”

The two thanked him, one full of excitement, and the other full of gratitude.

Xiao Ting didn’t care about this. After the Emperor turned and entered YaoChi Palace, she jumped in front of Xu Ting and reached out to help him up.

“Get up quickly. The Emperor’s already gone.”

Xu Ting’s movements were very fast, and without seeing how he moved, the person floated far away, keeping a certain distance from her.

“I’m just talking to you, why did you jump so far? Showing off your martial arts to this consort?”

Xiao Ting looked curiously and there was envy in her gaze, comparing his skill and thinking about hers where she had to use a light rope to climb a courtyard wall.

Xu Ting looked at her coldly, “Jiu Wangfei, it’s time to investigate the case.”

He wanted to see what this charming little girl could find out.

Xiao Ting didn’t say anything and just let him wait here. She went in and bid farewell to Xiao Guifei before hurrying outside with Commander Xu.

They encountered Zhao Hua on the way, and the group of three once again entered the prison.

It’s still the same place. As soon as Xiao Ting arrived at the ice coffin, she saw Tao Zhi’s body still inside. She hurriedly stepped forward to tear off the charms outside the ice coffin.

“Ting’er, what are you doing?” Zhao Hua was very excited. When she came here yesterday, Xiao Ting said that she would definitely get the Imperial decree to participate in the case.

She didn’t take it seriously, after all, this was a murder case, not a trifling matter.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Ting really did it.

“You two, come and help!” Xiao Ting had been busy for a long time, but could only tear a few of them, so she angrily called the two watching from the sidelines.

Zhao Hua stepped back, “This Princess refuses.”

Xiao Ting rolled her eyes at her, “Coward, isn’t it just a corpse? Are you afraid of her?”

Zhao Hua snorted, “Who’s scared?”

“Since you’re not afraid, why are you hiding so far?”

“Also, don’t tear Commander Xu’s sleeves.”

Zhao Hua lowered her head and realized that she didn’t know when she’d grabbed Xu Ting’s sleeve, and quickly let go.

Xu Ting didn’t say a word as he approached. However, he didn’t help Xiao Ting as he said, “This was made by the master of Tianlong Temple many years ago. It’s useless for you to tear it like this.”

Xiao Ting heard that and stood up, then asked, “What kind of master, who is it?”

She had seen these spells before and thought it was used to seal the coffin or something else. Having heard that, it seemed like this wasn’t meant for Tao Zhi, but something else.

Xu Ting’s eyes went cold, and then said: “The master is an outsider. He left this ice coffin to suppress a corpse’s changing. This Tao Zhi’s body is weird, that’s why this one put her in it to prevent the body from rotting.”

Xiao Ting was speechless, what’s this all about?

Change? It’s been a long time since she died, her soul should have disappeared long ago, and the corpse was obviously processed by someone, how could it change?

Unless there’s a new soul in the body!

Thinking like this, Xiao Ting reached out to fish in the ice coffin. Xu Ting was about to stop her when Tao Zhi’s body was thrown out.

Xiao Ting clasped her hands and jumped in place, “My God, why is it so cold? This is like an ancient freezer!”

Tao Zhi’s body was thrown out but her whole body was still intact. She seemed to be asleep as Xu Ting laid her on the ground.

Jiu Wangfei, you…”

He was still admiring her courage but now he’s shocked. Xu Ting was a little confused.

Xiao Ting ignored him, shook her hand, and then squatted on the ground to play with the corpse. Zhao Hua didn’t approach, but seeing that the other two weren’t scared, she slowly approached, but still stayed by Commander Xu’s side.

“It’s indeed been dead for many years.” Xiao Ting stretched out her hand to press on the corpse’s stomach. Suddenly, her face changed drastically and she said, “Give me a dagger.”

Xu Ting handed a dagger over without saying a word. Xiao Ting opened Tao Zhi’s clothes, revealing a blue belly, then she cut Tao Zhi’s belly.

“Ah!” Zhao Hua exclaimed in fright and immediately backed away. Xu Ting was also taken aback. He didn’t expect Xiao Ting’s sudden move.

Jiu Wangfei, what are you doing?”

Xiao Ting ignored him and coldly said, “You guys get out.”

From Tao Zhi’s cut belly, black bugs crawled out, and soon covered her belly.

Xiao Ting raised her hand, and a few faint blue flames leaped from her fingertips. She reached out and pointed the flames straight into Tao Zhi’s belly.

A buzz sounded, and the black bugs burned and turned into black ashes.

However, the next moment, many more insects crawled out.

Xiao Ting stretched out her hand and pushed, “Hurry up.”

Xu Ting took the dagger thrown by Xiao Ting and pulled Zhao Hua out of the cell.

Because at this moment, Xiao Ting and the corpse were surrounded by blue fire and they were forced out.

“Ting’er, come out soon!” Zhao Hua was really scared right now. Seeing that Xiao Ting was still inside, she quickly called out to her.

Xiao Ting ignored her, squatted down, pinched one of the black bugs in her hand, and took a closer look.

Time passed bit by bit. Zhao Hua was relieved at seeing that even though Xiao Ting hadn’t stood up, the insects couldn’t approach her.

All the bugs that crossed the blue fire turned into ashes while the others were trapped inside. In a short while, Tao Zhi’s corpse was flattened at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Then it began to melt, and finally became a pool of black water.

RTBAS 068: Virtue Is One Foot Tall, The Devil Ten Foot*

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