41: Cary Is Praised

40: Excessive Resistance
42: No Longer Afraid Of This World

From Kurone’s character, it was possible to predict that he blamed Kuuga for encountering such a situation and wouldn’t reflect. For Kuuga, he didn’t want to care about these kinds of people and simply ignored them, but Gadillas couldn’t.

Gadillas, who looked at Kurone blaming Kuuga with his eyes, felt uncomfortable. At the entrance, he saw another person who was also uncomfortable with the situation.

“Oi, Heki, escort him.”

[…!? A mental attack…!?]

After realizing Gadillas’ intention, Kuuga was terrified.

Heki was a gentle man with a scary face. However, that gentle Heki, who had been Kuuga’s believer since that day, was quite angry at knowing what Kurone did… no, with that angry face…

It’s enough to kill a person! When Heki, with his vicious face, approached Kurone, Kurone went “hii~” and became blue in the face. The rate he’s dripping cold sweat was amazing.

The Royal Guard Knights, who’d been dragging Kurone until then, was frightened and immediately let go, so Kurone, who was suddenly grabbed by a vicious looking knight by his upper arm, couldn’t afford to stare at Kuuga. He had a face like he’s heading to his grave.

“Eh, that’s, Kurone…?”

It was Cary who passed by Kurone. Ada must have called him. He looked strangely at Kurone’s situation.


When Kuuga finally got to meet Cary, he was so happy that he ran to him. Cary also became brighter when he saw Kuuga.

“Divine Beast-sama! Long time no see!”

Cary went down on a knee and looked up at Kuuga, who slid up to him and rubbed against his cheek. As usual, Cary didn’t touch his body and just quietly accepted his affection.

When Kuuga was feeling good at having contact with Cary after a long time, even shaking his tail, his head was suddenly caught from behind.


“Kuuga, are you having an affair soon after getting married?”


Looking back, Gadillas was not in a bad mood, contrary to his lines. He sounded like he just wanted to try saying something like that.

However, even though it sounded like a ridiculous line from Cary’s point of view, he still stood upright and became flustered with a blue face.

“Waaaaa, I-I deeply apologize, Your Majesty. Uhm, that, this… n-not cheating at all…”


[Hmm, my ass. Don’t play with Cary.]

Gadillas was in a bad mood when he heard about Kurone’s deeds, but he’s overall in a good mood today. He’s not a guy who liked to tease people, but apparently, he found it interesting to see Cary flustered.

Kuuga subconsciously hit Gadillas’ shin with his tail while giving a tsukkomi. Gadillas looked down and knew what Kuuga wanted to say as he raised his lips in a smile.

Gadillas had become more expressive these days compared to when they first met. This was Kuuga’s first time seeing him look like a kid who succeeded in his prank.

That smile brought a spectacular effect in combination with his original features so that the people around them were stunned. Kuuga also fell in love with it.




Kuuga felt as if his child stood up for the first time, but he didn’t know what to say. Meanwhile, Gadillas’ hand, which was stroking Kuuga’s head, scratched the base of his ears with a delicate force, and his consciousness moved toward it. Ah, it felt good there.

Kuuga leaned on Gadillas’ hand as if saying “more,” so Gadillas scratched the same place a little more strongly. Kuuga was so comfortable that he closed his eyes unintentionally, and a happy voice leaked out from his throat. It was a blunder.

Though surprised by Kuuga’s reaction, Gadillas raised his eyebrows and smirked at how Kuuga narrowed his eyes happily. He then stroked here and there to find out Kuuga’s comfortable points.

In a sense, Kuuga and Gadillas created a world of their own while the nervous Cary and Ada faced each other.

“I shouldn’t praise you for not following your punishment and ignoring my instructions, but only this time, I will.”

“Ah, t-t-t-thank you very much…”

“It’s the Divine Beast-sama who’s grateful to you. And I also thank you for not starving Divine Beast-sama.”

“No, such a… I-I-I’m so h-honored…!”

Looking at Cary, who become flustered even after being praised, Kuuga and Gadillas gave him a gentle look that said he’s a hopeless guy.

40: Excessive Resistance
42: No Longer Afraid Of This World

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