64: Jihak’s Messenger

63: Meeting God Again 3
65: Kuuga's Baptism

After being left unattended, Kuuga returned to the courtyard like before with no answer to his questions, and sighed while confirming that there’s no one around him this time.

[At the very end, she said something outrageous…that guy…]

Before returning here, Merdechalan dropped a ridiculous bomb that she’d forgotten to say.

[I can’t die except when I wished for it…huh.]

She said that the Divine Beast, also known as God’s messenger, couldn’t be harmed by the people or things in the lower world. It felt good not to be able to die, but it was overturned by what was added after that.

――but, the king will die.

Originally, Kuuga intended to protect Gadillas, but if that failed, Kuuga would live alone without being able to die. He hated it and vowed to protect Gadillas. He would have happily hit Merdechalan, but he was returned before that.

[Anyway, I have to tell Gadi about this…]

If Kuuga was in danger, Gadillas would worry, so it’d be troublesome to have poor sword skills.

On the other hand, even if Kuuga hid Gadillas, if he knew that he would not die, Gadillas wouldn’t have to worry.

He wanted to see Gadillas’ face right now. Forgetting what he was worried about and complained to Merdechalan, Kuuga started running to the office.

As he headed to the office while scaring the people around him, Heki, who noticed Kuuga, approached Kuuga with his usual face.

“Kuuga-sama…! It’s good that you’re back, we were waiting for you!”


When he tilted his head, thinking that they’re exaggerating, he remembered that he had gone to the floating island in an instant. Moreover, it’s a situation where he disappeared in front of Gadillas and Uros.

Is this the pattern of making him angry again… he sighed involuntarily.

“Uhm, Kuuga-sama… actually, a messenger came from Jihak and His Majesty is now in the audience hall. If Kuuga-sama returned in the meantime, we were instructed to guide you.”

[Gadi is meeting people without me…!?]

Gadillas, who didn’t trust other people aside from the people chosen by Kuuga and was trying to stay inside the castle to not meet other people as much as possible, said that he’d meet with a person he’s meeting for the first time even when Kuuga wasn’t there? This made Kuuga terrified.

He couldn’t understand Kuuga’s words, but Heki laughed since he could tell just by looking at his reaction. He then guided Kuuga to the audience hall.

It wasn’t the audience hall he first went to. This time, he was guided to a place he didn’t know because he entered a different place from before.

Heki, who entered first, came back and urged Kuuga to enter.

Gadillas was sitting on the throne while Uros stood diagonally in front of him. The Royal Guard Knights were standing on the walls. One man was on one knee a few meters in front of Gadillas and seemed to be the messenger from Jihak.

The messenger looked frightened, but he seemed more surprised as he stared at Kuuga. Kuuga could see that he didn’t expect the Divine Beast to appear in this place. Kuuga wondered why that was.

Gadillas, who saw Kuuga, relaxed his tense expression and seemed a little relieved. Kuuga wondered if he was worried after all. Or was it so hard to confront the messenger?

“You’re back, Kuuga.”

[Oh, I’m back.]

When he approached Gadillas, his expression was tight and his hands outstretched to pat his head as if to show off. Gadillas then looked back at the messenger with narrowed eyes.

Oya, you seem quite surprised… didn’t I tell you earlier that the Divine Beast just went out for a bit?”


When Gadillas pointed that out, the messenger looked away from Kuuga as if he was surprised.

Ah, he read too much into Gadillas’ remarks… Kuuga could see his dismayed gaze. He didn’t know the reason why the Divine Beast was mentioned, but when he heard the reason why Kuuga wasn’t here, he seemed to have guessed that there’s some reason why he wasn’t shown to the public. That’s why he’s so surprised to see Kuuga.

“I deeply apologize… I was a little surprised because the Divine Beast of our country is always humanized.”

It said on his face that he just desperately thought of an excuse. He moved his left ear to convey it to Gadillas. The right was “true” and the left was “false”, which was a simple signal decided for such a case. However, it would sometimes move freely, so it could be a confusing signal.

“Ahh, that’s right. Because he’s often in this form. Isn’t it cool?”

“Eh, y-yes… but could Divine Beast-sama humanize?”

“When he wants to talk, he’ll humanize.”



“…you mean now? But, he’s naked when he humanizes…”

“N-no…t-that’s not what I meant…”

Kuuga wondered what this conversation was about. It seemed like the messenger was ordered to see the humanoid figure of Kuuga. As if they’re suspicious of something. Somehow, he stumbled from the beginning trying to find out and failed brilliantly. Is this messenger okay…?

He could see that this man was looking down on Jihak’s Divine Beast, but also seemed quite confident. What did he come here to do in the first place? Did he come here to provoke a conflict?

When Kuuga was tilting his head, Gadillas offered him some paper to see.


Simply put, they will unveil the King and the Divine Beast to neighboring countries, so come with the Divine Beast! Something like that was written.

Did they send such a rude messenger to make them go meet them? This made him emit a growl from his throat.

Seemingly hearing it, the messenger’s shoulder shook with a jerk while Gadillas stroked his head to calm him down.

“Calm down. It’s just an invitation. You’re free to refuse.”

The messenger raised his face with a scared expression at Gadillas’ words. Gadillas simply coldly looked at such a messenger.

“――did I say that I would go?”


“Did all the surrounding countries force the king?”


“No, if it’s the usual. I’ll show you, so show me yours too. It’s quite a rough invitation, isn’t it? It looks like he’s very confident in his beast.”

Under Gadillas’ intimidation, the messenger’s face turned blue, but that condescending attitude didn’t fade. Gadillas, a witch’s child, and Ragra’s Divine Beast, whom they didn’t hear much rumors about, and Jihak’s Divine Beast, who was as beautiful as a God. It seemed like such feelings were born because of those rumors.

Jihak also achieved the feat of suddenly stopping the war without any sacrifices and obtained a Divine Beast without any oracles. The feeling that they’re special seemed terribly strong.

On the other hand, Ragra’s Divine Beast seemed to have appeared, but didn’t appear in front of the people. Even his terrifying appearance that looked like a demon beast was spreading in the rumors.

――it might be unavoidable that this happened.

Apart from that, Jihak was Jihak and Ragra was Ragra, they didn’t even try to compare with them. Even though they’re both called Divine Beasts, their appearance, abilities, and personality were completely different. Kuuga could be said to have an abnormal soul, but it didn’t matter since he’s strong.

Gadillas didn’t seem to be particularly dissatisfied with Kuuga, nor did he feel envious of Jihak, nor did he want to immerse himself in a sense of superiority.

However, it seemed that this was not the case on Jihak’s side. It’s a hassle.

“Ragra will give you a substitute.”

“This is the end of the audience. Please go down.”

At the conclusion made by Gadillas, Uros declared the end shortly afterward. Gadillas stood up without waiting for the messenger to go down.

“…please wait! Are you going against Jihak…!”


[What is this guy talking about...]

The strength of Jihak only depended on them having a Divine Beast. In terms of national power, Ragra was superior. What do they think their advantage was to Ragra, who also had a Divine Beast?

Being looked at like a fool under the eyes of Gadillas, Uros, and Kuuga, the messenger was angry as if he had blood on his head.

[This guy, perhaps it’s an arbitrary decision…?]

The one chosen by the Divine Beast shouldn’t be this stupid. It’s possible that there’s just a few options because the candidates were not mass-produced like Ragra, but the King who ended the war without bloodshed only did it because they had the favor of a Divine Beast. He couldn’t have thought that he could go against Ragra with just those conditions.

But it was the king who wrote the invitation letter. He didn’t think that someone who would end the war would be such a warlike person. Maybe he’s the type that didn’t think deeply…? Was he not blessed with good subordinates?

“Uros, send a protest to Jihak. Heki should send this rude guy “outside”.”

[Mental attack again…!?]

Rather than working hard to prepare a guest room in the castle, it seemed like Gadillas had decided to drive him out. That would be a matter of course.

The messenger opened his mouth as if to complain, but when he saw Heki, his face turned blue and he easily became mature. He felt sorry for Heki for using his face, but Heki seemed to be happy that his face was useful, so Kuuga couldn’t say anything.

It couldn’t be helped if they thought that Jihak was picking a fight with Ragra by sending such a messenger. It seemed like the messenger ran his mouth on his own, but it’s also possible that he was sent here just for that.

Kuuga sighed since he didn’t know much about the relationship between Jihak and Ragra and couldn’t judge the situation since he didn’t know much about Jihak. He then went out of the audience hall while following Gadillas.

63: Meeting God Again 3
65: Kuuga's Baptism

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