ACDWL 005: Increasing Guilt

ACDWL 004: Not Just A Child
ACDWL 006: Captain of the Third Corps

The man taking care of me seemed to be in a great position.

I don’t know the details because there are many things I don’t understand yet, but everyone’s saluting him.

The other people also call cat ears the same way rabbit ears did.

In other words, it seemed like rabbit ears is also a subordinate of cat ears.

He might be closer in position since he’s less afraid than the others.

Since that rabbit ears guy didn’t seem to call cat ears by name, the others should be calling out his job title.

And compared to cat ears, what they called rabbit ears was different by only one word.

Seeing as they’re a well-organized group, they might be part of the military.

For his position, cat ears might be the Captain and rabbit ears the Vice-Captain.

Without rabbit ears, cat ears took me to a large house.

I asked a lot to learn the language.

I was also taught how to write simple things such as names and numbers.

Cat ears never showed me an annoyed face.

Usually, it’s not strange to hate it when taking care of the troublesome guy that can’t understand the language and costs extra money.

Did he like children?

But there weren’t any children in the town.

There were some other creatures, but no child beasts.

What does that mean?

I don’t even know why they looked at me with a surprised face everywhere I go.

Because I have no animal ears?

Because I have no tail?

Because I have no scales?

Or is it because cat ears is with me, a kid?

That’s probably one of the reasons.

If there were other reasons, I wouldn’t know.

This world’s language is difficult to pronounce, and it sounded like lisping to everyone.

My appearance was also young, so I could only smile at that.

But even cat ears couldn’t pronounce my name well.

Aoyama Kou.

“Like the Rainbow of the Blue Mountains* poem!?” they’d often say.

(*Rainbow of Blue Mountains: literal translation of Aoi Yama no niji where ‘Aoi Yama‘ = blue mountain and ‘niji‘ = rainbow. Note: Another pronunciation of Kou’s name is Aoyama Niji. I have no idea if there’s really a poem titled that in Japan.)

According to my mother, who gave me that name, it means “to become someone like a rainbow (bridge) that connects even the sky.”

…but I’ve never done that before.

I’ve never been a mediator, and I don’t want to poke my head into such a hassle in the first place.

I’m that kind of guy.

I don’t want to go too deep into others.

I don’t want to be known.

A weak relationship is enough.

…at least, I thought so.

Cat ears is kind to me because I’m a kid that couldn’t speak their language.

I don’t think he would have given me this kindness if he saw me in my original form.

I feel like I’m deceiving him.

So I tried to tell him that I’m 18 years old many times, but it hasn’t been transmitted to cat ears yet.

But now I want to stay like this.

If I’m thrown out now, I won’t survive.

I used the kindness of cat ears to survive.

Cat ears, who knew nothing, treated me kindly because he thought I’m a child.

That’s why I have to learn the language as soon as possible, so that cat ears didn’t need to take care of me.

If I pretend to be a child like this, I would be provided with a safe place.

I will be given everything, and I will live without any inconvenience.

If I continue deceiving him, it could be done.

But I wonder if I’m that kind of person.

I, have to go.

If there’s a facility like an orphanage away from cat ears, I would have to go there.

I don’t think I can get a job right now.

In this world where there are only muscular guys, even I didn’t seem capable of doing any work in my original form.

Cat ears said something about my chair.

“**, that’s not necessary.”

Indeed, even when I sit on cat ears’ lap, it’s still hard to reach the food on the table.

In other words, cat ears will prepare a chair for a child, and rabbit ears seemed amazed by such an attitude from cat ears.

“**, ***.”

I stood between his knees, hugged cat ears, and stroked his head.

I tried saying one of the words he said to me.

From the mood, it should be “great”, “amazing”, or “good boy”.

What I just said was a word that means something like “good boy”.

Since I’m a child, I can be told such words, but this might be taken as an insult to a grown man.

However, I haven’t learned the words for “thank you” and “sorry” yet.

So I could only think of that.

“Kou, ***.”

The same words were given to me.

“What are you talking about? I’m deceiving you. If you know who I really am, you won’t take care of me.”

My words were incomprehensible to cat ears.

“*? ****?”

Maybe he asked, “what’s wrong?”

When I have a dark face or ask a question, he’d always say those words.

After all, cat ears is a good guy.

“I’ll tell you someday. Until then, let me enjoy your kindness. I’m sorry.”

I almost cried.

I’m so cunning.

It’s equivalent to trampling on the good intentions of this guy.

Cat ears said something in an impatient voice.

I want to cry and cling to him, so I closed my eyes to suppress it.


Calm down, just say something that means it’s okay.

“****. …**.”

He shouldn’t be worried.

I tried to smile, but cat ears distorted his face.

(Why are you so kind?)

Maybe because he’s in a higher position, he felt obligated to protect and care for me.

Rabbit ears also had a delicate face while looking at cat ears and me alternately.

While ignoring their eyes, I ate the meal while asking what it’s called.

Although it’s great overall, I’m not that picky.

Even in Japan, some food’s made using alternative materials.

I’m glad it’s not something I couldn’t accept.

After finishing the meal, I was picked up by cat ears again.

The reason was simple. I’m barefoot.

There seemed to be no clothes or shoes for children, and cat ears always said “tomorrow”.

We’re supposed to buy it tomorrow.

He bought a cloth today, but now I’m wearing that cloth.

I wore it like a bathrobe.

Does that mean children’s clothing wasn’t available in this town?

Was there any reason why there were no children in the town?



We returned to cat ears’ house again.

By the way, he said “tomorrow”, but didn’t cat ears have to work?

From his position, he should be of high rank.

What should I do if cat ears go to work?

If I follow, will I get in the way, or would I be house sitting?

Will someone else teach me?

I’d be grateful if it’s someone who would patiently teach me, like cat ears.


When I was called by my name and looked up, I was patted again.

Does he like children?

He’s a handsome guy and seemed to be in a high position, so he shouldn’t be troubled for a partner.

Did he wish he had a child?

…or is his ideal too high?


He’s saying something.

Cat ears acted immediately after saying something, making it relatively easy to understand the word’s meaning.

In the meantime, I’ll try to imitate the pronunciation many times.

If I made a mistake, he’d tell it to me again and again, so it’s faster to remember.

I wouldn’t be able to learn so quickly if not for cat ears’ care.

(It’s a bath!)

It seemed like he’s talking about a bath earlier.

But was it okay for cat ears to get wet?

He seemed to be different from the “cats” on Earth. Are they not related?

I’m still not sure.

I knew it’s a country of beastmen, so there might be customs that only beastmen could understand.

Maybe I wouldn’t be able to understand everything in this world.

…well, before that, I won’t be able to say anything unless I learn the language.

I’m not particularly smart, and I’m not interested in learning about different cultures.


While I was thinking about such things, the cloth was peeled off before I knew it, and I was put in the bath.

I don’t know if it’s because of habit or my fault, but I felt a little hot.


Cat ears often talk to me, but was he the type that didn’t like silence?

I was told a word I haven’t learned yet, so I couldn’t understand it.

Even in the bath, I was put on his lap.

As expected, his body is full of muscles.

Although he looked like a soldier, he can’t be this buff without training. Is he doing a dangerous job?

Is there a war?

But I didn’t feel a murderous atmosphere, and people other than rabbit ears were cheerful.

Are they waiting for the enemy to come?

Or is he just not showing me that kind of atmosphere?

…as expected, I can’t be sure.

Well, I just arrived today, so I’ll be able to understand it later.

…or rather, can I find a way to go home?

I want to know why I shrank and why I came to this world.

Just why, did I came to this world like this?

ACDWL 004: Not Just A Child
ACDWL 006: Captain of the Third Corps

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