FG010: Who’s More Ruthless

FG009: Right and Wrong
FG011: Heartless Injustice

Lamb skewers, roasted sweet potatoes, and a handful of popcorn were the highest standards that could reward these brothers. The money spent was a little painful, and these bunch of straw bags finished it quickly. Still he didn’t see any people go out.

A handsome guy named Wang ShenXiu, who came with him, couldn’t bear it anymore. It was too cold, so he asked after throwing away the sweet potato peel: “Yu’Er, if they haven’t gone out yet, they might not come out. Let’s come back tomorrow.”

“Hey, you, Traitor. After eating with your front foot, you slip on your back foot. Just wait.” Yu Zui was not happy.

“Then what if I can’t wait? It’s been two hours. When a gentleman takes revenge, tomorrow is not too late. Are you freezing us brothers just for this?” Li ErDong said. Because he was called ErDong, his classmates call him “Lao Er”. As soon as Doubao agreed with Lao Er, he suffered through Yu Zui’s glare. Seeing that his troops’ morale was low, Yu Zui explained: “Brothers, this matter must be resolved quickly. I don’t know the reason now, but what if another group comes to clean me up tomorrow? What if I’m not in school?”

“Right, Yu’Er, you didn’t do bad things outside, did you?” Dong ShaoJun said, suspecting that the problem lies on Yu Zui.

“No way, can I do something bad and not call you?” Yu Zui blurted out, complaining about their foresight.

That’s right, the brothers nodded. Whether it be drinking, playing cards, shopping and walking around, including going to art school to see beautiful girls, they all went in a group. Everyone had always talked about teamwork. Most of the money won by Mouse and Doubao from fooling the new students was divided up as public funds.

“They came out. That’s the one Yu’Er kicked in the nuts.” Mouse’s sharp eyes were the first one to notice. With one glance, they saw two of the three people come out. It’s estimated that they were hungry after tossing for a few hours, and the two of them went out to buy food at the school gate. As soon as Yu Zui motioned, these police academy cadets acted like they were taking arrest classes. In twos and threes, they quickly dispersed while moving in a big encirclement.

Mouse picked up a few pieces of sweet potato peels and held them quietly; On the other side, Yu Zui pulled his hood and lowered his head. It was close to nine in the evening. The group of small vendors on both sides of the road near the school gates had bright lights and the aroma of various foods drifting out. The two frustrated men, who came out of the security department, complained that they really had bad luck. Fighting with other schools and making trouble for their University had always been smooth sailing. But when they ran into the police academy, not only did they put on the hat of peeping into the women’s toilet, but they were also given a training session by the University’s security department. If it wasn’t for the sake of Jie Bing who was rich, them brothers wouldn’t lose their notoriety.

The two of them had just left the pancake stand when someone suddenly whistled. One turned his head and saw Yu Zui standing at the school gate. Shocked, he quickly pulled his companion. When the two looked at him, Yu Zui rubbed his hands and with a cry, he pulled out a stick and ran towards them viciously.

Those who attacked first wins, that’s how these two were taught. The two of them had been beaten up not long ago, so with a wink, they ran away, one on the left and one on the right. They didn’t dare to run into the school and ran straight out on the street. Seeing this, Yu Zui chuckled. He didn’t chase at all. He slowly walked and put the stick back. The direction they ran was just like falling into a trap.

The one on the left ran less than ten meters, when he was stopped by Mule. Mouse tsked and put the sweet potato peel to his mouth. He didn’t shout but four or five people squeezed to the wall went forward. There’s always no reason for students to fight. If you’re caught, you’ll be beaten to death no matter what. After a few punches, Mouse grabbed him and asked, yo, just be honest and confess right away.

The one on the right ran a little farther and when he looked back, he saw no one chasing him. He just gasped in relief when unexpectedly, his eyes went black and his head was covered. His chance to run was gone. Doubao didn’t get to fight in the afternoon, so he was more energetic. He kicked the man more before asking him to confess.

It happened very quickly. When someone on the side noticed something unusual, the troublemakers of the police academy had already separated, each one going in different directions and running faster than the fight. After a long time, when someone went up to see the person who was beaten in the dark, they were stunned. A big man with snot and tears on his face was crying: “Too bully…too bully.”

There were a lot of sympathizers from the sidelines. To beat a baby likes this, ah, it was too much. His shoes were thrown away, his belt was also pulled and feces were on his mouth. The two crawled out and couldn’t find their shoes everywhere. They wanted to cry and that pitiful look was enough to win the sympathy of the small vendors. The mutton skewer stall owner handed toilet paper and said: “Baby, wipe it…”

They sympathized, but fights in school were not uncommon. Anyway, they’re all for bullshit reasons. The person from the University’s Security Division, who heard the news, soon interrogated the victims and understood the situation. He called the Security Division of the police academy, and shouted: “The students in your police academy are too loathsome. Look for the students who came to beat our students.”

“Absolutely impossible. Talk about the evidence, ah. If there’s none, that’s all slander.” The police academy’s Discipline Committee told them to get lost if there’s no evidence.

Police academy students who fought had inherent advantages. Not only was their fighting power strong, it’s also impossible for them to leave a handle for the others to grasp. Internal fights would be dealt with seriously, but as for the fights outside, if you can’t hold anyone, the police academy’s Discipline Committee would never admit it.

It could lead to a lawsuit but no one knew for sure who to blame. In desperation, the Security Division notified the parents.

After the people in the scene dispersed, no one noticed that two men of thirty years, who had nothing to do with the onlookers, quietly put away the hidden camera. They walked a short distance and got into a humble car parked on the side of the road. Inside, the driver smiled and said: “I thought there was a case. Why should we monitor fighting among students?”

“Aren’t we going to increase our police force this year? Maybe Chief Xu is testing them.” The other said.

“No, just to see how they beat up those two?” The driver asked. He smiled when he thought about the process, and straightforwardly said: “Let’s scram, too. Once our targets get too far, we won’t be able to monitor them. Not to mention, these guys are swift, very suitable for our kind of work.”

“Them covering their tails is also suitable for our kind of work. Like covering the head to leave no witness. Taking off the shoes and removing the belt to prevent them from being chased. Back in school, the seniors taught me those things, so it can’t be wrong. All those fucking little bastards are really from the police academy.” The other said, and the two of them laughed.

After a while, the video was passed back to Xu Ping Qiu’s hands. He watched it again, and felt both angry and funny. This bunch of rascals used their usual training tactics like catching suspects, all for fighting. It seemed a bit too late to remedy it. He drove back to the University of Engineering, and sat in the Security Department for a long time. When he came out, he was sullen and said nothing.

At this time, Yu Zui, who rushed back to school before the investigation, was also sullen and angry at the truth.

It was Jie Bing, and the reason was very simple. Just because he accidentally bumped into An JiaLu this morning, and that Yu Zui was so casual about his sexual harrassment. However, he didn’t expect this to be the reason for being tagged by Jie Bing.

Speaking of Yu Zui, this was a person whom you can’t find any good points. However, if you compare Yu Zui with Jie Bing, the brothers, who were also full of shortcomings, would still support Yu Zui. Jie Bing was not very sociable. Indeed, he’s a person with good living habits and rarely interacts with these group of classmates who would drink, smoke, snore, fart, or grind their teeth when sleeping, even sweat from time to time. He didn’t even talk to them because they don’t have artistic vision in his opinion. In addition, his family situation was really good, and he occasionally drove an Audi to school. Although he was chasing the police academy’s flower, the two next beauties were chasing him. This was an environment where most people would have no chance to pick up girls but this guy was surrounded by so many girls that he was hated by this group of bachelors.

“Sooner or later, let’s do it tonight. Let’s beat him up in the dark until he’s incurable.” Mule was vicious and straightforward, with also a bit of revenge.

“To off him, aren’t we being too cruel? Besides, Yu’Er didn’t suffer a loss and it’s overall a gain.” Doubao was not so courageous in school and felt it was too much.

“That’s right. He’s rich. Don’t go below the belt else our group will be overthrown.” Traitor, Wang ShenXiu, said. No matter what, they’re still students, they don’t have the ability to clean him up.

“Hey, Yu’Er, you’re also at fault in this. You look more stubborn than I am, what are you thinking to rub the beauty of others? If it was me and there’s a man who bumped into such a beautiful girl and ate their tofu, I’ll also arrest his mother.” Li ErDong smiled. This was a man who aspired to be a judge, so his viewpoint was different from the others.

That’s right, there’s such a fellow. Mouse sticks out his tongue and licked his lower lip, then said: “It would be nice if I’m the one who ate her tofu. I’d enjoy it. I don’t care what happens afterwards… look, even Yu’Er is fantasizing.”

Yo, it’s weird. When the brothers looked at Yu Zui, he really was thinking deeply like the thinker. While leaning on the broken bed, they don’t know what he thought but he snickered. Beauty An was everyone’s fantasy lover, but the only one who could attract her eyes might only be Jie Bing. Yu Zui, after being teased by everyone, felt that he deserved that tofu, so he didn’t feel wronged. With his code of brotherhood, the angry Yu Zui didn’t scold these bad friends.

No one really cared about this matter. After joking around with Yu Zui and blaming all this on his head, he pulled on the quilt and laid down on the bed, before ordering the guests:

“Get out of here. Go to sleep if you have nothing to do. Who do you think I am? It’s too easy to get rid of Jie Bing.”

“If you blow it, none of us brothers will support you even if you get beaten up.” The Mule, Zhang Meng, said.

“That’s right. I just ate some popcorn and sweet potatoes. If you want us to help you beat up Jie Bing, you have to give at least a few hundred to us brothers.” Li ErDong said.

“Forget it, if the poor don’t fight the rich, the people don’t fight the officials. Yu’Er, just pretend to be confused and let this pass.” Dong ShaoJun roughly knew the big picture and persuaded Yu Zui.

Yu Zui didn’t appreciate the advice, staring at him like he had grievances against the world. I wouldn’t be called Yu if I didn’t clean that guy up, so leave me alone. See how I clean that bastard up, so that he becomes obedient.

This statement was so bullish that the brothers felt ashamed for him, saying a sentence or two before leaving. Li ErDong, who lived in the same room, wanted to persuade him again, but seeing Yu Zui becoming thoughtful, he shut his mouth. Yu Zui was the youngest in the class, but he’s more opinionated than the oldest. If he said that he wanted to do something, he’s not bragging…

FG009: Right and Wrong
FG011: Heartless Injustice

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