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“…oi, Maito, what’s that?”

“I just got it from the maid dolls just now.”

The maid dolls bowed all at once. Is that a salute for someone going to their death?

“You’re not thinking about erasing the lava with that silly thing, are you?”


Somehow, everyone other than Homura-kun started to hold their heads.

“…wouldn’t the duster burn before you can use clean?”

“I won’t know before I try.”

Once I do it, I might acquire the skill [Fire Extinguisher]. …Homura-kun said that fire and lava are different things, so it’s suspicious, though.

But well, you won’t know until you try!

Whether the duster burns first or the lava disappears first! Or maybe I’ll burn to death first! Hahahahaha!

That’s why I came here, in front of the flowing lava.

Of course, if I just went by myself, I would burn to death. So Hagasaki-kun is doing his best to become an air conditioner.

“Hey, if you’re going to do it, do it faster. Do you want to waste my MP?”

It’s also troublesome for Hagasaki-kun, so let’s try it quickly. A giant duster was shaken toward the lava…and ignited.

“Wa-, wa-, [Clean]!”

In a hurry, I waved the duster to somehow activate a [Fire Extinguisher] skill, it’s also to prevent the giant duster from burning out.

…I expected this!

Even if I stayed there, it’s just a waste of Hagasaki-kun’s MP, so we came back immediately. The maid dolls patted and comforted me, some of them even repaired the burnt giant duster.

“As expected, lava is not fire, so that’s what it means.”

Probably. A [Fire Extinguisher] skill can only extinguish a fire, and cannot be simply triggered by any hot items.

“Make the duster out of heat-resistant materials…!”

“A duster that wouldn’t melt in lava isn’t a duster, right?”

…ceramic duster? Yeah, that’s definitely not a duster.

“What if you [Dye] the duster?”

Ahー, it’s worth a moment to think about it. But anyway, it seemed better to continue this tomorrow.

It seemed like Homura-kun would sleep with us today, so when I tried to give my futon, the maid dolls stopped me.

Rather, the maid dolls were already sleeping on the futon I was using. When I saw the maid dolls sleeping in the futon from end to end, it looked like a kotatsu or something. I wouldn’t be able to confiscate my futon, so I made a new futon. I feel like I haven’t made futons lately.

And I’m on Ketorami-san…when I was about to sleep, I noticed something.

Ketorami-san seemed okay with it, but I can’t stand this temperature.

The inside of the classroom was much cooler than the outside. I wonder if the classroom itself has such a correction. Well, that’s why I’ll try sleeping indoors today…yup, that’s right. My futon was already taken by the maid dolls.

However, I don’t have the energy to make another futon. I managed to get rid of the maid dolls and decided to sleep in the corner of the futon.

…this should have been my futon…

Good morning. Today’s breakfast is Japanese. The reason was that Homura-kun hadn’t had miso soup for a long time.

Rather, I would like this person, who lived on lizard meat, to eat delicious food, whether it’s with rice or bread.

While cooking the rice, I took a look at the recipe notes regarding [Clothes Manufacturing] in my head.

…can I even add fire resistance or something like that? I thought so and searched for something similar, and there it was.

However, the material needed was [Fire Dragon Scales]. …impossible!

Therefore, the dream of obtaining fire-resistant dusters disappeared…

I ate breakfast dejectedly. Homura-kun was once again impressed and ate well. He’s so lively so early in the morning. Yup, yup, he ate a lot.

When I reported about the fire-resistant duster, I got faces saying, [Ah, as expected]. I-I see, as expected? Was it at that level!

“I was wondering, since I was in charge of air conditioning yesterday, what if I cool the lava and harden it first. Can you [Clean] it Maito?”

Ah, a blind spot. Is that so, you can just cool the lava normally. Then I can wave the duster normally. Yes, but…

“Just in case, I want to ask, but, wouldn’t it burden Hagasaki-kun?”

In other words, the air conditioner person and the cooling person is the same, right?

“Seems so.”

…well, the person himself said so, and it’s not like the location of the study room has not been considered. It seemed like the range of cooling and hardening wouldn’t be that wide. Then maybe I could go.

The others also voiced their support, so I decided to go and see it as soon as we finished eating.

So I once again came before the flowing lava.

“Then, once I cool it, can Maido go from there?”

…wait a minute, I just noticed.

This, this…isn’t this difficult? In other words, [shave the rock while being aware of the boundaries of things I don’t know]. …w-what to do? U-uhm…but, I still have to do it.

Hagasaki-kun did his best to solidify a part of the flowing lava, so I went there and concentrated on it, then shook the duster to [Clean] it. I had the image of excavating fossils since I have to scrape a thin film at a time, and then repeat that many times.

…if I accidentally [Cleaned] the classroom, I won’t be able to laugh if that happened!

“Maito! Go back!”

As soon as I hurriedly retreated from the hardened lava at Suzumoto’s voice, a tremendous amount of heat struck me. Uoh, w-what?

“…all members retreat, Toriumi!”

“Yessir, [Transfer].”

When I returned without knowing what happened, Hagasaki-kun was tired.

“MP consumption is too intense…what’s with that?”

Apparently, it consumed a tremendous amount of MP to just cool and harden the lava. Moreover, it’s probably extra hard because he doubled as the air conditioner.

“Maito, how was it?”

“It’s difficult since I have to shave it while being aware of the boundaries of things I don’t know.”

When I said that, everyone made a difficult face and thought about it.

So far, it’s the most realistic method, so Hagasaki-kun’s MP consumption and my lack of skill were fatal. In particular, Hagasaki-kun wanted to do something because he seemed to have other ideas.

When Hagasaki-kun recovered, President decided to do his best this time.

For the time being, it’s easy to forget since this guy had been using only poison lately, but he could also use earth magic.

If it’s cold and hardened lava, was it possible to manage it with earth magic, such were his thoughts.

“Then, do it briefly, otherwise, it’s more likely to fall again.”

Originally, Hagasaki-kun was not that strong. Although the correction made him quite superhuman, I wonder if the physique we’re born in wouldn’t change. As expected, this should be painful. He looked pale.

“Yes, then thank you.”

When President got ready while holding his staff, Hagasaki-kun cooled and hardened the lava like before. Then, President made a hole in it with earth magic. It seemed like he’ll know if he hit the classroom, so we looked at them with confidence. But as expected, Hagasaki-kun’s limit came first.

Because there’s no helping it, Toriumi [Transferred] again and rescued the two.

Hmm…I think it’s good to solidify then do something about it.

Hagasaki-kun looked to be in a dangerous state, so we let him lie down and we had another strategy meeting.

“How about someone other than Hagasaki-kun learn ice or water magic?”

“I think that’s a little difficult. I just remembered that no one has the magic aptitude for water or ice other than Hagasaki-kun…”

I wonder.

President had already started moving towards poison, while Katori had been making out-of-this-world items recently and was moving in the direction of destroying the fantasy world setting more and more. Kariya could only use light magic.

“At the very least, it’s okay as long as they can pour water.”

The moment Suzumoto-kun said that, the maid dolls, who were fanning Hagasaki-kun or squeezing cloth with cold water to put on his head, suddenly reacted.

…yup, I can already imagine. It’s that, right? Would they bring it?

…and that prediction was right. A few seconds later, the maid dolls presented me with a watering can.

…yup, yup, okay, I’ll try again.

Hagasaki-kun didn’t seem useful, so I left him.

It’s really hot right now. It felt like my skin was burning. I want this to become a skill already.

“Ah, Maito-san, it’s okay now, so please!”

I asked Kariya-kun to activate [Ark]. This is a versatile defense skill that prevented all kinds of damage.

…why do we have to do something like this?

With the watering can, I poured water on the lava and the water evaporated at a tremendous rate as if trying to steam me.

…stop, stop! This, if something attacks, I won’t be able to fight it!

So, thanks to [Ark], I was able to concentrate on pouring water, but it’s no good.

No matter how much I cool it with water, it’s like a drop in the bucket. Somehow, this was not something that could be managed with just a watering can.

Because there’s no helping it, I withdrew once again. I’m sorry that Kariya had to waste MP, but…it’s also a waste of mine so please excuse me.

“Yeah, what’s happening?”

“Betting if diving on magma will lead to skill acquisition.”


Hey, hey, you shouldn’t do anything irreparable.

“I really wish the classroom could float on the lava.”

Then, wouldn’t the classroom flow with the lava?

“I wish the lava was transparent.”

It must look beautiful.

“Better yet, the classroom should grow some feet and have it come out on its own.”

It’s a unique idea. I’m sure it’d be cool to drive a classroom with eight legs.

“…it might melt in an instant, but it might be possible to make it grow feet.”

…President seemed to have come up with something.

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