Maid Chapter 067

Maid Chapter 066

Author’s Note:

There are slightly painful descriptions.

Please be careful if you’re not good at it.

President seemed able to grow feet under the classroom, so we experimented around the area.

“[Rock Pole].”

Hoh, I see, a rock pillar grew from the ground.

“This will grow rock pillars from the ground beneath the lava so we could find out if there’s a classroom.”

In other words, if the pillars come out normally, the classroom wasn’t there. And if there’s a classroom, it wouldn’t come out, or the classroom would be lifted and look like it had grown legs.

“The question is how long it could withstand the lava.”

“We just have to try it.”

In the first place, there might be a situation where the rock pillars would melt before they come out.

With that in mind, we waited for Hagasaki-kun’s resurrection, then challenged it again. Thanks for your hard work.

“Waitー, I was in that area and facing over there, so I wonder if the study room is in that area.”

Based on Homura-kun’s strange and easy-to-understand explanation, we reconsidered and decided to lift that area.

I tried a wider area a while ago, but I didn’t have enough MP, so I decided to narrow down the location.

…yup, I’m surprised at the amount of MP needed against the lava opponent.

[Cleaning] wood or trash didn’t have much difference though.

“Then I’ll go from here to there. For the time being, if the classroom is lifted, lava might overflow, so please be careful.”

Hearing President’s warning, I hid behind Hagasaki-kun. I can’t escape far, so there’s no choice but to hide behind someone who could deal with the lava like this…

“[Rock Pole].”

Looking at the flowing lava, a rock pillar appeared, and after a few seconds, it melted and broke, then sank into the lava.

“Is this a success?”

“You’re right. Let’s go like this. Is your MP okay?”

“It’s okay. I hadn’t done anything until a while ago.”

As soon as he said that, President grew rock pillars from the bottom of the lava river one after another and began to look for a classroom. Good luckー.

There was a change in the tenth pillar.

“It wouldn’t come out.”

It seemed like the pillar didn’t come out at its intended position.

“…it wouldn’t come out.”

The result was the same even when they waited and tried several times. The pillars couldn’t come out.

“Hey, does this mean the classroom’s over there?”

“No, maybe it’s just stuck with something.”

While saying that, everyone was excited and their expectations became uncontrollable. President then made eight pillars appear all at once.

And it finally appeared. Its appearance wasn’t burnt or melted at all even though it’s been in the lava. It was the familiar study room.

…rather, I’ve never used the study room since if I wanted to study something, I’d either be in the living room at home or at a corner of the library.

But it didn’t stop there. When the classroom came out, the lava overflowed towards us. I’m not hurt because Hagasaki-kun prevented the lava with [Ice Shield]. It seemed like the others avoided it. Sure enough, it’s suspicious if these guys are still humans…

And while doing so, the lava melted the pillars until it broke and the classroom returned to the lava once again…then the lava splashed around which everyone avoided, again…

…yeah, we found the classroom in this way…but it takes a few seconds for the pillars to melt and we have to somehow pull the classroom off the lava in that time…

Moreover, while avoiding the splashing and overflowing lava.

“Uhm…maybe I could float the classroom with wind magic?”

“Rejected because the lava will splash around.”

If there’s enough wind to float the classroom, it would definitely splash the lava, so Katori’s wind magic plan was rejected. On the contrary, it’s also possible to get the lava coming over to go back.

“Can we harden the lava?”

“That’s the best way at the moment.”

That’s why President would lift the classroom again and during that time, Hagasaki-kun would solidify the lava underneath it.

“Then, here I go, [Rock Pole]!”

“[Ice Shield]!”

“[Erase Beam]!”

It became different after a meeting. This time, President would lift the classroom, Hagasaki-kun would solidify the lava in the meantime, and Katori would erase the flying lava. Yup, it had been erased.

And that’s how we managed to bring the classroom on top of the lava! Yay!

“Wait, move the classroom soon. My MP isn’t inexhaustible.”

T-that’s right. Even now, Hagasaki-kun’s continuously using ice magic to prevent the lava from flowing.

During this time, we have to quickly search the classroom, find the jewel and go outside.

That’s why everyone started searching. I entered the study room. And then. …there was a very strange sight.

There are people, sleeping.

“Uwaー, what’s this?”

Hariu poked the sleeping people, but they didn’t wake up at all.

“Um, is it a skill?”

“…wake up…looks like it’s useless.”

We decided to give up because everyone wouldn’t wake up no matter what we tried.

Anyway, we have to move the classroom at the moment.

…but if we turn the classroom into a jewel, the people inside would be taken out as it is. And if left untouched, they’d sink into the lava.

It couldn’t be helped, so I ended up looking for the jewel in the classroom while the others managed to get the sleeping people out.

…because I don’t have the strength or correction to lift and carry people!

I searched for the jewel while the others carried those who were sleeping in a hurry. Hmmm, not here, where is it? If there’s a shelf, it might be there, but…

As I was searching around, I found it stuck to the back of a desk at the very back. Why is it in such a place? Can’t it be in the middle?

Alright, all I have to do is take this and go outside. It seemed like the transportation of people is over since everyone’s already out.

I’m the last one. Why’s it always like this?

I thought so as I tried to open the door.

Okay. It didn’t open.


F-for the time being, calm down! Let’s get out from the window at such times!

There was a curtain on the classroom window, but when I opened it and looked out, there was lava.

…there’s lava.

It’s lava that shone red. It’s really lava. Why. Why!

I-is it because Hagasaki-kun’s MP ran out? Is that why the classroom sunk? Yup, I feel like that’s what happened.

However, I’m not in trouble here! Fufufu, I have [Transfer]! From here, I can [Transfer] outside while holding the jewel! Fufufufufu!

…aside from that, first of all, I have to ask for information. What’s the [Correspondence] bracelet for? Ahー, this is bad, as soon as I got flustered, various things left my head.

“Hello, someoneー, please explain the situationー”

[Maito! Can you stay there for a while!?]

However, Suzumoto replied in a terribly impatient voice.

“That’s fine, but what happened?”

[A big lizard came out of the lava! Currently, we’re engaged in a battle using the ceiling of the classroom as a foothold!]

…w-what did you say?

Using the ceiling as a foothold meant that the classroom had been raised to the extent that the ceiling was above the lava. Hagasaki-kun or President? Is it Hagasaki-kun because it’s more stable? If so, are they moving above the ceiling to save MP?

In any case, if I’d [Transferred] right then, they’d have fallen into the lava. Ahー, that’s good. Glad I asked first. It’d be terrible if I just went outside. That was dangerous.

…for the time being, I activated [Prayer Song] and [Wish Song]. …but Hagasaki-kun’s [Water Mirror Song] never appeared. I think that’s the most effective at this time.

Since there’s no helping it, I have no choice but to do my best.

Somehow, when I sang a cool song, a sky blue pattern unexpectedly appeared at my feet. Hmm, did it work because the purpose and image were clear?

…so, at this point, I had nothing to do. All I can do is wait.

Although we got a classroom this time, I still can’t help them. As expected, I can’t do anything else. I’m sorry.

After waiting for a while, the bracelet finally glowed.


[Hello, Maito-san, come out soon. There’s not enough recovery role.]


When I hurriedly [Transferred] and went outside, the classroom disappeared and I saw the jewel in my hand, which was good.

The problem was the seriously injured people in front of me.

Everyone looked terrible because of various burns and injuries, but the worst was Hagasaki-kun. He’s burnt. Or rather, he had no part intact.

It seemed that Katori was desperately curing him with [Cool Breeze].

Kariya seemed have healed Suzumoto, who looked to be in the worst shape, and fell due to running out of MP. He was also a mess.

“Maito-san, can you do something with [Treatment]?”

Katori, who had become the only recovery role, looked exhausted and has a bad complexion. Is he at his limit?

“If it’s a cut or something, though it’s not that good, I can hasten recovery.”

This is not something [Treatment] can handle since it’s at the level where it’s suspicious if he’s still alive. I think we needed something more.

And so, I rejected it even without using [Appraisal].

…there’s no Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in this world, right? Or rather, emergency avoidance should apply, right?

“Hariu! Bring the medicine that’s the prize at the gladiator competition! It’s on the shelf in the lab!”


Throwing a jewel to expand the lab, Hariu searched for the remedy.

I don’t know what kind of medicine it was, but since it’s a prize, I’d be in trouble if it didn’t work.

“Katori, once you have the medicine, please do something about it. [Share].”

And I will do what I can. It’s probable, but I think [Share] can be used in various ways. I think it’s not just the consciousness, memory, and vision that can be [Shared].

For example, life?

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