RTBAS 042: No Flower Can Bloom For A Hundred Days*

RTBAS 041: This Consort Does Not Pity The Fair Lady*
RTBAS 043: Those Two Are Fishy

*No flower can bloom for a hundred days = Good times do not last long

Xiao Ting didn’t understand the affairs of the harem, but she had watched a lot of dramas in her previous life. How could she not understand these royal secret histories?

The Xiao family had no background, so the Emperor was willing to spoil Imperial Concubine Xiao, and even the Empress had to give her some face.

This was the grace given to her by the Emperor, so Imperial Uncle Xiao’s inactivity was excellent in the eyes of the Emperor.

But now, as everyone knew, the Third Prince was highly valued by the Emperor. With the Crown Prince undecided, no one knew who would get it.

Right now, if their Xiao family insisted on going to the Third Prince, then that meant they have other intentions.

The most important point, Xiao Ting didn’t say. Why did Imperial Concubine Xiao, who dominated the harem, still had no children.

Was it her choice or the Empress’ intention?

Or was it the Emperor’s order?

“What do you know? Don’t just talk nonsense here.” Xiao Ya saw that everyone was silent, so she blabbered out.

This time, the old lady raised her head and glared at her. She shrank her head and never dared to say anything again.

Imperial Concubine Xiao stood up. She glanced at Xiao Ting approvingly, then sighed and said, “There is no flower that can bloom for a hundred days. In this harem, it’s more important to be favored and not be surprised. If the situation changes, no one knew what will happen the next moment, right?”

“Alright, mother, you all go back. Let Ting’er stay with me for a while.”

Imperial Concubine Xiao rubbed her eyebrows, and the maid next to her immediately stepped forward and escorted her to the inner rooms.

The old lady took the lead. Everyone got up to salute and then retreated.

Before leaving, the girls all looked at Xiao Ting with envy and jealousy while the old lady looked complicated.

Xiao Ting accepted their gazes one by one and even returned a few arrogant looks.

Entering Imperial Concubine Xiao’s inner room, Xiao Ting was amazed by the magnificence and dignity exuding from the decorations. People like her, who had never seen the world, could hardly imagine that this royal family could be so extravagant.

The floor inside was paved with white stones, and though she didn’t know what kind of jade it was, stepping on it gave her a warm and comfortable feeling.

The supporting columns were polished smooth stone pillars engraved with a pair of birds flying close together (*two hearts beating as one) which was very vivid and lifelike.

The qin, chess, calligraphy, and paintings were arranged in four directions, and there’s also a stage inside which was quite unbelievable.

No, she must remodel her room when she goes back.

Xiao Ting walked around and exclaimed a few times, making Imperial Concubine Xiao cover her mouth and chuckle.

“Imperial Concubine Aunt, you let Ting’er stay, but can Ting’er tell you something fun about life outside the Palace?”

The Imperial Concubine waved her hand to make the court ladies retreat, and only then waved to Xiao Ting for her to approach.

“You, now that you’re married, you only know how to play.” Imperial Concubine Xiao held her forehead and laughed blankly.

Xiao Ting sat down on the low chair in front of the soft couch, then leaned against the Imperial Concubine’s legs. She looked at her and said with her lips curled.

“Isn’t it because Aunt wants me to marry? Ting’er didn’t want to marry at first since it’s nice to be free.”

Xiao Ting spoke to the Imperial Concubine in the tone of the original host. Although she was happy in her heart, she made a very innocent expression on her face.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Although Jiu wangye is not a good match, he’s more than enough to match you.”

Xiao Ting pouted her lips. Obviously, in everyone’s minds, she was a social climber who married Jiu wangye.

But that fact was also true.

“Yes, yes, Aunt is right.”

Seeing Xiao Ting so indifferent, Imperial Concubine Xiao asked.

“How are you getting along with Jiu wangye?”

“Very good, ah!” Xiao Ting waved her hand indifferently, but her face was full of joy.

Seeing this, Imperial Concubine Xiao opened her mouth but didn’t say anything.

She already knew that Xiao Ting and Jiu wangye didn’t share the same room.

She wondered if she should mention it but seeing the contented smile on her niece’s face, Imperial Concubine Xiao felt that, if nothing else, she’s still young, so they’ll talk about it in two years.

She also had to see if Jiu wangye‘s body was as bad as the rumors. If two years later, he’s still like this, then she’ll think of a solution.

Seeing that Imperial Concubine Xiao wanted to say something but stopped, Xiao Ting thought for a while.

“Imperial Concubine Aunt, Ting’er wants to ask you a question. Can I?”

“Ask it!” Every time Imperial Concubine Xiao saw her blink innocently like this, she felt very happy.

Xiao Ting organized her thoughts but still couldn’t figure out the right words after a while. Finally, she could only ask innocently: “Why didn’t Aunt give Ting’er a cousin?”

Hearing that, Imperial Concubine Xiao’s face suddenly sank, and then she seemed to think of something. Her face became a bit hideous, then slowly calmed down.

There was mist in those phoenix eyes.

“Aunt, did Ting’er say something wrong?” Xiao Ting asked cautiously.

Imperial Concubine Xiao, at this moment, was no longer the woman spoiled in the harem with feminine grace.

She sighed, and there was deep sorrow in those unusually charming eyes.

“God has destined that Aunt will have no children in her fate!”

Those tangled, sad, painful, determined, love, and hateful emotions all changed in an instant.

In the end, Xiao Ting could only say this.

Because she didn’t understand, “Ting’er doesn’t understand what you mean. Can you tell Ting’er?”

Xiao Ting could see that Imperial Concubine Xiao was really concerned about her.

So she wanted to know more about the Imperial Concubine.

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