RTBAS 043: Those Two Are Fishy

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RTBAS 044: Meeting Ghosts in Broad Daylight

Imperial Concubine Xiao didn’t say much. She just shook her head and touched her head before saying, “Ting’er is still young. When she grows up, Aunt will tell you about it, okay?”

Xiao Ting whispered: “I’m not young anymore, I’m now a mother.”

Hearing this, Imperial Concubine Xiao chuckled, “Aunt made a mistake. Our Ting’er is already a mother.”

“How are you getting along with young prince Yun?”

When she mentioned this, Xiao Ting became excited and began to talk to Imperial Concubine Xiao about the recent events one by one.

“Aunt, don’t you think children are fun?”

Imperial Concubine Xiao didn’t answer, but said with a somewhat complicated expression: “It seems that this marriage where you’re in charge of your own wangfu is not a bad thing for you.”

“By the way, Aunt, I saw a woman in the Royal Garden just now with an eight years old little boy and she seemed to know Jiu wangye. Do you know who she is?” Xiao Ting remembered what happened just now and felt a little uncomfortable.

“There are so many people who knew Jiu wangye in the Imperial City. Why did this lady attract Ting’er’s attention?” Imperial Concubine Xiao felt it was a bit funny.

Xiao Ting curled her lips, “Ting’er didn’t think there was anything at all, but even though it was not Yun’er’s fault, Jiu wangye asked Yun’er to apologize for that woman. Ting’er felt upset when she heard that, so their relationship must not be so simple.”

“Besides, I’m not stupid. Those two people are flirting with each other and looked suspicious.”

Xiao Ting hmphed.

Imperial Concubine Xiao didn’t even think about it, and said perfunctorily, “Do you want aunt’s help to find out who that woman is? Also what relationship she has with Ting’er’s husband?”

Xiao Ting nodded seriously: “Then thank you, Aunt!”

In this way, Imperial Concubine Xiao thought that she was jealous. But in fact, Xiao Ting just felt that the woman was hostile to her, so she must figure out the identity of the other party, so she wouldn’t suffer in the future.

When Xiao Ting left the Inner Palace, Imperial Concubine Xiao told her that she must cultivate a good relationship with young prince Yun and take root in Jiu wangfu.

Xiao Ting was puzzled, but she also understood that doing so was for her own good.

After Xiao Ting returned to Jiu wangfu, she directly asked the Housekeeper where the wangye was.

On the way back, she couldn’t figure out why Jiu wangye would treat his son like that.

She felt that she should go and seek justice for the little prince Yun.

It’s a pity that the Housekeeper told her that Jiu wangye didn’t return to the wangfu at all, and he didn’t know where he went.

So Xiao Ting turned around and went to look for the two little ducklings.

As soon as she walked to the door, she unexpectedly found these two little ones sitting together reading a book.

“Oh, the sun must have risen from the west for you two to get along so peacefully!”

As Xiao Ting walked in, she saw Hong Shao and Lu You fanning the two of them.

Wangfei is back, so do you want to eat?” Hong Shao knew that the first thing her wangfei want when she came back must be to find food.

Xiao Ting waved her hand. She sat down in the main seat, and then looked at the two little friends: “Bring some fruits here.”

“Sister!” Xiao Xin greeted her with a grin.

Chu Yun sat aside, seemingly studying seriously and ignoring her, but in fact, the books were upside down and she hadn’t noticed it.

Xiao Ting glanced at it and asked, “Does Yun’er know the lady from before?”

Speaking of this, Chu Yun immediately reacted, raising her head and looking at Xiao Ting. There were still water stains on her eyes at this moment.

“Don’t know.”

“Then you dare fight with other people’s sons. Are you not afraid that those people are someone your father can’t offend?” Xiao Ting asked. Could it be that she guessed wrong? If Jiu wangye had nothing to do with that woman, that pitiful acting fair lady must be delusional.

Chu Yun stood up arrogantly, and said disdainfully, “Why would this prince be afraid?”

Then he murmured: “That kid is so disgusting at first sight, but father actually scolded me for him.”

Xiao Ting originally planned to explain to her, but unexpectedly, someone suddenly reported that Lady Yun was here.

Hearing this, Chu Yun immediately put down the things in her hands and ran out.

Xiao Ting heard Chu Yun’s voice from outside, “Aunt Lan, you finally came to see Yun’er.”

Then came the words of the little fairy Yun Lanzhi.

“Now that Jiu wangfu has a mistress, and you now have a mother concubine, it’s inconvenient for Aunt Lan to come over often to disturb. If Yun’er wants to see Aunt Lan, you can go see Aunt Lan!”

“But Yun’er has a lot of books to memorize and has to learn martial arts. Father will not let Yun’er go out easily.” Speaking of this, Yun’er was a little unhappy.

“Okay, okay, it’s all Aunt Lan’s fault, so let’s not talk about it. I will take you to see your mother concubine, okay?”

“Where is father?”

“Your father is already waiting for you at the Imperial tomb, so let’s go over now!”

One big and one small voice faded away as if they didn’t remember that there’s a hostess in the house.

The listening Hong Shao and Lu You felt a little uncomfortable.

Wangfei, what do you think wangye means?”

Xiao Ting threw a grape in her mouth and said indifferently, “What do you mean? Jiu wangye took his son to see his dead wife. Is there anything wrong?”

“But shouldn’t they tell you where they went? No matter what, you’re the wangfei of this wangfu.” Hong Shao was impatient and said directly.

Lu You patted her hand and motioned her not to say anything.

Only then did Hong Shao remember that this was not Imperial Uncle’s fu. Afraid there’d be many eyes and ears, and if it spread to Jiu wangye‘s ears, they would suffer.

“Just tell me. Do you want this consort to go see her deceased love rival I have never met?”

Xiao Ting hated dealing with dead people the most.

“Then, wangfei, let’s go to the garden to see the flowers!” Lu You felt that Xiao Ting was not as indifferent as she appeared on the surface, so she immediately suggested.

Xiao Ting’s eyes roamed around for a few times, then she suddenly asked, “If Jiu wangye and young prince Yun is not in the wangfu, the Housekeeper should have left too. Then this wangfu is this consort’s world, hahaha…”

After Xiao Ting finished speaking, she strode out first, telling Xiao Xin to stay here by himself and not run around.

W-Wangfei, what do you want to do?” Hong Shao and Lu You asked while following closely, fearing that she would cause some disaster.

RTBAS 042: No Flower Can Bloom For A Hundred Days*
RTBAS 044: Meeting Ghosts in Broad Daylight

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