RTBAS 044: Meeting Ghosts in Broad Daylight

RTBAS 043: Those Two Are Fishy
RTBAS 045: Interrogating "Ghosts"

Xiao Ting turned her head mysteriously and made a silent gesture to them.

“Let’s go hunt ghosts.”

The three women braved the scorching sun and jumped around Jiu Wangfu. While hiding here and there, they soon arrived at JingHua Garden where Jiu Wangye lived.

Wangfei, what are we doing here? Wangye has explicitly forbidden you to enter.” Hong Shao reminded in a low voice.

Lu You looked around, then said: “There are two guards guarding the door. I don’t know if there are secret guards inside. It might not be easy for us to get in.”

Xiao Ting winked at them, then pulled their heads together. The three of them stood together and muttered for a while.

Then, Hong Shao reluctantly walked out.

“Come ah, help ah, there’s a thief in the wangfu, and wangfei has been abducted.”

Hong Shao stumbled forward, shouting in horror as she ran, then waved to the two guards at the gate of JingHua Garden.

The two guards glanced at each other and both recognized her as the maid beside Xiao Ting.

“You there, stop.” The two guards blocked with both hands, and Hong Shao was stopped outside.

Hong Shao reached out and slapped the arms of the two guards, shouting: “Wangfei has been abducted. I’m going in to tell wangye, yet you dare stop me?”

She yelled with a high-pitched voice while poking her head in.

Although the two guards stopped her, they didn’t dare go too far. One of them said, “Wangye is not in the wangfu, so don’t shout.”

“Not in the wangfu? Then what will happen to wangfei? Could it be that she’ll be taken away by the culprits?” Hong Shao didn’t believe them at all and insisted on breaking in.

The two reluctantly said: “Where is it? We’ll go and see.” They have received the order that today wangye, the little prince, and the housekeeper was not in the wangfu.

Now that wangfei was abducted by thieves, although they didn’t believe it, they still have to go and see. If something really happened, they really can’t afford to take the blame.

“You guys, are you experts?” Hong Shao asked questioningly as if she didn’t believe them.

“Hong Shao, Hong Shao, have you found wangye? Wangfei is gone, what are you still doing here?” Lu You came out and ran to their side anxiously.

Seeing this, Hong Shao quickly said to the two guards: “Well, hurry up.” After that, she went to meet Lu You.

Seeing them leave, Xiao Ting didn’t come out but made a gesture to Lu You from the dark.

Lu You took a deep breath, then walked slowly into JingHua Garden.

She opened the gates but no one came out to stop her. She walked to the inner doors and still, no one came out.

She came back to report to Xiao Ting and talked about the situation inside. Only then did Xiao Ting flick the dust from her body and walked inside. When she reached the gate of JingHua Garden, she suddenly turned back and said.

“You two are less troublesome. Show this wangfei some face and look after those two guards. Remind me if they come back, okay?”

After speaking, she walked inside.

Ah’Da and Ah’Er were hidden in the dark. The two looked at each other, both showing bitter smiles.

It seemed like wangfei was not as lawless as in the rumors. She’s still very careful.

She just wanted them to guard the door for her and conceal it from wangye. Just that, this was a bit unnatural.

Xiao Ting didn’t care what they thought and walked inside with Lu You.

Lu You walked in and walked around.

Wangfei, why does this servant feel a bit cold?”

Xiao Ting sneered in her heart.

According to what the original owner and Xiao Xin saw, there were at least three ghosts hidden here, so how can it be not cold? The wind might just be chilly, so how could Lu You know?

Otherwise, this was meant to scare her.

As the last descendant of the Profound Sect in the 23rd century, although Xiao Ting lived here very comfortably, she still didn’t forget her responsibilities.

After knowing that there were three ghosts hidden in this JingHua Garden, she had been itching to figure out what was going on here.

It’s a pity that Jiu wangye stayed here all day, and she was not allowed to enter. There’s no other way. Today, with all the important people away from the wangfu, she finally had the chance to come in.

The whole house was full of books. Xiao Ting pouted her lips. She didn’t expect the wangye to actually be a book lover.

Wangfei, let’s go out. There’s nothing good to see here. If wangye knew about this, afraid he’ll blame you again.” Lu You was proud, but in this JingHua Garden, there’s an aura that made her extremely uncomfortable. As if there were eyes staring at her in the dark.

Making her especially uncomfortable.

“What are you afraid of? It’s just that there are few people living here, so it’s gloomy.” On normal days, Jiu wangye would live alone here and even Chu Yun rarely comes in.

The servants were also not often in the courtyard, so it’s strange that he’s alone in such a large courtyard.

“Oh, oh, wangfei really knows so much.” Lu You could only say that, but she didn’t really relax.

She suddenly felt a gust of wind behind her and she let out a cry of surprise.

She quickly turned her head, but found nothing. Xiao Ting deeply felt that it’s a mistake to bring her in and immediately let her out.

However, how could Lu You abandon her and leave? She shook her head and cheered herself up to continue walking inside.

While muttering, evil spirits begone, evil spirits begone.

Xiao Ting saw that and felt that she was too cute.

The two of them entered the inner room, opened the curtains, and entered. This was another room full of books and nothing else.

Xiao Ting closed her eyes, silently sensed for a while, then turned back to Lu You.

“You just stand there and wait for me, don’t go in.” Lu You nodded. This is wangye‘s bedroom, how would she dare go in?

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