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RTBAS 051: Shocking Secret (2)
RTBAS 053: Third Time In The Palace

“You also go. I don’t know if you can reincarnate, but after all, this world is not somewhere you can live in for a long time, otherwise, I don’t mind sending you on the road personally.”

Xiao Ting was the last disciple of Profound Sect in her previous life. Its purpose was to maintain the peace and law of the yin and yang realm.

Even when she transmigrated here, her responsibilities and obligations still exist.

“You woman, you are his wangfei, so why don’t you save him? Why are you so cruel?” The black mist surged up and down, and out came a woman’s voice with deep hatred.

Xiao Ting blinked and said, “Everything in the world has its own determined fate. You have left him in this world like this which has damaged his yin virtue. It’s uncertain whether he will have a next life. Don’t twist my words and force your logic here.

“You said that I harmed him, how could I harm him?”

“You are really unreasonable. When did I say you wanted to harm him? I just said that your actions are not right, so, I don’t want to talk to you anymore, just go!” Xiao Ting didn’t bother paying attention to it. The ghost wasn’t making any sense here and even treated her as a fool.

“No, I won’t go. I want to save him. I will save my son.”

Son? Xiao Ting’s eyes opened wide in surprise. What’s happening here?

“You, did you just say he’s your son?” Xiao Ting pointed to Jiu Wangye next to her with a look of surprise.

Aiya, this was simply the world’s biggest news.

The black mist in front of her, which was neither human nor a ghost, was the birth mother of Jiu Wangye, Concubine Yan of the late Emperor.

It was said that Concubine Yan was the younger sister of the King of Yan country, one of the five countries and ten provinces.

After giving birth to Jiu Wangye, she died from losing too much blood and was buried in the tomb along with the late emperor.

Why is she here?

But even more surprised than her was YuChi XinHan.

Originally, he was listening to Xiao Ting talk to herself, and couldn’t understand what she was doing.

Suddenly hearing such words at this moment, his eyes looked at the black mist. Although he couldn’t really see it, his eyes became hot.

“Concubine Yan?”

“Is it really Concubine Yan?” YuChi XinHan stepped forward and grasped Xiao Ting’s hand to ask.

Xiao Ting gave him a kick and pushed him away.

Then she looked at the self-proclaimed Concubine Yan, “Well, are you really the mother of Jiu Wangye?”

After getting an affirmative answer from the other party, Xiao Ting drove YuChi XinHan out to guard the door, and then she and Concubine Yan talked for a long time.

When she came out, the stars in the sky had faded away and the moon was sinking to the west, ushering in the boundless darkness before dawn.

YuChi XinHan saw her come out and jumped down from the tree, his eyes full of joy.

“Hey, can you really see ghosts? Is it really Concubine Yan? What did she say to you?”

Facing YuChi XinHan’s excitement, Xiao Ting rolled her eyes.

“What does it matter to you?”

After saying so, she strode away.

She knew that YuChi XinHan would stay here, so the safety of Jiu Wangye was not a problem. She needed to go back to sleep because the amount of information was too large and she needed to recharge.

“Hey, tell me, why are you leaving?”

YuChi XinHan stretched out his hand, watching helplessly as Xiao Ting staggered out.

The old housekeeper had already regained consciousness. Under YuChi XinHan’s gesture, he had been waiting outside the courtyard. Seeing Xiao Ting come out, he immediately greeted her.

Wangfei, how is wangye?”

To Housekeeper Mu, he was still very polite to Xiao Ting even when she grabbed her messy hair. She said, “His situation is a bit complicated. I will talk to you when I wake up.”

“Ah, that…” Housekeeper Mu just said a few words then saw Xiao Ting leave while staggering.

Only leaving him with her tired back.

There’s no other way, she was his master, so he couldn’t extract a confession and could only go to YuChi XinHan. However, even YuChi XinHan couldn’t tell him anything. The two of them sat there staring at the comatose Jiu Wangye lying on the bed.

Xiao Ting slept directly for two days and two nights.

On the third day, she became hungry.

Hong Shao and Lu You watched her eat and drink with anxiety. They wanted to persuade her but didn’t know what to say.

In the end, they could only shut up. Seeing that Xiao Ting kept on eating and drinking, Hong Shao stepped forward and said: “Wangfei, Housekeeper Mu is outside and asked to see you.”

Xiao Ting patted her forehead and said: “Let him come in! You all go out and guard outside.”

Hong Shao had never seen her give such a solemn order and knew that something big must have happened. After all, wangfei was in a bad mood when she came back from JingHua Garden the night before.

Housekeeper Mu came in and saluted, then looked at Xiao Ting anxiously.

Xiao Ting didn’t rush to say anything, but walked back and forth, thinking about how to tell him.

What happened that night was so bizarre that even if she said it, he wouldn’t necessarily believe her. Moreover, some things couldn’t be explained clearly.

For example, after YuChi XinHan left, Concubine Yan told her that she didn’t die from losing too much blood, but from others framing her. But as to who framed her, she herself didn’t know.

She also told her not to tell Jiu Wangye. She only hoped that he could live well.

Jiu Wangye was stillborn. At that time, someone told her that if her life was exchanged for the life of Jiu Wangye, then her son would survive.

Concubine Yan didn’t like Emperor Xian. She only married Emperor Xian because of her own country, so for her, the most dearest was this son whom she had in her belly for ten months. As for the others, she didn’t care at all.

And so, she exchanged her own life for Jiu Wangye‘s life.

But despite this, the conditions were not enough. In the end, the man found three souls and confined them in a jar, saying that as long as the three souls nurtured Jiu Wangye for 20 years, then Jiu Wangye could live until 20.

But if she wanted him to live longer, then she’d need another sacrifice. Xiao Ting listened, knowing that this must be the life-changing technique that the master had mentioned. Even though she couldn’t understand it, she was surprised that there were people in this era who understood this.

However, even Concubine Yan didn’t know who that person was.

Wangfei, is wangye okay? Why hasn’t he woken up?” The Housekeeper half-whispered. Seeing Xiao Ting not speak but just pace back and forth, he took the initiative to ask.

His words and his eyes were full of concern.

Xiao Ting twisted her brows and said to herself: “What an annoying old ghost!”

“He’s fine. He’ll wake up in a few days!”

“Really?” The old housekeeper was full of surprise, then he knelt down and kowtowed to Xiao Ting.

Xiao Ting was ashamed and quickly held him up.

With a guilty conscience, she didn’t even dare look into his eyes, “You go down first. This consort keeps this one’s promises!”

Originally, she wanted to tell Housekeeper Mu about these things, but seeing the old man at such an age, she was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to stand it. In the end, she chose not to say anything.

Aiya, really so annoying!”

When Hong Shao came in, she saw Xiao Ting looking impatient and pacing around the room, as if she couldn’t wait to bore a few holes on the ground.

Wangfei, what’s wrong? What’s upsetting you?”

Hong Shao and Lu You were brought into the wangfu by Xiao Ting. Now that Lu You took care of Xiao Xin, Hong Shao served Xiao Ting personally.

Xiao Ting tilted her head and pouted her mouth, looking at her with a distressed expression.

“Come here and I’ll ask you something.”

When Hong Shao saw the childish appearance of her wangfei, she suddenly felt it’s a bit ridiculous.

“I remember that your mother died when you were very young. Do you miss her?”

Hong Shao’s eyes reddened and she nodded fiercely.

“Of course, every time I think about her. I don’t remember what my mother looked like since I was a child then, but I still miss her very much.”

“Then, if you knew that she was killed by someone, would you want to know this and avenge her?”

Hong Shao stepped back a few steps and looked at her in surprise. Her eyes became red in an instant, “Did you say that my mother was killed by someone? Who killed her?”

Xiao Ting was dumbfounded. Thinking that this metaphor was not appropriate, she quickly calmed her down by saying, “That’s not it, I mean if…aiya, your mother was not killed by someone, I’m just making an analogy.”


Seeing that she’s not in that mood anymore, Xiao Ting waved her hand and told her to step back.

She laid down on the soft couch, stretching her arms and kicking her legs while groaning in anxiety.

“Then should I say it or not? I want to tell, en, but isn’t that breaking my promise? But if I don’t say it, it’ll be really annoying and my conscience wouldn’t take it. What should I do?”

And so, she started to roll around on the soft couch.

Yi, did that person leave?

As soon as Xiao Ting thought of YuChi XinHan, the person arrived.

Hong Shao came in and reported that YuChi XinHan came to see her.

Xiao Ting invited him to the viewing pavilion.

“Seeing wangfei‘s troubled look, can you talk about what happened that time? I am wangye‘s friend.”

Xiao Ting had already asked Housekeeper Mu and knew about the relationship between YuChi XinHan and Jiu Wangye.

“If you really want to know, don’t regret it, okay?”

Xiao Ting’s mysterious expression made YuChi XinHan feel a bit anxious.

Still, he nodded.

And so, Xiao Ting talked about the ins and outs of the matter to YuChi XinHan.

What? Jiu Wangye was originally a stillborn child, and he was raised with a soul’s power until he was twenty.

In order to save him, Concubine Yan lived with him for twenty years.

Then there weren’t just three ghosts around him, but four.

What’s going on here?

Before YuChi XinHan could react, Xiao Ting was already far away with her explanation.

In fact, in YuChi XinHan’s opinion, that night might have happened too suddenly, or maybe it was because Xiao Ting’s act was too supernatural.

So at that time, he actually believed that Xiao Ting knew the story of Concubine Yan.

But after two days, he repeatedly thought about it and became convinced that Xiao Ting was pretending to fool him.

However, saying something like this again was absolutely absurd.

What did this girl want to do?

If other women knew of such things, they would definitely tell their husbands as soon as possible, or for the sake of their husbands, they would simply not say anything and hide the secret to the end.

But Jiu Wangfei was fine with telling him, an outsider, everything.

Did she think he’s very easy to fool?

And so, YuChi XinHan didn’t take it seriously.

Nine days passed in a flash. These days, Xiao Ting spent her days with the two little beans. She ate grapes under the grape trellises and looked at their homework.

It was a very pleasant time.

Housekeeper Mu came to see her again that day, and Xiao Ting allowed it. Who would have thought that upon seeing her, the first sentence of Housekeeper Mu was to actually ask why wangye didn’t wake up after a few days. Nine days had already passed, but wangye hadn’t woken up yet. What’s going on?

Translator’s Notes:

Yup, it’s official, it’s YuChi XinHan. Also, the chapters got way longer than I expected. It’s easily two to three times longer than the previous chapters.



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  1. Hehe~ This way she won’t be the only one to hold the burden(Concubine Yan’s wish)….Or did she not tell him? Did she tell Yuchi Xinhan that Concubine Yan was framed? The novel did say that she told him the ins and outs of the story, but Yuchi Xinhan didn’t react to it.

    Well, the MC did give me the impression that she doesn’t care about some things but is still a responsible person. So, I guess she didn’t tell Yuchi Xinhan about the framing part?

    If she told him but did not tell him about Concubine Yan’s wish, he might have just thought of it as something normal. I mean, framing and stuff is normal compared to those supernatural things she told him.

    If she did this, then, she didn’t break Concubine Yan’s wish(To not tell Jiu Wangye about the framing) and there is a chance for Jiu Wangye to know about his birth mother’s grievance. Well, the ball for the latter was passed onto Yuchi Xinhan. At least she did something in Jiu Wangye’s favor, it’s not her fault if the news doesn’t get to him; it is Yuchi Xinhan’s fault for not telling Jiu Wangye.

    This is my guess because it wasn’t too clear on this chapter. What I do know is that she doesn’t seem burdened by it after talking to Yuchi Xinhan about the ins and outs of that situation.

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