RTBAS 053: Third Time In The Palace

RTBAS 052: Something Big Happened
RTBAS 054: Overlord Clause

Xiao Ting knew that Housekeeper Mu had invited the Imperial doctors to come over. As for what the Imperial doctors said, she didn’t care.

Obviously, the old white-bearded men couldn’t see anything wrong at all, so they just prescribed a bunch of tonics or something.

So at this moment, Housekeeper Mu took the time to find her.

She said it’s just for a few days which the housekeeper took to heart.

Xiao Ting had a headache thinking about what she had to do next.

So she roamed her eyes a few times, then asked with a smile. What’s the longest wangye slept in the past?

Housekeeper Mu thought for a while and said it’s for a few months. Then Xiao Ting told him that every person’s body was different. She’s not a doctor, so she didn’t know when wangye would wake up. Besides, as the Imperial doctor said, his body didn’t have anything serious, so let him rest first.

It’s not like they couldn’t, nor could Jiu Wangfu not afford it.

Housekeeper Mu choked and flushed, really not knowing what to say.

Such a fit young man, how could he just lie there and wait to be raised?

But when Jiu Wangfei said so, what could he say as a servant?

He could blame the other party for not caring about her husband, but he didn’t have this position either.

Housekeeper Mu left in a desperate manner, but the other one was not so easy to pass.

Chu Yun has done a lot of homework these days. Although Jiu Wangye was often in a coma, he had hired a bunch of masters, both civil and military, to teach her regularly.

In this regard, Xiao Ting didn’t intervene at all and let them go, but occasionally accompanied her to dinner when she’s free and was often rejected by the little girl.

As for Jiu Wangye’s matters, Xiao Ting said nothing to the others.

Therefore, Chu Yun didn’t know what happened that night. When she suddenly heard Xiao Ting say that, she was shocked and ran to question Xiao Ting directly.

“You can wake up father, right?”

The Imperial Capital between July and August was as hot as being in a steamer. After Xiao Ting had eaten, she lazily laid down on the soft couch to rest.

Hearing this, she immediately sat up.

“Who told you? I’m not a doctor, how can I have that ability?” Xiao Ting firmly denied.

Chu Yun’s mouth went flat and a pair of black grape-like eyes stared at her relentlessly, seemingly filled with endless grievances and stubbornly refusing to cry. The little person preferred to be an adult.

“I heard it all just now. You just don’t want to save father. You want to watch him die, and then occupy our Jiu Wangfu, right?”

Xiao Ting was speechless. This child’s imagination was really rich.

“I’m going to tell Emperor Uncle and let him make a decree to divorce you.” Seeing Xiao Ting didn’t speak, Chu Yun thought she had guessed what was on her mind. She then turned her head and ran out.

Hong Shao tried to stop her but was blocked by Xiao Ting.

“Don’t worry about her. The kid’s just playing around.”

The coma of Jiu Wangye was indeed related to her. In order to save Jiu Wangye, Concubine Yan also integrated the soul body she’d been cultivating for twenty years.

He could wake up now with a breath of yin and yang.

And this yin and yang breath, haha, was just her soul-changing talent.

“It’s really annoying!”

In the afternoon, when it was time for a nap, the sun was scorching. Xiao Ting just glanced outside the window and felt that her whole body was on fire. Fortunately, there were ice cubes in the room. She laid on the soft cushion comfortably and began to drift away.

In a daze, she heard Hong Shao call her to wake up.

Xiao Ting tilted her head to the other side, not wanting to pay attention to her while thinking that such a blind girl must be replaced when she woke up.


Thinking up to here, Xiao Ting was suddenly pulled up, and this time, she really woke up.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Hong Shao standing in front of her with an anxious face and saying something.

Xiao Ting shook her head before she woke up.

“I said, don’t disturb this miss. I want to sleep.”

Seeing that she was about to lay down again, Hong Shao quickly caught her and then shouted with a loud voice: “Wangfei, the, Emperor, gave, a, decree, for, you, to, enter, the, Palace…”

She shouted word by word so that Xiao Ting had to jump away from her. She covered her ears and said: “Why are you so loud? You almost made me deaf.”

The grievance in Hong Shao’s heart, ah, “This servant knew I’m wrong, next time, I’ll keep my voice down.” She didn’t say the words, ‘it’d be a wonder if she could shout with a lower voice’.

She finally understood why Lu You always chose to take care of the young master.

“What’s the matter?”

Xiao Ting stretched while Hong Shao hurriedly went over and closed the door. There were several outsiders standing outside.

Wangfei, the Emperor called you to enter the Palace.”

Before Xiao Ting’s lazy tendons were fully stretched, she was frightened and retorted, “What? This consort won’t go.”

She didn’t like the palace, ah. She went there twice. The first time she offended the Empress Dowager, and the second time, she offended all the prospective concubines. This time, she might offend the Emperor directly.

That’s the person who could make her head fall in minutes and reincarnate.

“You have no choice but to go.” Hong Shao felt that since her wangfei was resurrected from that lighting strike, she had become more and more ridiculous. She used to wantonly roam outside the Palace, but now, just entering the Palace would cause misfortune.

But even so, she had to go.

As for Hong Shao herself, she worried more and more. Before, she only stayed in the LiuLi Pavilion of Imperial Uncle’s fu. There, her own miss was so powerful that no one dared to bully her.

Now it’s good since it’s like serving the Madam.

Xiao Ting plunged into the bed and began to make excuses, but despite her many excuses, Hong Shao dug her out and got her into the carriage that would enter the Palace.

QianQing Palace was where the Emperor lived. Xiao Ting was invited in by the palace servants. Under the boundless heat wave, she was not in the mood to appreciate the style here.

“Emperor Uncle, that woman even beat me. Father is asleep and cannot be the master of Yun’er. Emperor Uncle, you must punish her severely.”

Before entering the door, she heard Chu Yun’s voice. Xiao Ting felt that she really underestimated this girl.

She really came to complain. Moreover, this fogey old man even believed her and arrested Xiao Ting on such a hot day.

Is this pair of niece and uncle trying to annoy her?

Even though she thought so in her heart, Xiao Ting still saluted.

The Emperor looked at her with a smile. When Xiao Ting felt that stare, her heart squirmed.

“I often hear Concubine Xiao mention her precious niece, but now that I see her, I think she’s exaggerating a bit.”

Disappointment flashed in the Emperor’s eyes.

Xiao Ting merely replied in a low voice, acting well-behaved with her head down.

“Emperor Uncle, this woman is pretending. You can’t be fooled by her.”

Chu Yun instantly boiled over, her saliva flying wildly as she began to complain about Xiao Ting’s treatment of her after she arrived at Jiu Wangfu.

In the end, it even led to the fact that Jiu Wangye being unconscious has something to do with Xiao Ting.

The Emperor listened with gusto and glanced at Xiao Ting from time to time.

“Can you explain, Jiu Wangfei?”

Looking at Chu Yun’s pitiful eyes, the Emperor gave a light cough and deliberately asked Xiao Ting with a straight face.

When Xiao Ting heard Chu Yun speak, she knew that she was doomed today.

So she said: “Replying to the Emperor, isn’t there an old saying that said ‘loving mothers often lose children’? Yun’er is lawless in the wangfu Since this servant was married to Jiu Wangye and became Yun’er’s mother concubine, this consort would remember the ancient precepts and teach him well, so as to live up to the love of the Emperor and Imperial Concubine for Jiu Wangye and Yun’er.”

“Furthermore, Yun’er is still young but a minister’s young miss took her out to meet the world. This consort is afraid that he might be deceived by others.”

“As for taking her to eat commoner’s meals, I thought that even Emperors and nobles should be aware of the suffering of the people. Only then will he cherish the prosperous dreams that the Emperor brought to them. If he can’t bear the slightest bitterness, how could he handle a big responsibility in the future?”

When the Emperor saw Xiao Ting raise her head, he let out a breath of surprise.

At the last Summer Lotus Banquet, although Xiao Ting left an impression on him, the distance at that time was too far away, so it wasn’t too clear.

But this time was different. The moment she raised her head, her eyes suddenly lit up, and she changed her address from ‘chenqie (this servant)’ to ‘chenfei (this consort)’, and finally to ‘I’.

More casual than before.

Although the words were simple and direct, they were extremely reasonable.

This was the first time the Emperor heard someone say that this should be something the Emperor and nobles should experience.

Xiao Ting’s words were both flattery and realistic, but in the end, the meaningful parts were more than the flattery.

After Xiao Ting finished speaking, she covered her mouth, feeling a little annoyed. She must have been influenced by those books and movies in her previous life.

There’s no way. How could you expect a woman who has never received formal college education to say anything profound?

“Uhm, Emperor, I was talking nonsense just now, so please don’t mind it.”

“Hahaha…” The Emperor felt amused when he saw Xiao Ting’s startled eyes, which were both anxious and meant to please.

At this time, a charming and moving woman walked out from the curtain behind the Emperor.


It was Imperial Concubine Xiao.

Imperial Concubine Xiao’s phoenix eyes were slightly upturned as she glared at her with a smile, before curling up to the Emperor and sitting down. She then said: “Is the Emperor satisfied?”

The Emperor laughed and patted Imperial Concubine Xiao’s slender hands on his knees. He laughed openly and said: “Satisfied, really satisfied. As my beloved concubine said, your niece is really amusing.”

Chu Yun was dumbfounded next to him. What’s with this situation?

But seeing Imperial Concubine Xiao, she was still very happy. With her short legs, she ran from the Emperor’s right to the left where Imperial Concubine Xiao was. She then shook her arm and said: “Niang Niang (imperial concubine)…”

“Oh, Little Yun’er is in this place, what’s wrong?”

Chu Yun was hugged and sat on Imperial Concubine Xiao’s lap, but her mouth was flat and she didn’t know what to say.

Her favorite Niang Niang was the aunt of that stinky woman. It must be useless to complain. Emperor Uncle just will just listen to Niang Niang again, and her biggest backer would be gone.

Xiao Ting blinked and watched the dramatic scene in front of her. Her Aunt was so close to Chu Yun, and that hapless child, who always troubled her, wouldn’t say anything bad about her?

Chu Yun looked at the three people present, and finally could only whisper, “Yun’er misses Father.”

Imperial Concubine’s gaze stayed on Xiao Ting’s body for a moment, and then comforted: “Don’t worry, Yun’er, your father will wake up soon.”

“Really? But the white-bearded doctor said that father is going to sleep for a long time this time. I don’t know if he can wake up. Niang Niang is…are you lying to me?”

RTBAS 052: Something Big Happened
RTBAS 054: Overlord Clause

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