RTBAS 054: Overlord Clause

RTBAS 053: Third Time In The Palace
RTBAS 055: Unreliable Dad

Chu Yun asked with a twitch of her mouth, her eyes as dark as grapes glittered with crystal tears and stared wide. It was filled with tears but they never fell.

Xiao Ting was speechless. The kid could cry when she wanted to, why didn’t she just pursue acting?

Imperial Concubine Xiao looked at the Emperor. She didn’t know anything about this. The Emperor coughed slightly and showed apologetic eyes.

Imperial Concubine Xiao looked at Xiao Ting again. Seeing her lowered head, she thought the girl was sad and felt even more distressed for her niece. She thought it was a good match, but didn’t expect her to be liked by the child. And now, Jiu Wangye was still asleep.

If Jiu Wangye really dies, she could still remarry. But with him being half-dead, her niece would spend the rest of her life…

Xiao Ting wasn’t sad, she just didn’t dare to look at Imperial Concubine Xiao’s eyes because of her guilty conscience.

Could she say that she could save Jiu Wangye and make him live like a normal person?

Aiya, it’s really annoying.

The Emperor and Imperial Concubine Xiao persuaded him for a long time, but Chu Yun still looked listless. The two adults also cherished this nephew in their hearts, so they were a bit distracted at the moment.

Xiao Ting was upset when she saw this bear child cry constantly.

Not caring where she was, she rushed up and pulled the bear child Chu Yun by the arm and pulled her from Imperial Concubine Xiao’s arms, ‘pa, pa, pa…’

While crazily beating her ass, she still murmured: “Bear child, if I don’t beat you for a day, you’ll go to another house. It’s not the Emperor’s fault that your father is sick. You even made the Emperor and Imperial Concubine sad. You ignorant boy, why go bother them? Just because of missing your father?”

Chu Yun was spanked by her and felt ashamed and angry. She was also shocked and looked at her with a dazed expression.

“The big deal is waiting for your father to kick the bucket. If so, this miss wouldn’t take you when she remarries.”

Xiao Ting shouted again after the spanking.

Chu Yun understood now, and she just sat on the ground while kicking her legs and crying. She yelled: “I don’t want a stepmother. I don’t want a stepfather…”

Xiao Ting was embarrassed, and under the surprised eyes of Imperial Concubine Xiao and the Emperor, she squatted down and explained: “That, let’s talk about it. I won’t find a stepfather for you, so don’t cry.”

“I don’t want a stepmother either.” Chu Yun shouted at her.

“But your mother is dead.”

“Then I don’t want a stepmother either.” Chu Yun wiped away her tears and cried out.

“Then ask the Emperor and noble concubine to settle the account. They gave me the marriage. If I don’t agree, I will be decapitated.”

Imperial Concubine Xiao and the Emperor sitting on a high place: “…”

“Then, let my father wake up, and I will let you be my stepmother.” Chu Yun stepped back and negotiated terms with Xiao Ting.

Xiao Ting stared angrily, then sat on the ground with her legs crossed and faced her, “Then who will pay for my loss?”

Chu Yun’s eyes lit up. As expected, Uncle XinHan didn’t lie to her, “This prince will pay you. Let’s talk, how much does it cost?”

Chu Yun looked proud and Xiao Ting despised her, “Are you rich?”

“You dare underestimate this prince? Father said, in the future, Jiu Wangfu will be mine.”

Xiao Ting hmphed, “Your father is talking about the future, not the present. Besides, do you know how far it will be from now? According to the law, those things will only belong to you when your father’s dead.”

“Father will not die.”

“It depends on whether I can save him or not, hmph.” Now it’s Xiao Ting’s turn to be proud and ignore her.

Chu Yun gritted her teeth and stared at her angrily. In the end, like a deflated ball, she pulled her little head and said: “Big deal, I will listen to you in the future, so let’s do it!”

Xiao Ting glanced at her sideways. She thought about it, then said after a long while: “It seems pretty good, but there’s no proof.”

Chu Yun instantly stood up and looked at the Emperor, “Emperor Uncle, Yun’er wants paper and pen.”

The Emperor was suddenly awakened and he waved his hand for the others to prepare it.

The palace servants brought a brush, ink, paper, and inkstone. Chu Yun waved and the palace servants put the things on the floor of the hall.

“Grind ink.”

Chu Yun gave the brush to Xiao Ting. Xiao Ting took it and was about to write when she suddenly thought, meow, I don’t know how to write well, so she returned the brush to Chu Yun.

“To save your father, this consort sacrificed a lot. Therefore, I decided to list a few conditions. If you agree to it, we will write a contract as proof.”

Chu Yun stared at her. Just now, there was only one condition. How did it become a few?

But for her father to wake up as soon as possible, she could only swallow her anger.

“You say it.” Chu Yun gritted her teeth.

“After Xiao Ting rescued Jiu Wangye, her rights in Jiu Wangfu will be as follows: First, Chu Yun will leave everything to Xiao Ting in the future.”

Chu Yun thought that her human rights were sold just like this, and her heart bled.

“Second, Jiu Wangye is not allowed to divorce this wangfei, and also not allowed to marry other wives nor accept concubines.”

Although Chu Yun snorted, this idea coincided with hers. She also didn’t like her father marrying other women, so she had better throw out that possibility.

“Third, Jiu Wangye is not allowed to hook up with other women.”

“What do you mean by hooking up?” Little baby Chu was about to write but then suddenly asked.

“Uh…” Was it because she’s too crass? Well, this kid was too young to understand this.

“Just write it like this, your father will understand.”

Chu Yun thought for a while, and finally wrote it down with the nearby palace servant’s help.

“Then it’s a deal!”

Chu Yun felt deeply sorry for her father, but it was worth it to save his life.

Xiao Ting thought for a while and figured that this was the most important one, “Fourth…”

“There’s a fourth? You…”

“Why? Just forget it if you don’t agree.” Xiao Ting looked at her nails for a while and acted indifferently.

Chu Yun held back a sigh of relief and sat down on the ground again. She laid on the low table and continued to write, “What’s the fourth?”

In order to make a posture lower than the master, the palace servants beside her had to lie on the ground and pray that they would hurry up, ah!

Xiao Ting smiled at seeing Chu Yun bristling and the tip of the brush trembling.

“Fourth, if Jiu Wangye and Xiao Ting divorced and agreed to peacefully separate, Jiu Wangfu will be owned by Xiao Ting, and the remaining property of the husband and wife must be divided equally.”

The house was there, but the car was no longer needed.

Well, it shouldn’t be a loss now, right?

Xiao Ting balanced in her heart, but Chu Yun, who heard her words, trembled with fright and a large ink stain fell, ruining the contract.

“You, you…”

“What are you doing? Write quickly. This miss’ mood is a little uncertain right now, maybe this miss will change her mind when she turns around!”

Xiao Ting’s posture of ‘I’m arrogant, I don’t care about you’ made Chu Yun so angry that she wanted to hit her face with the brush and even the inkstone.

Unfortunately, she could only think about it.

Chu Yun changed the piece of paper and rewrote it again. Xiao Ting looked at it and laughed. As if seeing that Jiu Wangfu already belonged to her, she laughed even more wildly.

In the end, Xiao Ting asked Chu Yun to make four more copies. Chu Yun endured the greatest injustice of her life, refusing to look at that hateful face.

After Xiao Ting looked over, she asked Chu Yun to stamp her seal on each sheet and then sign her name.

The Emperor and Imperial Concubine Xiao witnessed the whole process and could only think that Xiao Ting was playing with the child. After all, only the first condition of their so-called contract was related to Chu Yun while the rest were related to Jiu Wangye.

The Emperor’s little claws quietly stretched out and gently squeezed Imperial Concubine Xiao’s little waist, saying, “I really have the foresight. Your little niece really knows how to deal with children.”

Imperial Concubine Xiao gave him a look, patted his hand, and said, “Don’t make trouble, the children are here!”

When the Emperor turned around, he saw Xiao Ting happily pull Chu Yun and jump over.

“Aunt, you and the Emperor are going to be witnesses for Ting’er.”

Saying so, she stuffed five sheets of paper into Imperial Concubine Xiao’s arms with a look of expectation.

Chu Yun also looked at them eagerly, as if asking them to sign quickly. And that after signing, she could save her father.

Imperial Concubine Xiao and the Emperor looked at each other. Imperial Concubine Xiao was very simple and let them play mischievously. She signed her name on all copies, then also followed Xiao Ting to put her own fingerprint.

However, who is the Emperor? Could his noble name be signed so casually?

What? Even need a stamp?

Did they think this is an Imperial edict?

What? Even his private seal was okay?

This, this, the private seal was also the seal of the Emperor. As long as he’s the Emperor, it will be like it’s his order. He couldn’t just sell his Ninth Brother like this!

Xiao Ting looked at Chu Yun.

Chu Yun immediately stepped forward and hugged one of the Emperor’s legs, then said coquettishly: “Emperor Uncle, you agree, right? As long as Father can wake up, it’s okay even if this bad woman let Yun’er beg for food.”

The Emperor wanted to cry without tears. I’m not worried about you. I’m worried about my poor Ninth Brother. He’d become a man with no right to marry another wife nor take a concubine. This is truly, truly…

Finally, at the request of Chu Yun, the Emperor finally signed and stamped it. Xiao Ting took it and looked at it carefully. She gave two of them to the Emperor and Imperial Concubine Xiao, then blinked her eyes. Pretending to be pitiful, she said: “Aunt must keep it well. It’s related to Ting’er’s lifelong happiness.”

As for the Emperor, she had no guts to say that to him.

Imperial Concubine Xiao looked at her dumbfoundedly and had no answer to that.

Imperial Concubine Xiao and the Emperor looked at each other, then at the black and white letters in their hands. They only felt that Jiu Wangfu wouldn’t be peaceful in the future.

“Beloved concubine, I signed this for you. In the future, if my brother comes to me for trouble, you have to explain it for me.”

Imperial Concubine Xiao knew the thoughts of the person beside her. The Emperor was excited to watch the show of Jiu Wangye.

After all, Jiu Wangye had been so indifferent since childhood that others rarely saw him get angry and it’s only that one time. After that, he became even more indifferent.

“The Emperor can rest assured. It’s just that last time, the Noble Consort of PingYang Palace had a conflict with Ting’er when she entered the Palace.”

After the Summer Lotus Banquet, Xiao Ting once mentioned a woman who was with Jiu Wangye and they seemed to be flirting with each other. Imperial Concubine Xiao didn’t believe it, but when she knew that the woman was the Noble Consort in PingYang Palace, she felt a little uneasy.

“Why did she enter the Emperor’s Palace?” The Emperor was surprised at first, then thought of something. He then said: “Maybe the Empress thought about her and called back to the capital. Don’t take it to heart. Anyway, she has left the Imperial Capital and will not come back easily. After all, it was her who…”

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