RTBAS 058: You Shouldn’t Believe This Woman

RTBAS 057: This Old Lady Really Lost Face
RTBAS 059: Muddle Through

Jiu Wangye and YuChi XinHan looked at the two crazy girls who were going away, both speechless.


And the two of them really dared do that.

“Seeing that your body is really recovering with even the Imperial doctor saying that it’s no different from ordinary people, did you consider the Emperor’s advice?”

The two sat facing each other, and YuChi XinHan talked about the Emperor’s appointment of Jiu Wangye.

If it weren’t for his body, the Emperor would have let him enter the court.

Jiu Wangye faintly shook his head, “I already told the Emperor about this. I will not enter the court.”


“In today’s peaceful and prosperous world, I only need to be an idle prince. Raising Yun’er is my biggest wish.”

YuChi XinHan naturally knew his friend’s thoughts, so he stopped mentioning this matter. Anyway, what they’re doing now was not that different, just in the dark.

“I heard that King Rui entered the Palace?”

Jiu Wangye nodded, “I have asked the Emperor to deal with it.”

“Then, are you really going to let King Rui go?”

Jiu Wangye raised his eyes and said lightly: “We’ll see if God will let him go.”

YuChi XinHan smiled. In the past, Jiu Wangye was forced to be helpless. Now that person dared to provoke him, it’s simply the elderly person whose birthday was being celebrated hanging himself.

At this time, Xiao Ting and Zhao Hua sat on the floor, very excited.

Especially for Xiao Ting. Her life in this world was simply paradise and she was very happy.

Although there’s ice in the room, the two still felt hot. Zhao Hua waved her hands and whispered: “Go and bring the things in. No one else is allowed to see.”

Seeing her being so mysterious, Xiao Ting approached her curiously, “What is it?”

“Just wait, it’s good stuff.”

After a while, Xiao Ting finally saw the good stuff that Zhao Hua said.

“This is, wine?” Xiao Ting guessed as she looked at the two delicate little jars in surprise.

Zhao Hua nodded, waved to make everyone go down, then uncovered it and said, “Let me guess, you must have never had it.”

Xiao Ting nodded, she really hadn’t drank any.

In her previous life, she was still young, and her master wouldn’t allow her, even warning her that if she overindulged, it would affect her Profound Sect Arts, so she didn’t drink any alcohol.

In this life, damn, which girl would dare drink in this era.

“Come, come, come, I’ll pour for you.” Saying so, she took out a small box from her sleeves and after opening it, there were two extremely delicate jade cups.

Pure white and crystal clear, it was very beautiful. Xiao Ting’s mouth twitched. This, is a lot of money!

And it was only used to drink.

Sure enough, Zhao Hua introduced it to her, “I borrowed this from my Father Emperor’s treasury. I’ll give it to you.”


She knew it was stolen at a glance. For this era’s sweet girl to do such a thing really whet her appetite.


Xiao Ting raised her cup, touched each other’s cups, then the two of them drank in one go. It was sweet and didn’t have that spicy feeling.

And it smelled good with a fruity aroma.

The two talked while drinking.

Hong Shao, who was guarding outside, looked at the other maids blankly and said, “No one is allowed to say anything about today.”

If the master is great, it would establish the maid’s prestige. Since Hong Shao followed Xiao Ting, she gained more and more status among the servants of the wangfu nowadays.

Everyone nodded when they heard those words.

Hong Shao waved at them to stand further away, while she stood by the door.

“Ting’er, do you know who attacked the wangfu that night?”

Zhao Hua tilted her head and asked her.

Xiao Ting turned her head to look at her then said, “I don’t know, but don’t let this old lady know who it is. Throwing such a big fireball almost turned this old lady into a burnt corpse.”

With a small fire in her belly, Xiao Ting laid down on the ground. While rubbing her belly, she said: “I wanted to ask wangye, but that guy has been avoiding me.”

“En? What’s Ninth Uncle hiding from you?” Zhao Hua also followed her, kicking the small table aside and lying down side by side with Xiao Ting.

They were both a little drunk.

Xiao Ting smiled idiotically, and said: “Because this miss kissed him, hahaha…”

“What? That’s shocking news, ah. Ninth Uncle is notoriously not close to women. How did you do it?”

Prince Zhao Hua was very curious about her friend’s gossip, regardless of whether the object was one of her elders.

The two murmured, and after a while, there was a burst of laughter from the room. It was the kind a mad and perverted criminal, who was arrogant and wanton, would make. There was no hint of elegance in it.

Fortunately, the two didn’t drink anymore. Xiao Ting borrowed the name of Jiu Wangye and asked one of the palace servants to return to the Palace and tell the Emperor that Zhao Hua would rest at Jiu Wangfu tonight.

After dinner, they were still a little drunk.

The two of them came to the gazebo outside to cool down. While they were walking, they suddenly heard a voice.

Xiao Ting cheerfully said: “Let’s go, it’s those two little ones.”

The two women got close, but Xiao Xin and Chu Yun still didn’t notice. Xiao Ting saw them squatting on the ground. She didn’t know what they’re muttering, so she stretched her head and leaned forward.

Still, she couldn’t understand anything.

“Hey, what are you two doing so secretly?”

Chu Yun and Xiao Xin were discussing matters when they were startled at hearing those words, and subconsciously scolded, “Who doesn’t have eyes, and dare to scare this prince?”

Xiao Ting smiled and stood behind her. When Chu Yun saw that it was her, her arrogance disappeared instantly.

“Sister, Your Royal Highness.”

Xiao Xin obediently stepped forward to greet them, with the appearance of having a clear conscience.

Chu Yun hid the things in her hands behind her, greeted Zhao Hua proudly and directly ignored Xiao Ting.

“Hey, tell sister, what were you looking at?”

Xiao Ting touched Xiao Xin’s soft hair and asked.

Xiao Xin thought for a while before shaking his head which surprised Xiao Ting.

“This is the secret between me and Chu Yun.”


Xiao Xin was a little embarrassed, but Xiao Ting didn’t care. The better the relationship between the two children, the happier Xiao Xin would stay here.

“Yun’er you can tell your cousin, okay?”

Princess Zhao Hua also stepped forward to test.

As a result, Chu Yun resolutely didn’t say it, “This is a matter between us children and I cannot tell you.”


Xiao Ting became more curious and said cooly: “First condition, everything about Chu Yun from now on…”

“Okay, I’ll only tell you this, but you two have to swear that you must never tell father about this.”

At the mention of this, Chu Yun pursed her mouth and was very unhappy, but still compromised. She stared at them very seriously with doubts in her small eyes.

Zhao Hua was in the Palace, so she naturally heard about the agreement between Xiao Ting and Chu Yun, and only thought it’s her good friend’s way of coaxing a child.

Seeing Chu Yun so serious, the two of them nodded like chickens busy pecking on grains.

Chu Yun looked around and said, “This prince knows who attacked the wangfu that night.”

Seeing that Chu Yun already said it, Xiao Xin added: “Yes, Xiao Yun got the map of the Imperial Capital. We are looking for their residence.”

“Well? Who is it? How did you know?”

Xiao Ting was dumbfounded. Was she inferior to these two little ones?

“I overheard it from father and Uncle YuChi.” At this point, Chu Yun’s expression was not very good. She stared at them with a warning in her eyes.

Xiao Ting narrowed her eyes with a smile, and asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s that little fatty.” Xiao Xin added.

“What little fatty?” Xiao Ting blinked and asked suspiciously.

“It’s the little fatty who fought with us in the Palace!” Xiao Xin explained to Xiao Ting slowly, “Xiao Yun said, it’s the little fatty who complained to his father, so his father came to avenge the little fatty.”

Xiao Ting then remembered what happened in the Summer Lotus Banquet. When she went out of the Palace that day, she asked her aunt to help her check that woman’s background, and then forgot about it.

Unexpectedly, she got involved with her.

“Then, who is it?” Zhao Hua didn’t understand even after listening for a long time, so she was a little anxious.

Chu Yun proudly said, “It’s King Rui.”

Xiao Ting was dumbfounded. What kind of king was King Riu? It’s another royalty again.

“Then what are you going to do?” But so what, she’s Jiu Wangfei.

Chu Yun looked at her and said reluctantly: “Although Uncle Emperor will vent my anger, I have to deal with my own affairs, so I’m going to that little fatty’s house to set it on fire tonight. As if this prince will let him burn this prince’s house and almost hurt father.”

Although YuChi XinHan and Jiu Wangye didn’t mention that night, Chu Yun could still understand it a little.

Xiao Ting only thought that this child was like a villain, well organized, and knew a lot.

Right now, she couldn’t understand the ghost map she took out.

“I also need to go.”

Seeing that the two little ones were about to leave, Xiao Ting immediately raised her hand.

“No way.”

Xiao Ting pouted, “If you don’t let me go, I will tell wangye.

Chu Yun was frustrated, “I shouldn’t have believed this woman.”

As a result, a group of two big and two small changed their clothes, sneaked out of the Mansion openly, and then threatened the guards not to tell wangye.

In the end, the guard turned his head and ran to report, and said that he didn’t hear it from him, else wangfei and the little prince would play him to death.

After listening, Jiu Wangye was speechless for a long while.

YuChi XinHan smiled while trembling beside him, “Aiyo, this young master had really seen everything, to think there are such strange women in the world who’ll follow your son to set fire to someone else’s house.”

Jiu Wangye raised his eyes and said coolly, “Zhao Hua has gone, too.”

Ahem, ahem...”

YuChi XinHan stopped smiling, “Well, aren’t you going to stop them?”

Jiu Wangye raised his hand and said, “It’s okay to have three or four guards following.”

“My God, you’re not worried about them?” YuChi XinHan wanted to watch the show.

Benwang is more worried for King Rui!”

YuChi XinHan smiled, but still got up and said, “This young master will go and see the excitement.”

In this matter, Jiu Wangye didn’t say anything.

The air was crisp, especially at night, as the cool wind blew like a gentle hand, very comfortable.

Xiao Ting and her group of four came to Rui Wangfu and hid in the shadows.

“I say, he’s also a wangye, so why is this shabby wangfu too small?”

Moreover, Xiao Ting said that she’d never been here before.

Chu Yun despised her, “How many wangfu do you think would compare to Jiu Wangfu in this Empire?”

Hehe, so arrogant.

“But now that we’re here, how do we get in?”

Xiao Xin looked worriedly at the tall walls and at his small body, a little discouraged.

Chu Yun patted him on the shoulder and said, “Ah’San, take care of Xiao Shi.”

A man walked out from the dark wearing black clothes and with a blank expression. He came to Xiao Xin’s side, carried him on his shoulders, and with several leaps over the wall, he entered Rui Wangfu.

Xiao Ting looked at Zhao Hua, “Let’s go.”

RTBAS 057: This Old Lady Really Lost Face
RTBAS 059: Muddle Through

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